Release Blitz & Review – Off The Grid, K. Bromberg

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Off the Grid by K. Bromberg is now live! 


Spencer Riggs is fighting for his place, his name, in the elite sport of Formula 1.


His ultimate dream. A future determined by his past. His legacy.


He’s passionate, reckless, and unswerving in his pursuit of all things.


Including me.


Camilla Moretti was determined to never return to one thing: Formula 1.


Shadows had kept her away, but family devotion brought her back. After all, Moretti Motorsports is her legacy.


She’s dynamic, intelligent, and spectacular, and someone I can’t seem to stay away from. Nor want to.


I have an objective. A lifelong goal. But I might throw it all away for her.


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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Off the Grid is the first book in the Full Throttle series by K. Bromberg. I am late to game when it comes to Kristy’s racing books so I am so happy that she has started a new series! Woohoo!

Camilla Moretti walked away from the racing world six years ago. She was involved with the family’s other business, olive oil. She loved being in Italy using her marketing degree but when he father asks her to move to London to help with the Formula 1 team, she goes. It’s not easy for her but she knows how important it is for her father and the team. On her first day, a new racer joins the team, and she so happened to meet him a few weeks ago… Let’s just say it didn’t end well.

Spencer Riggs wasn’t happy about the way he promoted to F1 but this was his chance to prove that it was exactly where he belong. He was tired of being compared to his father. He was his own person. Had his own racing style. He was both nervous and excited for this opportunity. Who he didn’t expect to be there on his first day was the woman he couldn’t forget and she was the boss’s daughter…


They needed to keep their relationship purely professional but it was hard when they were working together. Traveling together. The tension was crazy. The push and pull of it all. Camilla didn’t want him but he was the first person in years to make her feel that rush. The rush of excitement, lust, including all the tingles. But, will it jeopardize Riggs chance in F1?

Overall, it’s a rush!


Meet Kristy


New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg writes contemporary romance novels that contain a mixture of sweet, emotional, a whole lot of sexy, and a little bit of real. She likes to write strong heroines and damaged heroes who we love to hate but can’t help to love.


A mom of three, she plots her novels in between school runs and soccer practices, more often than not with her laptop in tow and her mind scattered in too many different directions.


Since publishing her first book on a whim in 2013, Kristy has sold over one and a half million copies of her books across eighteen different countries and has landed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists over thirty times. Her Driven trilogy (Driven, Fueled, and Crashed) is currently being adapted for film by the streaming platform, Passionflix, with the first movie (Driven) out now.


With her imagination always in overdrive, she is currently scheming, plotting, and swooning over her latest hero. You can find out more about him or chat with Kristy on any of her social media accounts. The easiest way to stay up to date on new releases and upcoming novels is to sign up for her newsletter ( or follow her on Bookbub (


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Text Kbromberg to 77948 to stay up to date on all things Driven movies and new releases



Release Blitz & Review – You, Again, Lane Hayes

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You Again RB Banner

Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
You, Again
By Lane Hayes

You Again Cover

The Elmwood Stories, Book 1

The hometown hockey hero and his best friend’s brother…


Hockey is in my blood. I learned to skate before I learned how to ride a bike. I’ve been on a wild ride, playing at the highest level for some of the biggest and best teams in the league. But now it’s over, and I’m not sure what to do with myself.

So I’m going home to Elmwood.

But I’ll tell you what I’m not gonna do—I’m not going to coach my buddy’s junior hockey league. No chance. I don’t know how to deal with kids, and besides, the other coach—who happens to be my best friend’s brother—hates me. With reason.

That may be old news, yet something tells me we’re going to have to deal with the past.

And that’s almost as scary as coaching teens.


No, I don’t hate Vinnie, but he drives me nuts.

He’s cocky, goofy, selfish, and yeah…after all these years, I’m still attracted to him. But I’m a responsible adult now. I run my family’s business, and with the help of my ex, I’ve made Elmwood Diner into a New England institution.

So maybe my life isn’t particularly exciting at the moment, and maybe Vinnie isn’t the worst. Nonetheless, I have no desire to rekindle a friendship with the hockey hero who no doubt will be on the first flight out of town the second he gets bored or gets a better offer.

And I’m not coaching with him. No way.


I can’t believe I’m doing this again.

