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Have you heard the expression “twelve times a groomsman, never a groom”? Neither had I… until it suddenly became clear that every man I dated found their One True Love in the person they dated after me.

Now I’m writing Best Man speeches for my former boyfriends twice a month, the “After Oscar” thing has become a legend, and I have finally accepted that Oscar Overton is nobody’s Happily Ever After.

Which is fine.

Between running my investment company, providing for Frank, my emotional support hedgehog, and keeping my enthusiastic family from getting in my business, my life is plenty busy. The last thing on my mind is a relationship.

Until Hugh Linzee.

One hot night with the gorgeous wedding photographer somehow turns into a text conversation I just can’t quit, but I’m determined to keep my distance. Hugh has ideas… ideas about romance and fireworks and capital-L love… and I care about him too much to let him get those ideas about me.

Fate keeps throwing us together, though. After an accidental all-night phone call and a convenient wedding run-in, suddenly I find myself agreeing to be his fake boyfriend, and distance quickly becomes a thing of the past.

But how long until Hugh figures out he’ll only get his HEA… After Oscar?


Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

HEA: Happily Ever After is the fifth and final book in the After Oscar series by Lucy Lennox and Molly Maddox. I have been patiently and not so patiently waiting for Oscar’s story. This series is fantastic and Oscar has been in every book as the ex of one of the heroes who finds their happily ever after in the next man they dated after Oscar. It’s a legend much like the man himself. On the surface, Oscar is rich, polished, handsome and likeable, but also closed off. His friends and family know he’s sweet and nice and caring, but very few people know the real Oscar. He stays friends with all his exes and is even the best man at their weddings. So many weddings. So many best man speeches. At one of them, he meets the sexy wedding photographer, Hugh. He’s gorgeous and incredibly funny. But loves weddings and love and is looking for The One. Oscar wants no part of that, but definitely wants to take Hugh back to his hotel room. It’s one amazing night and then he walks away. Only to end up months later texting him for a friend’s wedding. From then on, they become text only friends. No calling, no in person meetings. Over text they really get to know each other. They share things with each other that no one else knows. Hugh noticed Oscar right away. He didn’t care about his wealth or his connections. He just cares about the man. Their friendship is important to him and he would rather have him as just a friend if he can’t have more. One drunk call to Oscar and things change. He needs a favor and Oscar is happy to deliver.   Hugh needs a date to his sister’s wedding celebration and Oscar needs a date to his sister’s wedding. So fake boyfriends it is. Even though it looks real and feels real. Oscar doesn’t know what he’s feeling and first and when he realizes it’s Feelings with a capital F he fights it and fights it. Hugh knows exactly how he feels but he can’t let Oscar know or he’ll run for the hills so fast. He’s determined to fight for him, not give up and prove that he’s not going to leave him. Oh my Lord! This story was so freaking good! Yes, I wanted to shake Oscar, but he was just scared and didn’t know what was going on in his own heart. He such a sweet, sappy and lovable man! I love his family and their banter and how Hugh showed him how to open his heart to them. Hugh is so funny and such a romantic. He’s the perfect man to show Oscar he’s worth loving and is able to love in return. I cried a few times and just loved every minute of it! It was the perfect ending to the series!


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