New Release & Review – The Geek Who Saved Christmas

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His grumpy neighbor needs some holiday sunshine…

Gideon Holiday is the perfect neighbor. Need a cup of sugar? Spare folding chair? Extra batteries? He’s always ready to help. And he’s waited years for his hot, grumpy, silver fox neighbor, Paul, to need him. For anything. But this December, Gideon would be happy if he could just get the Scrooge-like Paul on board with the neighborhood holiday lights fundraiser.

Paul Frost has no intention of decking his halls or blazing any Yule logs. Even if his spunky bowtie-clad neighbor does look perfect for unwrapping, Paul would prefer to hide away until December is done. But when his beloved younger brother announces an unexpected visit, Paul needs all the trimmings for a festive homecoming—and fast.

Luckily, Gideon is there with a color-coded plan to save Christmas. Soon Paul’s hanging lights, trimming trees, and rolling out cookies. And steaming up his new flannel sheets with Gideon. How did that happen?

It’ll take some winter magic to preserve their happiness and keep these rival neighbors together longer than one holiday season.

The Geek Who Saved Christmas is a low-angst m/m holiday romance with a guaranteed happy ending. This grumpy/sunshine, neighbors-to-lovers, found family tale features two heroes in their forties figuring out that maybe their sexily-ever-after was right next door the whole time. It stands alone and is not connected to any of the author’s other universes. However, it does contain a heaping helping of the same emotions and steamy moments readers have come to expect!


Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

The Geek Who Saved Christmas is Annabeth Albert’s newest fun, sexy, neighbors-to-lovers story! She had me at Christmas and the cover sold it! I just love a good Christmas story and this had everything I love. Two sexy neighbors who are in their forties, Christmas cheer, an adorable dog and a great story about love, family and friendship. Paul Frost doesn’t really love the holidays but he lives in a neighborhood where everyone else does. Especially his geeky neighbor with the colorful bow ties. Gideon Holiday lives for Christmas. He decorates his house early, is on the community board and helps anyone who asks for it. It’s just his nature. So when Paul needs help Gideon doesn’t say no. He’s actually excited to spend time with his sexy neighbor and get to know him a little better. Paul thought Gideon was stuffy and pushy, but he quickly learns he’s nothing like that. He’s open, fun, loves to make lists and spreadsheets, and smart. His ties just make him more adorable. After one steamy kiss, they fall into an easy relationship. Decorate, help Paul get ready for his brother to come home for the holidays and spend their nights together. In bed. But what happens when the decorating is done? Will they be over too? Oh man! I just loved Paul and Gideon. Paul is grumpy and Gideon is freaking adorable! They are perfect for each other. It’s a sexy, fun, holiday romance with little angst and the perfect amount of emotions. I laughed and teared up and just loved these two!