You, Again is an MM bisexual, best friend’s brother, frenemies to lovers romance featuring old friends, a new quest, and a little hockey HEA!

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Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

You, Again is the first book in a new series, The Elmwood stories, by Lane Hayes. I love Lane and her books and I always get so excited when she starts a new series. This story is small town, second chance, best friend’s brother romance and I loved it! Nolan is Vinnie’s best friend’s brother and they grew up together. They had a brief tryst when they were teenagers and then Vinnie left for college and then the NHL. Now he’s coming back to town for the summer after retirement. Nolan isn’t thrilled about it, but knows his brother needs Vinnie’s help. Nolan just has to remember to let those old feelings die and try to get along with Vinnie. Vinnie never forgot Nolan. He went on to have a great life, hockey, women. But now that he’s back all feelings he had for Nolan come rushing back. And they aren’t all friendly. He always knew he wasn’t as straight as he showed the world, and now that he’s near Nolan again, he wants him. He just needs to get him to trust him again. Nolan isn’t sure he can just be Vinnie’s little secret, but he wants to be. He needs to learn to live in the moment and just enjoy their time together. When the summer is over they will part as friends. Easy peasy. Will Vinnie want to stay home? Will Nolan open up his heart again? I love Nolan and Vinnie! They are funny, sexy, sweet and I love all the history they have together. I also love that Vinnie never questioned his feelings. He didn’t have a crisis, just knew that it felt right. Looking forward to the next book in the series!

You Again Teaser 1

You Again Teaser 2


Vinnie set a twenty on the table and stood. “Thanks for the coffee.”

“It’s on the house,” I insisted, pushing the money toward him.

“No, no. I support local businesses. Keep the change.”

His over-the-top wink practically begged me to roll my eyes, but I had more to say. We had to clear the air…at least a little.

“Um…hey, even if you don’t make it through summer, your presence alone is good for business for the whole town. ‘NHL Hero Comes Home’ and all that bullshit. If you don’t mind the attention, and I’m assuming you don’t—come help out at the rink. It’s easy and fun. You won’t regret it.”

Vinnie rubbed his scruffy jaw thoughtfully. “Okay. I’ll do it.”

I smiled tentatively and raised my hand for a high five. “Great.”

“But only if you’re my assistant.”

“What?” I pulled my hand away before he could slap it, furrowing my brow. “No way. Gavin is perfectly capable of—”

“Nope. It has to be you.”

I frowned. “Why?”

“ ’Cause…” Vinnie blew out an exasperated breath. “I want to fix this. Me and you. And I can’t do that if you ignore me.”

And just like that, the invisible wall between us shook in its foundation.

“We’re fine,” I bluffed.

Vinnie arched a brow. “You’re mad at me. I know why, and I get it. We don’t have to go into it now, but at the very least, we should call a truce ’cause if we’re working with impressionable teens, you really oughtta be nice to me, Moore.”

My mouth opened in a perfect O. “I’ve been perfectly civil to you. More civil than you deserve, Kiminski.”

“See? That wasn’t nice,” he teasingly scolded. “I can’t believe I’m the voice of reason here.”

I fixed him with a bored sardonic stare. “You are never the voice of reason.”

“I kind of am now.”

“No, you aren’t.”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you—oh, my God.” I pointed at the door. “Good-bye, Vinnie.”

He snickered, flashing a lopsided devil-may-care grin my way. “Wait up. Let’s seal the deal on this truce.”

“Oh, brother.”

“I’m serious. Let’s shake hands, hug it out, kiss and make up, or all of the above.”

I regarded his outstretched hand suspiciously and cautiously slid my palm against his. “Fine. Truce.”

“See, that didn’t sound friendly. You ruined it. Gimme a hug,” he demanded, pulling me into a bear hug, squeezing me hard enough to crack a rib.

I let out an oomph of surprise and tried to wriggle out of his hold. He took the hint and loosened his grip. I knew it was all in good fun or at least meant to playfully rile me up, but when he bent to kiss my cheek, I turned my head just as he swooped in and bam! Our lips collided in an actual, honest-to-God kiss.

A fucking kiss.

I couldn’t speak for Vinnie, but I was too shocked to move.

We’d been here before.

Sure, it had been almost twenty years ago, but I was positive neither of us was looking for a repeat. I certainly wasn’t. Any second now, he’d back up, swipe his hand across his mouth and make some ridiculous joke to right the balance. But he didn’t.

