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Two strangers, an online dating app, and a chance at forever…

After months of online correspondence with a sexy businessman, we’re finally meeting in person—in London, no less!

Okay. It’s a casual meet-up. Nothing to get excited about. I fully understand that online connections don’t always translate in person. Roman could be pompous or worse…boring.

Wish me luck!


Dinner with my online “friend” doesn’t go well. I shouldn’t be disappointed. That’s life.

But just as I’m ready to write our peculiar acquaintanceship off, Chance turns up unexpectedly at a karaoke bar. Don’t ask what I’m doing there. I have no idea. However, I don’t mind at all. It feels like the universe is giving us a cosmic redo. Sure, Chance lives in California and my home is in the UK now, but this feels like the real thing. Something worth taking a chance on.

A forever chance.

The London Chance is an MM, bisexual romance featuring an American, a Canadian, a dating app, and an unexpected HEA.

The London Chance first appeared in the H2H Charity Anthology, vol. 6. This version includes an additional original short story.



Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

The London Chance is Lane Hayes’ newest fun, strangers-to-lovers romance. A dating app that leads to a face-to-face meeting in London. Chance is there on business so what’s a few extra days to meet Roman, a guy he clicked with online. Only their first date is a big dud. Roman didn’t expect their date to be so boring. They were just too polite and dry. But when he sees Chance later that night, drunk and singing karaoke, it’s like the universe gave him a second chance at a first meeting. Now that they are actually being themselves, it is on! The only problem is, Chance lives in LA and Roman in London. Will they make it work for love? Oh man do I love this couple! This is a short novel, but it didn’t feel like it. It is fun and sexy and full of friendship and laughs! Loved the bonus story!


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