February 23, 2016

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I’m Manhattan’s biggest player, a man with a reputation for delivering unparalleled pleasure.

But she’s untouchable. Off limits. And the most captivating woman I’ve ever met

I’ve never wanted a woman the way I want my business partner’s little sister. But I’ve learned to hold back when it comes to the seductively innocent Eva.

Until the day she asks me to teach her everything. Absolutely everything. Every position, every seductive trick, every wicked, forbidden way I’ve ever pleasured the women I’ve brought home.

I’ve promised to protect this girl, but there’s only so much a man can resist…

I’ve wanted him for years.

Jack Bennett is sinfully gorgeous, utterly charming, and, as rumor has it, a GOD in bed.

The time has come to shed my virginity, join the ranks of women having sex in the city, and learn how to please a man.

Who else would I ask but him? My teenage crush, and the only man who has ever made my bones melt with one dark, sinful look.

The problem is–someone doesn’t want me to move beyond the fear and pain of the past, and that someone is closing in on me..

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5 out of 5 stars

Teach Me is the first book in the Lesson of Seduction serial series and it’s also Sophie debut. She did an amazing job and it’s a great start to a series…

Jack has devoted his life to the real estate firm he started with his best friend, Antonio along with Antonio’s father and since their deaths, he has worked even harder to prove to the board that he is just as powerful as they were. The firm is his life and part of the reason why he is a bachelor and won’t settle down. Sex is just that, sex, to him. He doesn’t have time for anything else until the one woman he shouldn’t want has a proposal for him, an indecent one.

Eva has lived a shelter life. Her father and Antonio protected her like a fine piece of porcelain, she loved them for it but she was now 26 and they were gone. She is ready to experience more out of life. She owns her own successful skincare line but she is ready to not only date but make men go wild. She knows exactly who can teach her the ways of seduction, her brother’s best friend Jack Bennett. He also happens to be the man she has lusted after since before she even knew the word. Could she pull this off without falling?

Jack can’t believe he agreed to do this. Eva is an innocent beauty, one that he hasn’t looked at as his best friends little sister for a long time. He hid his desires and he did it well but now, he can’t anymore. Not with the way he looks at her, feels against her lips, and against his body. The lessons would not only be for her but him as well but how far could he really go? She is the one woman he wouldn’t ever want to hurt.

This really is a great start to a serial series. The characters are well-developed and I am already loving them. There isn’t just hot lessons being learned, there is mystery behind the main story. I want to solve it!


Who the hell was this sexy-as-sin woman, and what had she done with little Eva?

“I mean, it’s not that hard to believe she wants all this. She’s a Fiorini, after all, and they know quality when they see it.”

“Slow and confident, you’re unveiling a priceless, precious work of art…”

Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Teach Me is the first book in the serial series, Lessons in Seduction. I love serials and I love “my brother’s best friend” stories! Teach Me is well written with likeable characters with suspense and sexiness. Eva has always had a crush on her older brother’s best friend, Jack. He’s a player and she needs his help. She has been sheltered her entire life and she’s ready to let loose, get rid of her virginity and learn how to seduce a man. And, she wants Jack to help her. Jack always had a secret thing for Eva ever since she was old enough to not just be his best friend’s little sister. He wants to say no to her, but he can’t resist the one woman he’s always wanted. Things heat up and Jack takes control just like Eva wants. When something comes back from the past will it endanger Eva? I also love cliffhangers and I can’t wait for the next one!


“I want to be able to drive a man crazy. So I’d like to know about your favorite toys, positions…I want it all. All that stuff you’re famous for.”


“Quiet,” he commanded, spreading her legs. “You’ve been a good student. Now you may accept your reward.”





The bartender approached her. As she opened her mouth to order, he said, “You’re Eva?”

She straightened, surprised. “Yes.”

He slid a vodka martini, her favorite drink, over to her. Underneath the glass, on top of the Sky Deck napkin, was a folded note. She felt her face flush as she reached for it. He’s going to tell me he made a mistake. He’s going to say he can’t make it. The breeze on her body suddenly felt like ice, prying the goosebumps up from her skin. She unfolded the note and read, Go to the restroom.

Eva wrinkled her nose. Well, okay. Peeing. That sounds romantic.

She’d heard a hundred stories about how smooth Jack was. She’d seen him in action enough as well. He could charm the panties off any girl, just by leaning in, touching her hand, and talking to her like she was the most important woman in the world. Eva had always thought she’d probably faint dead away if he ever focused his attention on her. Not that she hadn’t fantasized about it— she had, a million times, but a bathroom break had never been part of those dreams. Her knees wobbled as she took a small sip of her drink, then a larger one.

Then she downed the whole thing in one long gulp. She needed it.

Licking her lips, she slid off the stool and headed down the hallway toward the restrooms, her equilibrium slightly off in the four-inch peep-toe heels Georgie had insisted on. When she closed the door behind her, she checked her reflection in the mirror. Despite the alcohol swirling inside her, she looked terrified.

She took a deep breath. Then another. “Calm down, dammit!” she commanded in her best, gruff Georgie voice. “You can do this.”

She opened the door and stepped outside again, feeling only slightly better about herself. She didn’t have time to worry much more, however. Before she could head out of the hallway, a door opened to her side and a heavy hand clamped around her upper arm, pulling her into a darkened room.

She blinked, her eyes adjusting to the dimness as a voice hissed, “Don’t ever drink a cocktail that you haven’t personally watched the bartender pour.”


Talking like that, he sounded like Antonio. She opened her mouth to tell him she could take care of herself, but before she could, his mouth found hers, needy, urgent. His tongue expertly delved into her mouth, staking a claim.

She’d spent so many nights thinking about the taste and feel of his lips, but the fantasy could never have matched this. He tasted like she’d thought he would, like mint and Cubans and that insanely sexy aftershave that he wore. Holy crap, Jack Bennett is kissing me. The thought flittered through her mind for the briefest of moments before she went completely numb to everything but the intense sensation of heat— everywhere, exploding like a thousand fireworks inside her.

Jack wrapped his arms around her and tangled his fingers in her hair, keeping her mouth to his, assuring her there was nothing half-hearted about this encounter. Either he wanted this as much as she did, or he was very good at pretending.

No, this wasn’t pretend. He was in. All in. His tongue, lips, teeth, and powerful chest pressed to hers.

His lips drifted down her jaw line, and he tugged aside the fabric of her dress, finding her collarbone. His hand roughly cupped her breast, his thumb rubbing the outline of her hard nipple. His touch sent sparks racing through her. Her entire body screamed with arousal as he tilted her head back, leaving her to stare helplessly up at the ceiling light. Her head spun as his tongue snaked its way down her neck.

“First lesson,” he rasped against her skin.

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Take Me Cover


I want more of her. All of her.

I want to drive her wild every single night until she’s learned all the sinfully wicked things I need to teach her.

But someone is trying to tear us apart. Someone’s gunning for my company too. What they don’t know is that I’m the kind of man who protects what’s his.

My family, my business, and this woman.

I will do whatever it takes.

Just try me.

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About Sophie Holloway


Sophie Holloway is from her favorite city on earth–Manhattan. When she’s not writing, she’s likely lost in a museum, basking in the sun in Central Park, or making excuses to buy gourmet cupcakes. She likes shoes, rooftop parties, lockets with surprises inside, arts and crafts (both in equal measure), long goodbyes, longer hellos, good friends, strong coffee and even stronger men. She hopes to meet her very own Prince Charming someday soon!










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