September 15, 2015


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
But what didn’t happen in Vegas seems to follow them everywhere.

Lola and Oliver like to congratulate themselves on having the good sense to not consummate their drunken Las Vegas wedding. If they’d doubled-down on that mistake, their Just Friends situation might not be half as great as it is now.

… Or so goes the official line.

In reality, Lola’s wanted Oliver since day one—and over time has only fallen harder for his sexy Aussie accent and easygoing ability to take her as she comes. More at home in her studio than in baring herself to people, Lola’s instinctive comfort around Oliver nearly seems too good to be true. So why ruin a good thing?

Even as geek girls fawn over him, Oliver can’t get his mind off what he didn’t do with Lola when he had the chance. He knows what he wants with her now … and it’s far outside the friend zone. When Lola’s graphic novel starts getting national acclaim—and is then fast-tracked for a major motion picture—Oliver steps up to be there for her whenever she needs him. After all, she’s not the kind of girl who likes all that attention, but maybe she’s the kind who’ll eventually like him.

Sometimes seeing what’s right in front of us takes a great leap of faith. And sometimes a dark wild night in Vegas isn’t just the end of a day, but the beginning of a bright new life…

5 out of 5 stars

This is the the third book in the Wild Seasons Series and I have read the previous two. Dark Wild Night has a different feel then the others and I loved it just as much. It is still funny, sexy and this group of friends still rock. The relationship between Oliver is just different, it’s not instant but the love is.

Oliver and Lola might have been married for a little less than a day a Vegas but eight months later, they are just friends. They have a very special friendship that includes knowing each other’s moods, what they will order for lunch and they bring calmness to their crazy lives. Oliver owns a comic book store and Lola recently released her first graphic novel that hit big and will soon be seen on the big screen. With all the craziness surrounding her, Oliver is the one that makes her forget.

Oliver has always known Lola was not just a drunken night in Vegas ending with a marriage. When he saw her again in San Diego he felt something but over time their friendship developed into something special. Lola feels the same way. They might be able to sense what each other are thinking but they are both missing something big. They both want more so now they have to figure out a way to tell each other without ruining what they have. Can these friends really be more?

Lola has always been the type to shut the world out when she was writing and drawing away. It was her stress reliever and now that her graphic novel is becoming a movie, it’s stressing her out. She is being pulled in all kinds of directions and has even more work to do. She also wants to be with Oliver. Once they finally figured out what their friends have been thinking all along, they can’t be away from each other. Their chemistry is amazing and he just gets her. He wants what is best for her and seeing her so stressed, he feels helpless. And Lola wants nothing more than to be with him but she needs to focus on the movie and other projects. Can Lola balance a relationship with Oliver and make her dreams for her book a reality or will it all come crashing down?

I love Oliver so much. He is nerdy cool and so amazingly supportive and loving. Lola is kick ass and I feel for her. She is usually so put together but when she loses control, she is lost. I get that. I love Oliver and Lola together because they have such an amazing friendship and speak their own language. They just get it.

Like I said this book has a different feel than the other couples. It is more of a friends to lovers relationship. It’s their own story and nobody else’s and I adored it. These two comic lovers totally rock.

Overall…it was funny, sexy, sweet and I can’t wait to see them again! And Oliver has the best pet names…love this Australian like crazy.

P.S. Just throwing this out there…I think Not-Joe needs a book. Even if just a novella. Loved him in this one.


I look at Lola and marvel over how similar we are- lonely childhoods turning us into introverted yet ambitious adults- and how central comics have been to both our lives.

“Sometimes I wish I could meet you all over again,” he says, slicing his banana on top of his cereal. “And pay better attention.”

“I mean, you put out the honey, you’re going to get some bees.”

Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

I haven’t read the other books in the series, but this can be read as a standalone. I wasn’t lost, but it made me want to go back and read the others! Lola an Oliver (swoon) got drunk and married in Vegas, but never spent the night together. They are best friends who have their own language and a ridiculously strong bond. They see each other all the time and always flirt, but one day it feels different. Lola sold her comic book to a major movie studio and she’s stressed beyond her limits. She doesn’t handle these situations well and Oliver is her safe place where she finds her calm. Their friends see things that Lola doesn’t, but when she can no longer deny that she has feelings for Oliver, she tries to make a move but gets scared. Oliver is so…perfect. He’s the perfect blend of nerdy and sexy. With the accent, the glasses and the way he talks. The way he’s open and honest about how he feels. It’s refreshing! He gets Lola. He wants Lola. He understands her signs and he’s willing to make the first move, but he knows if he pushes too far she’s going to run. Fast. Will Oliver be able to convince her to give them a try? Can Lola figure out what’s holding her back before it’s too late? I really loved this story. I loved the writing, the characters, the banter, the foreplay, and the heat. I love Oliver and I hope we get to see more of him!


“If George Clooney is ever accepted into the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb, that activity is immediately getting added to my bucket list.


“I’ve wanted to fuck you long before last night,” he says. “And now that I’ve had you, I want it even more.”


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Christina Lauren is the combined pen name of long-time writing partners/besties/soulmates/brain-twins Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. The coauthor duo writes both Young Adult and Adult Fiction, and together has produced ten New York Times bestselling novels. Their books have been translated into 23+ languages. (Some of these books have kissing. Some of these books have A LOT of kissing.)



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    I can’t wait to read this! I love their books!

  2. Darcey Smith
    September 15, 2015

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    I can’t wait to check out this book! I’ve heard amazing things about Christina Lauren!! <3 Thanks for the chance!

  3. Maria Malaveci
    September 15, 2015

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    I am so excited for this book! I love this series SO MUCH!

  4. Adreaaaang
    September 15, 2015

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    I am so excited for this book!!!! Ekkkk it sounds so amazing!

  5. Vidhi
    September 16, 2015

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    Haven’t read it but really looking forward to it. 😀

  6. Laina G
    September 16, 2015

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    I haven’t read Dark Wild Night but I have read Sweet Filthy Boy and I loved it!

  7. Danielle Meek
    September 18, 2015

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    Can’t wait!!!!

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