He softened his lips and molded them to mine, tilting his chin as if testing a new angle. And suddenly, this felt real.

Oh, no.


I pushed out of his arms, sucking in a gulp of air.

Holy shit.

My heart beat like a drum, and my mouth was bone dry.

“I think—I think we’re good now,” I rasped.

Vinnie’s shell-shocked expression gave way to something unreadable. He scratched his nape and stepped aside.

“Yeah. Uh…what time is practice?”

“Thursday at three.”

He nodded and tried a smile that never reached his eyes. “Cool. See ya, Nol.”

I froze in place as the door swung shut behind him, willing my heartbeat to calm the fuck down.

Did that happen?

It wasn’t real. I knew that, but he didn’t pull away. He lingered, he pressed closer, he…he kissed me.

Reality check: Vinnie was a notorious prankster. He was always doing something to push boundaries—make you laugh, make you mad, make you stop taking life so damned seriously. Silly was his fallback language. If lighthearted pranks and teasing kept some uncomfortable parts of the past at bay, I was all for it.

But I was still confused. Very confused.

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You Again Teaser 3

Lane Pic

About the Author:

Lane Hayes loves a good romance! An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters. She loves wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband and her fabulous pup, George.

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Release Blitz & Reviews – The Tease, Lauren Blakely

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Release Date: August 30th

Genre/Tropes: Dad’s Best Friend / Forbidden / Secret Identities / Age Gap / Single Dad / Possessive Hero / Role-Playing / Pleasure Dom / Falling in Love in Paris


Prepare to Be Teased, Tempted, and Captivated!

The Tease by #1 NYT bestselling author Lauren Blakely is here!


Indulge in a forbidden romance of desire and secrets that will leave you breathless. The Tease is a rollercoaster of emotions, spice, and forbidden love spanning New York and Paris! Get ready for this single-dad hero to steal your heart.


Grab your copy TODAY!

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Narrated by Vanessa Edwin & Jason Clarke

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The Tease is the third book in the The Virgin Society by Lauren Blakely. I am loving this series so hard. Forbidden, age-gap, and unique! And oh, so delicious. I was so excited about this couple and damn…they blew my exceptions in every single way. 
When Jules was invited to play piano at an exclusive after-dark masquerade party she knew it would be a good time but never expected to find a man, a stranger who treated her like his every fantasy. And she wanted more…
More from a man who she wants to explore with. From a man who not only lit her up but made her explode in lust. One touch just wasn’t enough. She wants it all. She has never wanted anything more than one more night with her phantom. Only, it turns out he isn’t a stranger after all…he is her father’s best friend.
Two words. Off-limits. Two more words. One night. That’s all it can ever be. One explosive, fantasy-filled, unforgettable night. Then they need to act like it never happened except, like I mentioned, it was unforgettable. So, when they have to go away for a week together to the city of love, it’s hard to resist…
I ♥️ Finn & Jules!! They not only have their filthy kinks to share but they have so much more. Finn is a single dad who loves his son fiercely. Jules is a badass who is navigating through her past so she can move on with her future. Together, they are full of fun, laughter, passion, support, love, and a true connection. They see each other like nobody else does.
5 out of 5 stars

The Tease is the third book in The Virgin Society by Lauren Blakely. I’m loving this series and I love this father’s best friend, age-gap, single dad romance! We have known Jules for a while and now we get her full story! She likes to pretend. And when she has the opportunity to play piano at a masquerade party she’s all in. She meets a sexy, older man and they have an instant connection. It’s hot and sexy and then it turns out it’s her father’s best friend. They can’t see each other again, but it’s hard to stay away. Especially when they find themselves working together. In Paris. All bets are off. Now they just have to decide if they are going to fight for what they want or stop because it’s forbidden? I love Jules and Finn! They are fun, sexy, sweet and perfect for each other. I loved seeing the other characters from the series!

Audio: Vanessa Edwin and Jason Clarke did a fantastic job narrating Jules and Finn. They are a few of my favorites!



I swear I’m a good girl.

I didn’t go to the exclusive, after-hours masquerade to kiss my dad’s best friend. I didn’t even know who the masked man was when he touched me like I was his every fantasy.

But when I learn exactly how off-limits my new lover is, I do my best to avoid him the next time. Except, he has his sinful sights set on me, even when he discovers who I am. Just one time, he whispers. Then we’ll pretend this never happened.

