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Barrett McGuire is the grumpiest, growliest, most frustrating man on the planet.
He’s also my boss, my first crush, and—three months ago—my one and only one-night-stand.

I’m pretty sure I’m already addicted to his body, but that doesn’t matter. After an empowering solo trip to the other side of the world—during which Barrett made no attempt to contact me or discuss said one night stand—I’ve realized I have to let go of this crush and move on. I’ve wasted enough time pining for a man who doesn’t feel the way I do.

Now that I’m home, I’m determined to keep the walls around my heart high and impenetrable.

Then Barrett adopts the world’s ugliest dog because he knows how much I love animals. He also texts to say how much he missed me, then shows up at my house simply to devour my lady parts (while saying naughty things that give me a new appreciation for his bossy side).

He tells me he wants to change, to be what I need, then proves it with the most romantic “just one bed” weekend ever.

But can Barrett and I make it work in the real world?
Or will the scars on his heart ruin our second chance the way it did our first?

Welcome to Bad Dog where the men are incredible, the animals are ridiculous, and the happy ever afters are super emotional and steamy. Not Today Bossman is a Standalone Romance with Spice!

5 out of 5 stars

Not Today Bossman: A Bad Dog Novel is the second book in the McGuire Brothers series by the ever-talented, Lili Valente. I am loving this series! Barrett McGuire started wiggling into my heart in Boss without Benefit and now he is living in there.

It all started three months ago at the honky-tonk. Barrett just had to give Wren a ride home after the girls’ night was highjacked by two McGuire brothers. Wren has had a crush on her boss and friend’s older brother since she was twelve years old. The man was oblivious to it until…that night. And the next day Wren was gone…

She was hoping three months away from the man who ghosted her would be enough to move on. She was wrong. It was still complicated but he wanted to prove that he wasn’t the same man from that night. He saw her and he wanted more. Can they get a do-over?

Lili absolutely killed it with Barrett and Wren’s story. I love second-chances and small-town romance and this one was fire. Not only that but it was emotional. I cried a few times! I was full invested in their love story! I can’t wait for the next book, I know the banter is going to be epic.


I’m beyond language, beyond thought, beyond anything but hunger and bliss and the determination not to let Barrett’s body out of my reach ever again.

The pleasure is so pure, so sweet, so exactly what I’ve craved from this man for so long.

I kiss her without hesitation or fear, I kiss her the way I wished I’d been kissing her for years.

5 out of 5 stars

Not Today Bossman is the second book in the McGuire Brothers series by Lili Valente! I’m loving this series and these characters. We already know Barrett and Wren and we love them. Barrett is a great doctor, but his personal skills needs some work. He’s known Wren since she was a kid, but hasn’t noticed her until very recently. After spending one night together, he leaves without a word and she literally flees the country. Now it’s months later and he realized what he was missing and wants to show Wren he missed her and he wants more than friendship. Wren isn’t sure how things will be once she’s back. Even more so when Barrett starts acting nice and overly friendly. She doesn’t want to get her heart broken again, but she never stopped loving him. Barrett is going to show her that he’s changed. He’s ready to make the leap with her. Is she ready to put her heart out there? I loved this story! It’s fun, sexy and emotional! Looking forward to the next one!


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