Do you need an Editor or a Proofreader? Looking for that extra set of eyes? They don’t call me Kara “Eagle Eyes” Hildebrand for nothing!

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 Words of Praise

“To the woman who makes my words look pretty!

Kara Hildebrand

Editor extraordinaire and friend ’til the end.

I really believe people come into our lives for a reason and you are one of those people!

THANK YOU for your tireless work on my books, your notes that make me smile, and for always claiming each Black hero as your own before anyone else!” ~ Author Lacey Black.


“Kara, my ah-maz-ing proofreader. I’m making a call and you’re stuck with me forever. I hope you’re okay with that. Thank you for taking such time with this story!” ~ Author Jennifer Van Wyk


“Kara Hildebrand for being that last set of sharp eyes and warm hand of support that makes the last month before publishing so much less stressful.” ~Author Chloe T. Barlow.


“Kara Hildebrand was a life saver. As my Editor, she was the one who polished my story and proved the saying, “God is in the details.” Thank you so much, Kara. You took a writer from panic to peace.” ~Author, Leslie Pike.