Release & Review – All In, Mira Lyn Kelly

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Before there was Mira Lyn Kelly, there was Moira McTark and a handful of sizzly stories that started my career. By reader request, a few of those stories have been expanded, re-edited, and updated to first person POV… and re-released as the Coming Around Again series.

There ought to be laws against what happened to that wedding cake, abandoned or not. Sure, it was sexy, good fun of the dirtiest variety, but it was the kind of mistake career-minded wedding planner Laine Malone won’t repeat. At least not until next Saturday when she’s once again face-to-face with Jason Henley, the bossy, all-trouble hotel owner who won’t settle for just one night.

**All In was previously released as part of the Sin & Tonic anthology (out of print).




Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

All In is the second book in the Coming Around Again duet. A total standalone novella. I just discovered Mira myself this year so haven’t had the chance to read her backlog but when I saw she is re-publishing this one, I had to have it.

Two years. They met two years ago. Her as a wedding planner and him as the owner of the exclusive Henley Hotel. They have been working together ever since. Colleagues to friends. To almost more to go back to being friends. He doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure and she figured it was for the best. He was a relationship guy and she loved love. She wanted to find a forever guy. And just because he makes butterflies go crazy within with every wink, smile, and wave it doesn’t mean anything. He flirts with everyone, right?

Then cake happened. Delicious wedding cake. It changed everything with one taste. Now, she doesn’t know what is happening but he sure the hell does, he won’t let her go again.

Aw! This is a fast-paced sweet, sexy, and tasty story. The characters are lovable, passionate, and adorable. And it totally makes me want to read, Just Friends, the first book and Laine’s best friend’s story.


This man is insufferable. Cocky. Arrogant. And capable of affecting me in ways I wish I could ignore. Ways I hope to hell he doesn’t notice.

“You’re sure—absolutely sure—there isn’t a thing I can do for you?”


Release Day – Consumed By Love, C.M Albert

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Releases: Thursday, October 22, 2020
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Series: Written in the Stars book 10 (Scorpio) – a stand-alone romance
Price: $0.99 through release week only/then in KU
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Brynn Hartley 

There are three constants in my life: my BFF Lindy, my rising career, and my daily horoscope.

So why couldn’t the stars have told me a little more directly that I wasn’t going to get the job I’d been chasing, that it was going to an outsider, and I’d wind up drowning my sorrows on my twenty-eighth birthday having a one-night stand with a devastatingly handsome stranger?

Things only get worse when I finally meet my new boss, who just so happens to be the man I let do unspeakable things to my body all weekend. Pierce Abrams makes it crystal clear that he’ll stop at nothing to have my body again—even as he thieves my dreams from under me.

My silver lining comes when my childhood best friend, Noah Chance, pops up out of the blue after nearly twenty years with a deal I can’t pass up—along with a second chance at love.

Somewhere—torn between the pages of a forbidden romance with my new boss and a chance at the kind of love fairy tales are made of—is my heart. Is my destiny written in the stars like my horoscope said? Or will I crash and burn, consumed by the very love I never knew I was looking for?