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Author: Amy Daws
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: April 11th, 2024

Cover Designer: Cat at TRC Designs

Cover Photographer: Wander Aguiar Photography

Cover Model: Jack Atherton

We live by different rules on the mountain…

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From Amazon #1 bestselling author Amy Daws, comes an all-new small town, spicy romance sure to hit you in the gut with laughs, feels, and mountain man grunts.

Help Wanted: Grumpy Mountain Man seeks baby momma. Job is an incubator position only. Surrogate must be impervious to grunting in the form of communication and nosey brotherly neighbors. Rustic mountain range housing available upon request.


I wanted to pummel my irritating brothers when they posted their own version of a wanted ad to help me with my life.

But I can’t fault the results once the right woman lands on my lap.

Becoming a single father is not a decision I made lightly. In fact, it’s the biggest decision of my entire life.

Which is why when I interview Trista, I know she’s perfect.

She’s wild, she’s opinionated, she wears cowboy boots. Even my pet goat loves her…

She’s the exact type of person I was holding out for.

And to my great horror, I realize on our first night of attempting this baby making dance…when the lights are low, the cheap wine is flowing, and the home insemination supplies are laid out on the kitchen counter…

I want to do a lot more than just make her my surrogate.

I want to make her mine.



Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Nine Month Contract is the first book in a the spin-off series from Amy Daws about Max’s brother! These Fletcher brothers are going to steal our hearts! Wyatt is a super grumpy man who’s happy living on his mountain with his brothers. The only thing he really wants is a child. So he decides to find a surrogate and not bother with a relationship. After looking and looking, he finally meets Trista by chance and he instantly knows she’s the one. Trista wants to help Wyatt, but she also wants to open up an animal sanctuary. This is the perfect deal, place to live, barn to keep her pet and money to start her business. She didn’t expect to find Wyatt so damn attractive and nice and even a little sweet. He actually wants her to be comfortable and finds ways to make her life easier. Her family was absolutely awful so she has no idea families could actually like each other this much. She tries to fight her attraction but it’s no use. But there have to be rules. Just until the baby is born then she’s off. You know what they say about plans! Once Wyatt realizes he wants Trista as much as he wants their baby, he’s not going to let her go without a fight. I couldn’t get enough of their banter! It was so funny and ridiculous and fun. I enjoyed watching this Mountain Man fall for his Lucky charm! Loved seeing old friends I’ve missed! Looking forward to getting to know Luke and Calder and seeing more of all the Fletchers!


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