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Maxim proved he would give his life to defend mine.

I proved I would kill to keep him by my side.

But is the bloody devotion of a united king and queen enough to win this war?

My fated mate and I are finally fighting on the same side, but our enemies have burrowed deeper into our pack than we ever imagined possible. Before we face my mad sister and her army, we’ll first have to free the minds of our own people.

Meanwhile, Maxim’s sister is still in enemy hands and black magic rises with the full moon.

Can we save the people we love and heal the shifter world before it’s too late?

Or will we lose everything we hold dear—our hope, our freedom, and maybe even…each other.

5 out of 5 stars
Wolf Mate is the fourth and final book in the Wolves of New York City series by Lili Valente. You can not read these books as standalones. They follow one couple who have a complicated and intense relationship.
Maxim and Willow are now working on the same side once again. The trust is there and they have one goal. To save his pack and the future of the world. With Diana still with the enemy, they need to figure out a way to get her out of the way of danger while figuring out how to make Bane and Kelley surrender. It’s all on their shoulders. First, they need to decide on who they can and can not trust. Can they overcome all of their obstacles?
I can’t say any more than that. I will say that I love this couple and Diana! There were some unexpected twists that I am obsessed with. It was awesome to have many POVs in this story and I am sooo hoping there will be a spin-off.
“Wake up, little wolf,” I whisper, brushing her hair from her cheek. “Time to save the world.”
“Now, how do we do the whole ‘getting ready to fight the bad guys’ thing? Are we going to need snacks? Pep talks? Maybe a montage?”
He’s starved for me, for touch, for release, and he’s right—there’s no turning back now.
The storm has broken, and we have no choice but to let it rage.

About Lili Valente:

Author of over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. A die-hard romantic, she can’t resist a story where love wins big. Because love should always win. Learn more at www.lilivalente.com.


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