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The first time Cassius Ulysses Costas met Alice Paradis, she was in a string bikini and filling up a long line of boats that were there just to see her. She was eighteen and every man’s wet dream.

Even his.

For the longest time, he went out of his way to stay as far away from her as he could get without actually taking his eyes off of her. For years, he was the better person. He played his hand close, and not a single person would know just how obsessed he was with her.

Then he goes to prison and comes out a man that couldn’t care less about anyone or anything, least of all what someone thought of him and his actions. But not one second while he was behind bars did he forget about Alice.

He tries to stay away. For a few long months, he fights his every instinct to make her his. But, as if the universe is conspiring against him, Alice is thrown into his path time after time, instance after instance.

And his resolve is waning. Fast.

In one last ditch effort to stay away, he walks away, hoping making her mad enough will force her to do the work for him.
However, when Alice is attacked, it isn’t Cassius’s harsh words she remembers, but the way he makes her feel safe.

Soon, the very last thing he’ll do is let her walk away. He did the right thing, and that didn’t work out. Now, it’s time for him to embrace the wrong.

5 out of 5 stars

Annoyed at First Sight is the fourth book in the Gator Bait series by Lani Lynn Vale. This is Alice and Cassius’s story! They have known each other since Alice was eighteen and Cassius watched her from afar. After spending time in prison, he’s back home and when he sees Alice, he’s annoyed AF. He wants her but he can’t have her. He won’t put himself through losing another person he cares about. He’s grumpy, jerky and does everything he can to push her away. Alice is so funny and independent and her family relies on her too much. She sees Cassius and can’t believe he’s back. She had a crush on him when she was younger and it never really went away. But now he hates her and she has no idea why. Turns out, he’s wildly attracted to her and fighting it. What’s a girl to do? Show him what he’s missing. He’s doesn’t quite fall for it, but when she’s in trouble he’s the one she runs too. When Cassius finds Alice hurt, he vows to stop running. He tried that and it didn’t work, only made him want her more. Now that they can fight together, she’s safe, he’s calmed down. I really loved Alice and Cassis! She’s so freaking hilarious and smart and doesn’t care what people think. He’s so sweet and nice to everyone but her, but I get it! Together they made me laugh out loud and smile a lot. I loved her brother and so many of the secondary characters! Looking forward to the next one in the series!



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