August 11, 2020

Show of hands, ladies–Who has time for the one who got away?

Not me. I’m a busy woman. It’s wedding season in Bliss River and my catering business is slammed.

The last thing I need is a blast from the past, sweeping into my perfectly ordered life, talking sweet and acting even sweeter, making me think about kissing so often I start to wonder if there’s something wrong with me.

Spoiler alert: There is.
It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve made room for kissing on my To Do list.

Easy fix: I’ll play doctor with Mason Stewart until I get my ex out of my system. It shouldn’t take long. I give him seven days–seven dates–and then we’ll go our separate ways and I’ll finally move on.

The only problem?
Turns out Mason is even dreamier, sexier, more intense and magnetic than he used to be, and the only place I want to move is into his bed. Full time.

Maybe a second chance is exactly what the doctor ordered?
Or do I need a second opinion?








Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Dating Dr. Dreamy is the first book in the Bliss River series by Lili Valente. Oh, how I love when one of my favorite authors starts a new series! It’s. The. Best.

Fours years. It’s been four years since Mason walked away from Lark without an explanation. No note. No text. No call. No carrier pigeon. Nothing. One night they were making plans for the future and next he was gone. After three years of dating. Three years of being in love and he just leaves. And now, he is back…

Seven dates. He has seven dates to prove to her that he is a changed man. He loved Lark with all his heart but he felt that he didn’t deserve her. After four years of working on himself, he is home and wants to show her that he has never stopped loving her. That no one has compared to her. She is it. He knew that before he left and he still believes it but does she? Does she believe that he loves her and knows he made a terrible mistake? Will she give him a second chance?

Lark was broken when he left. It took her a year to put the pieces back together and start her catering business. She has dated but nobody gave her butterflies like he did. She should hate him. She should tell him there is no chance. Seven dates. She will give him that and then they can move on. He can go back to his life and she can go back to hers. Right?

Awe!! I do love second chances. It’s so fun to learn more about the person you loved. To see if the love is still there. Lark and Mason are not the same people. They are grown up and have careers and past mistakes. I thought they were sweet, funny, and real. They made me laugh, cry, and blush. Adorable but with fight. Lark doesn’t let him off easy and I loved that. I can’t wait for the next book!! Omg…it’s going to be full of explosive banter.


Seeing her in a bikini yesterday nearly killed me, but this woman in jeans… Damn.

“Are you turning?” she asks, propping a hand on her hip.

“Jeans,” I say, with a sigh.

She arches a brow. “What about them?”

“Jeans good. Me like.”

Her lips quirk up. “Thanks, Caveman Mason. Now turn around.”

“That was hot,” I murmur beneath my breath.

“The way I order food?” Lark asks, her smile widening when I nod. “What can I say? I know what I want, Mason, and I’m not afraid to ask for it.”

“And that was even hotter.”

I adore her, and I can’t wait to show her how much.


Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Dating Dr. Dreamy is the first book in the Bliss River series by the talented Lili Valente. A new series by one of my favorite authors? Yes, please! This is a second chance romance with fun and sexiness! It’s been four years since Mason left a broken hearted Lark. He just left without a word and now he’s home and wants her back. It took Lark a long time to get over him and she’s not giving in. She can’t put herself through that again. She’s built a life for herself and it doesn’t include letting Mason back into her heart. Mason isn’t going away. He isn’t giving up. He’s still in love with Lark and he’s going to prove to her that he’s changed and she can trust him. Will Lark give Mason a second chance? Will she be able to let go of all the hurt and move forward with the only man she ever loved? I loved this story! I love a second chance romance, they just warm my heart. It’s all about forgiveness and healing! Mason and Lark are just made for each other and once they realize they want to try again, it’s a beautiful thing to witness! I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

Audio: I love Lili and Jason together! Their voices just make me swoon and make me happy. The sexy and sultriness of Lili’s voice is always a pleasure to listen to! Jason, was great as always!



Author Bio:

Author of over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. A die-hard romantic and optimist at heart, she can’t resist a story where love wins big. Because love should always win.

When she’s not writing, Lili enjoys adventuring with her two sons, climbing on rocks, swimming too far from shore, and asking “why” an incorrigible number of times per day. A former yoga teacher, actor, and dancer, she is also very bendy and good at pretending innocence when caught investigating off-limits places.

You can currently find Lili in the mid-South, valiantly trying to resist the lure of all the places left to explore.

Lili also writes super naughty books as L. Valente.


Connect with Lili:


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