Seems the enigmatic, gorgeous single dad I’ve known by day is a very dirty man after dark.

But one night turns into a stolen weekend, giving me a taste of so much more. When it ends, we vow to stay apart.

We could never work.

He’s focused on raising his young son, and I can’t let my already damaged family break more. But the caring, possessive man keeps coming back to me, and these secret nights tangled up together are turning into tender moments that make my heart thunder.

And soon, this tease of a forbidden romance is making me want so much more than I can ever have…


About Lauren Blakely:


You can find Lauren on TikTok at @laurenblakelybooks! A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s sexy, feel-good, and witty. Lauren likes dogs, cake, and show tunes and she is the vegetarian at your dinner party.



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Release Blitz & 6 Heart Review – Shattered Truths, Helena Hunting

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Shattered Truths 

by Helena Hunting writing as H. Hunting

Release date: August 28th


Cover Designer: Hang Le

Photographer: Michelle Lancaster 

Model: Lawrence Templar


The first time I met Winter Marks, I almost took her out with my Jeep.

To be fair, she came out of nowhere. 


I flirted with her, and she flipped me off and disappeared into the woods on her bike.

But she left me a souvenir: a single hockey skate.


Seemed to me that divine intervention shouldn’t be ignored.


She was my icy Cinderella and I would be her Prince Not-So-Charming.


Winter was more than just a sassy, badass hockey-playing hottie.

She’s stuck in a prison of a life. And I’m the perfect escape.


Neither of us expected to fall. 

Or for the truth to shatter us.

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Kara's Review


Shattered Truths is the third book in the Lies, Hearts, and Truths series by H. Hunting. I love this series to the ends of the earth. This is the second generation from the Pucked series and since Randy was my favorite, I’ve been waiting for his son’s story. BJ, the ultimate good guy who looks like a bad boy. The fun-loving player who’s a badass figure skater. A chance meeting with his car and her bike, Winter isn’t thrilled to see BJ again. She has no idea who he is, but quickly learns in Pearl Lake everyone knows everyone! She didn’t realize BJ would find her, convince her to join him and his friends on the ice and definitely didn’t expect to actually like him. Just being who he is, he opens door for Winter that she never thought possible. BJ has never felt for anyone the way he feels for Winter. He wants to get to know her, spend time with her and yes, kiss the life out of her, but he wants to take it slow. Prove to her that he’s serious. Winter’s life isn’t easy and BJ just wants to be there for her in whatever ways she needs. He shows up, he cares and he keeps showing her he’s not going anywhere. As their relationship progresses, they learn to tell each other the truth, be open and listen. Winter is there when BJ needs her the most and she returns all the favors. She’s there for him, she pushes him and she just loves him. This story. Oh. My. God. I had to sit for a few days before I could even figure out what to say and it’s not even coming out right. I can’t express how much I love BJ and Winter. They are wise beyond their years and so damn funny and sexy and supportive. I love how much they are there for each other and their feelings never waver. Yes, things happen, but they work it out. It’s the outside forces that try to take them down. I absolutely loved seeing Randy and Lily again and all the characters I have loved over the years. This is one of my top favorites of 2023 and Helena exceeded my expectations with BJ’s story!

Audio: Zachary and Andi killed it! They sounded so great together and they were the perfect BJ and Winter!



About Helena Hunting: 


NYT and USA Today bestselling author, Helena Hunting lives outside of Toronto with her amazing family and her adorable, emotional cat, who thinks the best place to sleep is her keyboard. Helena writes everything from emotional contemporary romance to romantic comedies that will have you laughing until you cry.











New Release & Review – The London Chance, Lane Hayes

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Two strangers, an online dating app, and a chance at forever…

After months of online correspondence with a sexy businessman, we’re finally meeting in person—in London, no less!

Okay. It’s a casual meet-up. Nothing to get excited about. I fully understand that online connections don’t always translate in person. Roman could be pompous or worse…boring.

Wish me luck!


Dinner with my online “friend” doesn’t go well. I shouldn’t be disappointed. That’s life.

But just as I’m ready to write our peculiar acquaintanceship off, Chance turns up unexpectedly at a karaoke bar. Don’t ask what I’m doing there. I have no idea. However, I don’t mind at all. It feels like the universe is giving us a cosmic redo. Sure, Chance lives in California and my home is in the UK now, but this feels like the real thing. Something worth taking a chance on.

