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A mafia romance about family, loyalty, and love, Dissolution is the powerful conclusion to #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken’s Eagle Elite series.

“There is always a beginning—I will be their end.”

For ten years the Cosa Nostra has ruled with an iron fist in Chicago—their reign is about to end, and I’ll be the one to bring them down.

One more job for the Italian Americans, and I’m done.
Except this “one job” involves saving the boss’s brother and sister.
When things go horribly wrong, and a price is put on all of our heads from my Family back home—I’m forced to stay in Chicago, offer not just my gun but my protective services to the young girl I saved while also making sure nobody touches her.
Myself included.

My own Family has splintered.
Half want me dead, half want me alive, and the only people willing to protect me are the very ones I hate—her included.

I’m the Grim Reaper of the Sicilian mafia, and I bow to no one, not even her, so when she asks me to teach her to fight, when she tells me she wants to be made, I give in just so I can piss off the bosses.
Only I made one mistake.

I protect her from the world.
But who protects me from her?

One more battle remains between the families in Italy and in the States.
One more battle where I’m torn between both sides.
And I’m left protecting the one girl who has the potential to wreck us all.

It all started a decade ago at Eagle Elite University—the beginning.
It will end on the streets of Chicago—with me as the end.

I, Santino Sinacore, am their end.

**This may be the end of the OG Eagle Elite, but it is NOT the end of the Eagle Elite World!**





Sandra's Review

Dissolution is the twelfth and final (No!!) book in the Eagle Elite series by the queen of the mafia, Rachel Van Dyken. You can read each book as standalone, I didn’t start the series till book nine (I will get those first eight in one day!) This one I do believe is my favorite. I cried and laughed so hard! 
Santino Sinacore was out for blood. He didn’t want to be in Chicago with the Five Families. He wanted out. There was two ways: death or one last job for the Italian-Americans he loathed. He thought it would be easy. Kill some assholes and save twins. In and out. He was the Grim Reaper after all. No emotions. Just kill or be killed. That was how it was his entire life. Emotions were a weakness and no one brought them out until her. A girl who didn’t even know she belonged…
A woman who was off-limits. But rules were made to be broken, right? 
Katya was in a prison; broken and beaten but she was a warrior. She would survive to seek her revenge and it seems she has back-up who she never knew. A family. Five of them. She was confused and scared but a man who killed for a living was the only one she felt completely safe with. She didn’t understand it but she knew he was the key to survival… but will they survive the newest mafia war? 
OMFG… I can’t even. What an emotion roller coaster and I am one-thousand percent for it! I am so in love with Katya and Santino. They are fire. They are beautiful. They are just everything. And the EE OGs? My god, these men are so much fun for running the mafia world. Badasses who own cats in sweaters. I am laughing just writing that. I love them all and their wives. I know this is the end of the EE series but I have a feeling it’s not the end of RVD’s mafia world. Thank you, RVD! ♥️ Blood In, No Out 🩸
Chase pulled out his gun, shaking me from my thoughts. “Let’s go, twinkle toes, people to kill, pot roasts to eat.” 
“Pot roast?” Santino repeated. “Really?” 
“We like nice things here in Chicago.”
Pieces of your life that finally fit into place, beauty out of agony and darkness, and an ending that may not be what you expected but perfect for you and your story, nonetheless.
“Girl, you’re in the mafia.” Alice winked. “Strap in, dear sister-in-law, strap in.”

Dissolution is the twelfth and last book in the Eagle Elite series. Say it isn’t so!!! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself now that it’s over. I’m hopeful we’ll see the beloved characters again and now I can add Santino to the list. He’s the Grim Reaper of the Sicilian Mafia (my people!) and I just fell hard and fast for another killer. He’s in Chicago, but he wants out. He just has to do one last favor for the five families. Rescue twins and then he’s out. In true mafia fashion, nothing goes the way it should. He saved her and now he needs to protect her. Katya. The gorgeous blonde who’s strong as hell and has no idea who she is. A threat’s been made on all five families and now Santino has to do something he’s never done before. Protect someone he cares about. Katya doesn’t know anything about her family. She and her brother have been on their own for a long time and now she’s being rescued and taken somewhere to meet the mafia. Oh joy. She’s not afraid. She’s not going to cower. But she’s also not going to be a victim again. She just has to convince Santino to train her. Santino didn’t live a normal life. You never show fear. You don’t have feelings. And now this woman has turned his world upside down and he’s dodging bullets from his allies. He doesn’t know who to trust, but the more time he spends with Nixon, Chase, Phoenix, Andrei, Dante and Sergio, the more he understands. They are The Cosa Nostra but they aren’t the bad guys. He doesn’t want out, he just wants to keep Katya safe. Even if it’s from himself. Holy shit! This freaking book gutted me. I pretty much cried for the second half of the story. Santino, I love you. Sergio, I love you. I love them all. What a way to end the series. It makes me sad just to type that. These men and their women have been like family to me for ten years. TEN years. I feel like I’ve shared meals, wine, secrets, sacrifices, life and death with them. My heart has been broken and sewed back together so many times. Santino somehow filled in all the cracks and made it whole again. I couldn’t love this book more. I laughed, cried big fat tears, smiled, laughed and cried more. It was just perfection. Thank you, Rachel for giving us these families and their loved ones!


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