October 20, 2020

Bristol Newton has spent the past couple of years doing her best to keep her distance from Kaden and Keegan Walker. Up to this point, avoiding the sexy twins hasn’t been as easy as she hoped it would be. Thankfully, she has a plan: sign them up for the Fall Festival’s auction and let some lucky lady win a date with them. After all, it’s for a good cause. Plus, it ensures she doesn’t get pulled under their spell.

She should’ve known even that wouldn’t be easy. When Kaden and Keegan have questions, Bristol reluctantly agrees to dinner to explain the details. That was her first mistake. The second resulted in the hottest night of her entire life with the two sexiest men she’d ever met.

A night that would change all their lives in ways they never expected.


Amazon: https://amzn.to/3dITF7C

Nicole’s Website: https://bit.ly/3ocdclC

Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Kaden and Keegan is the ninth book in the Coyote Ridge book by the talented Nicole Edwards. I can’t get enough of the Walkers. All the way from Travis to Ethan, to every cousin, nephew, you name a Walker, I’m there! We’ve gotten to know Kaden and Keegan a little and now they get their chance at their dream. They are identical twins, and ever since they were kids they knew they wanted to love one woman. Share her and their lives. It’s just who they are. Once they met Bristol they knew she was the woman. But she wasn’t ready to admit her desires. They’ve waited a long time for her to realize what she wanted and after one night with her, all their lives are about to change. But she’s still scared and unsure what everyone will think. Kaden and Keegan are going to give her time and space, but not too much. They’ve waited long enough. The other parts of their lives are falling into place, they just need Bristol to jump with them. I loved watching these three fall in love! I understand her reluctance and worried what others might think. But when you fall in love that’s it. You have to do what your heart tells you and go all in. Kaden and Keegan are yummy! Sexy, swoony and funny. And even though they are identical, they are so different! I love how they balanced each other out. Kaden is more serious, Keegan is laid back. But when they both want something, look out!

“We should take this slow,” Kaden said when they came up for air.

Always the cautious one, his brother.

But he was right, they really should take –

“Or not,” she said, reaching for Keegan again.

Okay, yeah. What she said.

“You’re never gonna wonder just how much we want you, Bristol.” Kaden whispered.


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