A forever chance.

The London Chance is an MM, bisexual romance featuring an American, a Canadian, a dating app, and an unexpected HEA.

The London Chance first appeared in the H2H Charity Anthology, vol. 6. This version includes an additional original short story.



Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

The London Chance is Lane Hayes’ newest fun, strangers-to-lovers romance. A dating app that leads to a face-to-face meeting in London. Chance is there on business so what’s a few extra days to meet Roman, a guy he clicked with online. Only their first date is a big dud. Roman didn’t expect their date to be so boring. They were just too polite and dry. But when he sees Chance later that night, drunk and singing karaoke, it’s like the universe gave him a second chance at a first meeting. Now that they are actually being themselves, it is on! The only problem is, Chance lives in LA and Roman in London. Will they make it work for love? Oh man do I love this couple! This is a short novel, but it didn’t feel like it. It is fun and sexy and full of friendship and laughs! Loved the bonus story!


Release Blitz & Review – The Setup, Kristen Proby

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The Setup by Kristen Proby is now live! 


From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby comes an all-new novel, The Setup, in her Single in Seattle series, featuring Keaton Williams!


I’m a sucker for pretty things. Give me a roaring engine in a souped-up vintage muscle car with cherry red paint and brand-new leather interior, and that’s about as pretty as anything I could ask for. I’m a simple man, who doesn’t need or want the kind of wild celebrity that my father has. I restore one-of-a-kind vehicles and sell them to the highest bidder. Usually, that bidder just also happens to be a celebrity.


But no matter how often my cars steal the spotlight, staying out of it is my number one priority.


Which is why Sydney Sterling is absolutely out of the question.


She’s a country music superstar. She’s in the spotlight. People can’t get enough of her.


It doesn’t matter that our one night together was hotter than a full throttle muscle car, or that she’s the most incredible woman I’ve ever met.


I. Need. To. Stay. Away.


And I was doing a great job of just that until our friends set us up on a blind date, and now here I am, sitting across from the only woman who made me want more. How am I going to handle the fact that the rest of the world wants her almost as much as I do?


And do I even have a choice in the matter?


  Download today on Amazon, Apple Books, Audible, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!


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Narrated by: Joe Arden & Emma Wilder


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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

The Setup is the fourth book in the Single in Seattle series by Kristen Proby. It’s a spin-off to the With Me in Seattle series. You don’t have to read that series to fall in love with their children’s stories. You will totally want to though… I read most of them and plan to read the rest. 
Keaton might be part of one of the biggest celebrity families but he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. He did that once and will never do it again. Did the one night he shared with Sidney Sterling hot AF? Hell yes. But that was all it could be. A one-night stand after a wedding. They knew they would see each other again one day since she was going to be part of his family soon but he didn’t expect this…
Sidney needed a break after touring the country. So it was perfect timing when her soon-to-be SIL wanted help with her wedding in Seattle. Who she didn’t expect to see that first night was the man who made her tingle head to toe. She didn’t have a plan. No plan on when she was going home. No plan about what she was going to do in Seattle. On thing she did know… she still wanted him. 
It’s a whirlwind of a romance and I absolutely here for it! I laughed, I swooned, I got frustrated, I cried. It so much fun! It’s always good time to back to Seattle and visit with this group. Xoxox 


Meet Kristen


Kristen Proby is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over seventy published titles. She debuted in 2012, captivating fans with spicy contemporary romance about families and friends with plenty of swoony love. She also writes paranormal romance and suggests you keep the lights on while reading them.


When not under deadline, Kristen enjoys spending time with her husband and their fur babies, riding her bike, relaxing with embroidery, trying her hand at painting, and, of course, enjoying her beautiful home in the mountains of Montana. 



Connect with Kristen






Facebook Group:







Release Day & Review – Make Me Stay, Annabeth Albert

July 13, 2023 | Posted in Release Day Blitz, Review | By


Roommate Not Wanted

I’m a forty-year-old homeowner and former detective. My friends think a roommate is the solution to my recent funk, but I know that’s the last thing I need.

