October 7, 2019

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Perfect Strangers, a scorching and addictive new standalone romance from J.T. Geissinger is Available Now!

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“These kisses of his…they’re demanding and possessive. They’re hungry and deep. They’re the kisses of a man who wants more of a woman—who wants everything—and isn’t going to stop until he gets it.”

Author Olivia Rossi hasn’t been able to write a word since tragedy struck two years ago and ripped her world apart. Heartbroken and still haunted by the past, she accepts an offer to spend the summer at a friend’s apartment in Paris in search of healing and her lost muse.

What she finds instead is James, an enigmatic stranger who ignites in her an unexpected and all-consuming passion.

Agreeing to tell each other nothing more than their first names, Olivia and James embark on a torrid affair. But the more time they spend together, the more Olivia begins to realize her summer fling is turning into a powerful connection…and that the magnetic man she’s falling in love with might not be what he seems at all.

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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Perfect Strangers is J.T Geissinger’s newest standalone romance. I didn’t even have to read the synopsis to know that I had to have it. That cover!! Also, the fact that I love her books. I really, really don’t want to spoil anything so this will be short and sweet. Unlike the book. Except, it did make me swoon.
Olivia is an author. James is an artist. Two strangers in Paris who find themselves in the same café. The moment their eyes meet they feel a spark. A spark that neither of them have felt in a long time. If ever. And this starts an epic summer fling. A summer fling that was suppose to be just that. A fling until…it wasn’t. An undeniable connection. What will happen when it’s September?
That’s it. That all I can say about that. I will say that I was addicted. I didn’t want to put this book down. It’s definitely my favorite book written by J.T and one of my favorites of the year! Damn. It made me swoon, get all kinds of hot and bothered, cry, and laugh.
Overall…I fell in love with the characters. The scenery. The story. Everything about this book was epic. It’s a book I will never forget.
“You’re adorable. Three months won’t be long enough.”
“Sorry, big guy. You already marked it on your calendar.”
“You said you didn’t want to jump right into bed with me, and I’m respecting that.”
My eyes widen in horror. “Nooo, I didn’t say that. Whoever said that was a stupid, stupid person.”
“I love the way you look at me,” I whisper as he gazes, mesmerized, at his hand cupping my breast. Any self-consciousness I might have had about my body has evaporated by the awed way his eyes drink me in.
He lifts his gaze to mine. The intensity of emotion reflected in his eyes is stunning. For one heart-stopping moment, I can’t breathe.
“And I love to look at you, beautiful Olivia,” he whispers back, his voice hoarse. “It’s a privilege I don’t deserve, but one I’m so grateful for.”

About J.T. Geissinger

J.T. Geissinger is a bestselling author of emotionally charged romance and women’s fiction. Ranging from funny, feisty rom coms to intense, edgy suspense, her books have sold more than one million copies and been translated into several languages.

She is the recipient of the Prism Award for Best First Book, the Golden Quill Award for Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, and is a two-time finalist for the RITA® Award from the Romance Writers of America®. She has also been a finalist in the Booksellers’ Best, National Readers’ Choice, and Daphne du Maurier Awards.

Her first novel was published in 2012. Since then she’s written eighteen more novels. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking wine, surfing the internet, and daydreaming about all the things she’s going to be when she grows up. She lives near the beach in Los Angeles with her husband and deaf/demented rescue kitty, Ginger.

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