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What I meant to do in Vegas: Let my hair down for once and celebrate winning a medal at my first women’s hockey all-stars competition.

What I actually did: Got senior prom drunk and woke up married to Brooklyn’s star winger, the great Neil Drake. 

He’s the heir to a billion dollars, and I barely survived my childhood. Our friendship is based strictly only on hockey, takeout food, and smack talk. 

And now holy matrimony. Although we both know it can’t last, especially once his evil family gets wind of our Vegas shenanigans… 

Contains: Meddling teammates, meddling parents, ugly jewelry, and a pretend-kiss that nearly sets the world on fire.





Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Shenanigans is the sixth book in the Brooklyn series by Sarina Bowen. I love this series so much! This is another awesome pairing of both the hero and heroine being Brooklyn hockey players. Charli is bada** and I already knew she and Neil were going to be fire together. They come from completely different backgrounds and lifestyles and up to this point they appeared to hate each other. But everyone knew better. Especially when they end up drunk and married in Vegas. It’s hilarious and perfect for them. Now they have to deal with each other and their feelings. Neil wants a favor from his fake wife and Charli wants a new place to live. Win win. Until they start to really like each other. Become friends. And then more. Their chemistry is off the charts and their flirt game is epic. And they aren’t as opposite as they thought they were. Neil had feelings for Charli before he married her and now he wants her even more. But she just can’t trust people. Her past is still too fresh. Can Neil tell Charli how he really feels before it’s too late? Will Charli trust that Nate isn’t who she thought he was? He’s everything. I love these two and all their friends and Jimbo! Being with these two teams, and groups of friends just makes me happy. I also loved that Neil is a type 1 diabetic and that was a huge part of this story. It showed what he needed to go through to check his sugar, eat and his send insulin to his pump.

Audio – Jason Clarke and Vanessa Edwin were really fantastic! I love them both and I though they brought the perfect mix of humor and emotion to Neil and Charli.


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