And even if they’re right, sharing my home with Cal is a bad idea. The prickly SEAL rescue diver has muscles for miles, haunted eyes, a wounded soul, and wandering feet that won’t be happy for long in Safe Harbor. Yet those fathoms-deep blue eyes have me making an offer I’ll surely regret.

Our arrangement may be doomed, but Cal is an amazing roommate. We’re soon cooking my mom’s favorite recipes, watching terrible TV, accidentally cuddling, and trying not to cross the line from friendship to fling.
Until I discover Cal’s sexy secret.

Boundaries blur, and I forget I’m not supposed to fall for Cal. Every kiss, touch, and discovery we make together pulls us deeper until there’s no denying our feelings.

I want nothing more than to keep Cal in town, in my bed, and in my heart, but Cal seems destined to swim back to his solo ways.

Can I bear to let him go, or will our love make him stay forever?

MAKE ME STAY is a hurt/comfort roommates-to-lovers MM romance. It features two mature, wounded heroes, disability rep, a proud pansexual, a SEAL having a demisexual awakening, and sexy discoveries involving rope. Deep feels, dual point-of-view, and big fluffy HEA guaranteed.



Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Make Me Stay is the second book in the Safe Harbor series by Annabeth Albert. I love Annabeth and her books and I’m loving this series. We already know and love Holden and I couldn’t love his story more if I tried! He’s the class clown, the friend quick with a joke. He was also injured on the job and is in a wheelchair. He’s a professor with a popular podcast and an all-around nice freaking guy! Cal, and ex SEAL is called in to help with the case. He’s an expert diver and a grumpy, broody man. Holden and Cal don’t get off on the right foot, but after a small accident, Cal needs a place to stay and Holden has an extra room. They couldn’t be more opposite, but sometime between sharing a meal and a bad reality TV dating show, they get closer. One chance encounter with some rope (hottest scene I’ve read in a long time) and they strike a deal. Cal needs a certain something in the bedroom and Holden is the perfect man to help him with his desires. Cal never thought he like being told what to do so much. He just wants out of his own head. His past is haunting him and Holden makes him forget. Holden can’t believe his luck. The sexiest man he’s ever met wants him for him. Sees past the chair and the jokes and wants just the man. Cal’s just in town temporarily, but desperately wants a home and family but doesn’t know how to ask for it. Holden wants Cal to stay, but is afraid to ask in case he says no. Will they both admit how they feel before it’s too late? I freaking loved this story! It’s funny, sexy, and sweet. Full of real emotions, friendship, pain, sadness, hope and love. I’ve really connected to Monroe, Knox, Holden and Call and I can’t wait for Sam and Worth’s story!


Release Blitz & Review – Lunamare, Pepper Winters

June 27, 2023 | Posted in Release Day Blitz, Review | By

Lunamare by Pepper Winters is now live!

“Is it true…that you pulled a lion from the ocean and fell in love with him?”


The sixteen-year-old boy named after a lion.

A boy with his entire life ahead of him.

A boy running from a terrible secret.

All it takes is one awful night to change everything.

One secret, one smuggler, one boat, one storm.

And he wakes in an entirely different existence.

Staring into the ocean-blue eyes of his twelve-year-old rescuer.


The twelve-year-old girl named after a sea nymph.

A girl with lofty dreams and absolute faith that she’ll achieve them.

All it takes is a bright, sunny morning to change everything.

One boy clinging to wreckage, one sea cradling him close, one chance at keeping him safe.

He’s illegal and unwanted.

She’s stubborn and so sure.

He’s lost absolutely everything.

And she’s found the only thing she ever wanted.

They begin as rescued and rescuer.

Slowly growing from twelve and sixteen.

He’s not allowed to touch her.

She’s convinced he is the one.

But as each day dawns on his illegal existence, Aslans’s secrets creep ever closer, the death he ran from hunts ever faster, and the darkness that he can’t get free of finally finds him.

And it costs him…


A true coming-of-age story that spans a lifetime. This book deals with heavy subjects and it is advised you check the Content Warnings on the Author’s website.

Lunamare is a tangled romance that fans of The Ribbon Duet will love. Combining the beautiful drama of Nicholas Sparks with the brutality of dark romance, Pepper Winters has created a tale of soulmates, secrets, cruelty, and heart-wrenching love.


Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited


Amazon Worldwide:


Watch the Book Trailer!


Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Lunamare is the first book in the Luna Duet by the ever-talented, Pepper Winters. If you follow my reviews then you know I don’t read the blurb until after I finish the book. I love going in totally blind especially when it’s a story like this one. Epic. Poetic. Forbidden love. Twists and turns. And when Pepper states fans of The Ribbon Duet will love this story, she was right about this fan. I absolutely loved that duet and loving this one! I don’t want to spoil anything so I don’t want to get too much into the story. 
The moment Neri saved Aslan from the sea, she knew he belonged to her. She was only twelve but all of her instincts told her that he was her everything. At sixteen, Aslan was saved by a girl. One he vows to protect. Even from herself. Year after year, he protected her. From the sea. From herself. From him. Her love only got stronger and stronger as each year past. Year after year, his secrets were getting closer to the surface. One day changed his life, one night could ruin it…
This story is only the first part of their story, and I can’t wait for the rest! Thank god Pepper isn’t making us wait long. I am obsessed!! This story spans for a lifetime and I am here for it. The forbidden love. The age-gap. The darkness. The family. The secrets. It’s everything. 
*If you have triggers, you can read the warnings on Pepper’s website. 

Meet Pepper

Pepper Winters is a multiple New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestseller.

After chasing her dreams to become a full-time writer, Pepper has earned recognition with awards for best Dark Romance, best BDSM Series, and best Hero. She’s an multiple #1 Apple Books bestseller, along with #1 in Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, and Romance Thriller. Pepper currently has close to 40 books released in nine languages. She’s hit best-seller lists almost 40 times, is a self-confessed hermit, yoga convert, has a house rabbit, six horses, and a long suffering husband. To learn more about Pepper please visit: where she regularly posts videos of behind the scenes writing, horses, books, and more.

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Release Day & Review – The Sweetheart List, Jill Shalvis

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What makes life sweet?
When Harper Shaw’s life falls apart, she knows it’s time for a change. She removes everything that doesn’t spark joy—from her soul-sucking job to eating kale to making lists—and sets off for the last place she was happy, Lake Tahoe (who wouldn’t feel good there, right?) to fulfill her dream of opening her own bakery. With her Sugar Pine Bakery in between a tavern, owned by sexy, grumpy Bodie Campbell, and a bookstore, run by her new BFF, she feels a peace she’s never experienced since…well, forever.. Then she meets Ivy, a teenage runaway, who barrels into her heart. She sees a lot of herself in Ivy and takes her under her wing, but the teenager has secrets… When those secrets explode, it changes Harper’s new world, and she’ll learn, it’s never too late to start over, it’s never too late to figure out your life, and best of all, it’s never too late to let yourself believe in love.



Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

The Sweetheart List is the fourth book in the Sunrise Cover series by Jill Shalvis. This is a story about taking chances, finding a place that makes you happy and making your own family. Harper leaves everything she’s known behind to move to Sunrise Cove to start a new life. No lists, just a bakery that’s always been her dream. And in the last place she was truly happy. Bodie is back home after being hurt in the line of duty. He took over his dad’s bar and is struggling with the end of his career and what to do now. Ivy is sixteen and looking for something she’s wanted her entire life. Her childhood hasn’t been great, so she’s not sure what she’s expecting, but it’s not Harper taking her in, giving her a job and safe place to live. Harper and Bodie find a connection they’ve never known before, but she’s afraid and wants to take it slow. Ivy never knew people and families could be this nice and sweet and fun. Together, Harper, Bodie and Ivy find what they were looking for in each other. I couldn’t love this story more! It has all the things I love about a romance. A sexy hero, an independent heroine, a big, fluffy dog, family, humor and a happily ever after!









Multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is … mostly coincidental. Look for Jill’s bestselling, award-winning heartwarming and full of humor novels wherever books are sold and visit her website for a complete book list and blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures. Her newest Sunrise Cove novel, THE SWEETHEART LIST, is out now, and THE BRIGHT SPOT comes out in January!

Look for Jill’s bestselling, award-winning novels wherever books are sold. Visit for a complete book list and fun blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.

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Release Day & 6 Heart reviews – Double Pucked, Lauren Blakely

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Release Date: June 5th

Genre/Tropes: MFM / Roommates to Lovers / Fake Dating / Hockey Romance / Why Choose Style / Rom Com

Complete standalone!

DOUBLE PUCKED by #1 NYT bestselling author Lauren Blakely, is NOW AVAILABLE!

