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A new male / male hockey romance from 24-time USA Today bestseller Sarina Bowen!

My name is Hudson Newgate, but my teammates call me New Guy.

That was my nickname in Chicago, too. And Vancouver. That’s what happens when you keep getting traded. Brooklyn is my last chance, especially after my poor performance last season.

But I can make this work. The new guy knows to keep his head down and shoot the puck. The new guy puts the game first.

What he doesn’t do is hook up with the other new guy—a hot athletic trainer who lives in my building. Gavin needs this job with my team. He’s a single dad with responsibilities.

We can’t be a couple. My arrogant agent–who’s also my father–will lose his mind if I’m dating a dude. And my team needs me to score goals, not whip up a media circus.

Too bad Gavin and I are terrible at resisting each other…


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Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

The New Guy is the first book in the NEW series, Hockey Guys, by the fabulous Sarina Bowen. Did you hear that? A NEW m/m series. Holy hell, I’m so excited! It’s a spin-off of the Brooklyn series so we get to see some of our favorites and meet new ones! There are two new guys in Brooklyn. Hudson Newgate is a new player who’s been traded four times in the last five years so he knows how to be the new guy. Gavin is the new athletic trainer. There is an instant attraction between them, but Hudson isn’t out and Gavin can’t afford to lose his job, he has a daughter to take care of. Not only are they both new, they’re neighbors! They try to stay away from each other, they really do, but their chemistry is just too strong. Oh man, when they give in, it’s fire! Gavin is such a good dad and Jordyn is freaking hilarious! He’s patient with Hudson who’s struggling to decide to come out. They are supportive of each other, they have fun together and they are sexy as hell! I loved everything about this book. The push and pull, the weeks of foreplay, the banter, the sexiness and the laughs. I just couldn’t love Hudson and Gavin more if I tried! Sarina is one of my favorite authors and her m/m romances are top-notch. Him was the first m/m I listened to in audio and I never looked back.

Audio: Teddy Hamilton and J.F. Harding were freaking fantastic! They are the perfect Gavin and Hudson.



When I win the ping pong game, he laughs. “Didn’t take you too long to finish me off.”

I shrug, like it’s no big thing. But my heart is thumping and my face is flushed. And I realize that I don’t want the night to end. It’s the first time I’ve felt this way in a long time. 

“You’re a shark. I owe you five bucks.” He reaches for his wallet.

I hold up a hand. “Sorry, I don’t take cash. You’ll have to work it off in trade.” Yup, that ridiculous line just came out of my mouth. And I don’t regret it. 

His hand stills on his back pocket. “Yeah?”

“Oh yeah.” My words are full of bravado. But this is a big moment for me. I haven’t been with a guy since Eddie died.

Across the table, Hudson might be having his own internal battles. His handsome face is thoughtful. Maybe even troubled. He sets down his paddle and actually glances over his shoulder to make sure there’s nobody nearby. There isn’t, though. We’re the only ones in the ping-pong room. His gaze snaps back to mine. “I don’t do this.”

“Oh.” That could mean so many things. “You mean pickups? Or guys?”

“Well, both.”

“You’re not married,” I whisper. “Right?”

He actually laughs. “Nope. No way.” He turns his chin toward the front of the bar, and I am suddenly worried that I’ve killed the mood. But instead of begging off, he says, “My place is only a couple blocks from here. But I have to settle up with Pete. You want to meet me outside?”

Ah. Now I get it. He doesn’t want us to walk out together, and he doesn’t know how to say so. 

“Sure,” I say with forced casualness. “I’ll be outside. Don’t take too long.” I grab my jacket off the hook on the wall and stride past him, through the bar and out the door. 


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