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Rowe Prince is a lying liar who windmills into my life in full color, claiming to be Sterling Chase, a quirky, eccentric billionaire… and founder of the company I created.

Two can play at the lying game, though, and I’m not about to let some burrito-delivering, floppy-haired virgin from Indiana best me at a game I was born to play.

So I do him one better and pretend to be Sterling Chase’s new assistant. I’ll teach him a lesson that will hopefully wind us both up in bed… with nothing but the truth between us.

But it turns out his shameless lies are enchanting… unintentionally hilarious… and make it all too easy to forget the truth…

Until I learn that this cutie’s intent is to defraud the company I’ve spent years building. I have to choose: risk the company or say goodbye to the man I’m falling for. A guy who just might be…

The Prince of Lies


Amazon: https://bit.ly/3S20CFa


Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Prince of Lies is the newest laugh out loud, sexy, fun romance from Lucy Lennox. I love Lucy and her books and I was so excited to hear she had something new for us. Rowe Prince has one last chance to find someone to believe in something he spent the last few years creating. He doesn’t realize borrowing a suit and getting into a gala is going to turn into a gigantic lie fest. He’s not a good liar! He accidentally runs into Bash, a man who instantly knows he’s lying because he’s pretending to be someone who doesn’t actually exist, Sterling Chase. Bash’s company, not a person. But Rowe is too sexy, handsome and fun that he goes along with it. Better yet, he pretends to be the new assistant to “Sterling Chase.” Let the fun and games begin! While they are both lying about who they are, they are having the best times of their lives. Bash is laughing and enjoying life again, Rowe feels sexy and wanted and reveals so many truths about himself. Their chemistry is crazy hot and they end up in a hotel together. Life interrupts their bubble, but Bash isn’t going to let Rowe get away. He has to find a way to keep him and convince him to take a chance on him. Rowe doesn’t care about money, he just wants to help people and his idea will. He won’t take advantage of Bash. He’s a good guy from a small town and just wants to do the right thing. Bash seems to want him and he can’t understand why. He doesn’t think he’s special. But he’s so wrong! Oh man! These two were freaking hilarious and sweet and sexy and endearing and nuts! I laughed so much and my face hurt from smiling. I fell in love with Bash and Rowe and didn’t want their story to end. I’m hoping we see a lot more of them since Bash has a brotherhood of friends who don’t seem to go together, but they do! And let’s not forget Joey, Rowe’s cousin. He’s freaking hilarious and loyal! I pretty much loved everything about this book. The lies, the truths, the connection, the laughs, the sexiness, the friends. I didn’t expect to shed a few tears, but I did and it was awesome! Thank you, Lucy!


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