Make sure to grab this all-new Hockey MFM Roommates to Lovers romance TODAY!!


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The spicy hockey rom-com of your dreams!! 🌶


Sandra's Review

Double Pucked is the first book in the My Hockey Romance series by Lauren Blakely. It is a roomies-to-lovers hockey rom com and it’s MFM!! Holy hotness, right? Damn, right.
It all started with a pair of panties. That pair of panties led Trina to leaving her no-good hockey-loving cheating boyfriend so the next logical step was to swipe the VIP tickets to meet his favorite players. Trina never wanted to watch a sporting event but she knew the revenge would be sweet. What she didn’t expect was to get the full VIP experience with both men. Then move in with them the next day…
One week. Ok, nine days. They had nine days and nights to explore each other. In and out of the bedroom. She never expected this. It wasn’t exactly on her bingo card. Days filled with fun and laughter, discovering who each other really are. Nights filled with hot, toe-curling, mind-blowing sex. Checking off to-do list with not one but two sexy, sweet, and alpha men. They treat her like a queen in all the best ways. Too bad it all has to end.
The VIP experience started out as sweet, sweet revenge. It’s end with the best thing to ever happen to them. It’s unexpected. It’s life-charging. It’s complicated. It’s everything.
I ♥️ this story!! It has the perfect blend of heat and emotions. Laughter and tears. It’s so a fun book! I loved the way Trina, Chase, and Ryker are there for each other. They just click even when they don’t agree. Chase and Ryker are friendship goals. I can’t wait for the next book!!


Double Pucked is Lauren Blakely’s newest romance. Not only is it new, it’s the first in a NEW HOCKEY SERIES! I have read every word Lauren has written and I am here to tell you it’s the hottest book yet! It’s deliciously dirty and oh so flirty. I mean, what’s better than two hockey stars who are also best friends meeting and falling for the same woman? Nothing, I tell you! Trina’s ex is toast and on her way out the door she grabs the VIP hockey tickets he won. She’s taking those tickets, meeting his idols and going to that game. She didn’t expect Ryker and Chase to be so nice, and broody and handsome and sexy. Whoa. She’s also didn’t expect to go home with them. Both! Wowzas. Now she needs a temporary place to live and is invited to stay with not only Chase, but him and Ryker. Things heat up in the bedroom, but they also have fun together making breakfast, walking her fabulous dog, Nacho, and just being with each other. But all good things come to an end right? What if they could make this thing between them work. Ryker and Chase already trust each other and they are best friends. Trina brings out the best in them and makes them want to be better. I absolutely adored this story! It has all the things I love about romance. Fun, sexiness, friendship, hockey, witty banter, laughs and love. I can’t wait to see who’s next and I’m really excited to see Ryker, Chase and Trina again!





A jilted book nerd, a plan for sweet revenge, and the two hockey stars who volunteer as her tributes…

When I discover my boyfriend is cheating on me, I move out right away taking what I love most – my dog. As I fly out the door, I make sure to swipe the thing my ex loves best. The VIP tickets he won to a hockey game, complete with the chance to spend an evening with the city’s two biggest NHL stars.

I can’t wait to snap selfies with my ex’s idols and rub it in his face.

Except, when I head out with the two hockey studs, they have something else in mind besides sweet revenge. Would I like to spend the night…with both of them?

Talk about the VIP experience. That’s what I get for one knee-weakening, sheet-grabbing night. In the morning, I plan to return to my bestie’s house to crash on her couch with my dog.

But when they learn what happened with my awful ex, they ask me to be their temporary roomie for the week. Oh, and one of them needs my help with his grumpy reputation. The other? Well, he wants me to be his fake date at an upcoming wedding.

Looks like I’m about to get double pucked. Again.


Double Pucked is a roomies to lovers, fake dating, image makeover, super spicy hockey rom com with a guaranteed why-choose style HEA! No swords cross. The two guys are all about HER all throughout! This story is perfect for fans of Lily Gold and Emily Rath!



About Lauren Blakely:


A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s sexy, sweet, and witty. She also writes USA Today bestselling LGBTQ romance.

With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 100 times, with more than 65 titles on the USA Today Bestsellers list alone. She’s sold more than 5 million books. A Brown University graduate, Lauren likes dogs, cake and show tunes and is the vegetarian at your dinner party.


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