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A history of running… When Rafe Sharpe was eighteen, he put Coyote Ridge, his family, and everyone he knew in his rearview in order to escape his past. When he returned three years ago, everyone thought he’d returned to face the horrors that had shaped his existence. What he didn’t tell anyone was that he’d been running then, too. But settling in didn’t mean settling down because that wasn’t in the cards for Rafe, even if he was secretly pining for the beautiful, pure-hearted Bailey Weber. Despite being his greatest temptation, Rafe managed to keep Bailey in the friend zone, opting to be her confidante and protector, ensuring she believed her feelings for him weren’t reciprocated. After all, Rafe wasn’t worthy of anyone’s love. Not after what he did. The past and present collide… It isn’t until a handsome man from his past rolls into town that Rafe realizes what he was running from and what he’s been resisting would soon come together, becoming a powerful pull on the heartstrings he didn’t even know he had.


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Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Rafe is the eleventh book in the Walkers of Coyote Ridge by Nicole Edwards. I love the Walkers and their extended family and I will keep reading about Coyote Ridge and all the people who live and move there until the end of time. Rafe is Rex’s brother(Book 6) and he left town when he was eighteen to get away from his past. He came back home three years ago, but he still hasn’t moved on. He can’t seem to stay away from Bailey even though he knows he has nothing to offer her. He cares about her more than she’ll ever know, but he won’t ever tell her. When Holt, a man from his past, shows up in town Rafe doesn’t know what it means. Holt was the only man he’s ever been with and he hasn’t forgotten him. Holt and Bailey have an instant connection, but Bailey can’t seem to stop thinking about Rafe. And now she’s thinking about Holt and Rafe. And her! Together. Whoa! Where did that come from? But once it’s on her mind and in her dreams, it’s not going away. Can she love two men at the same time? They wouldn’t be the first throuple in town, but what does Rafe want? Holt? Holt came to town for Rafe, but once he meets Bailey he knows he’s not leaving. He and Bailey get closer and closer and once he finds out Bailey thinks about him with Rafe he knows what he has to do. Get Rafe to admit his feelings about him and Bailey. They can make this work. He knows they can. They just have to convince Rafe to let go of his past and let them love him. Wow! This was such a great story! I love these characters so much and I love the multi POV so you know what everyone is thinking. Rafe is tortured, but intense and full of love. Holt is cocky, and goes after what he wants. Bailey is fierce and had me cracking up! It was sweet, hot, sexy and emotional! I loved seeing old friends and can’t want for more from the series!



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