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Seven years ago, Sam and I were best friends and the goofiest computer nerds in New Jersey and, possibly, the world.

We also made a pact to meet up and get busy if one or both of us were still virgins by our twenty-fourth birthdays.

I assumed that was a silly pinky swear we’d both forgotten about until Sam shows up at my twenty-fourth birthday party, ready and willing to make good on our bargain.

Boy is he ready…

Gone is the lanky kid with glasses who made me snort-laugh when we played video games. In his place is a sex god with massive biceps, designer clothes, and a smolder that transforms women to quivering puddles of lust.

I’m out of my league with this new Sam.
But I’m also every bit as drawn to him as I used to be.

So, when he dares me to give him a chance to prove he’s still the same trusted kindred spirit I remember, I agree.

What do I have to lose, aside from my V Card?

Oh, right. My heart…


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Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Sparked is the fourth and final book in the V-Card Diaries by the fabulous Lili Valente. I’m loving this series and have been waiting for Jess’s story! The brilliant game designer finally gets her second chance with her childhood best friend. Jess hasn’t seen or heard from Sam since high school graduation and now he shows up at her twenty-fourth birthday party with a job offer and to collect on their pact to sleep with each other if they are both virgins when they are twenty-four. Sam never forgot about Jess. She’s his person and it was time he finally came home for her. She’s still as beautiful as he remembers, and sassy and spunky and smart. He just needs to convince her to take a job and spend time with him. Except he’s keeping a few secrets. He’s not about to go down without a fight. He just needs to convince Jess he’s worth it. I love Jess and Sam! I love that he grew up to be extremely handsome, but he doesn’t even realize it. And Jess is so funny and cute. Together they are a match made in heaven. I loved seeing Evie and Harlow again. I will miss these characters!


Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars


Sparked is the fourth book in the V-Card Diaries by the hilarious, Lili Valente. You can read each book as standalone but I recommend reading the series since this crew is friendship goals. Jess is the the last virgin in the household and her childhood friend just showed up to collect on their pact…
Sam and Jess made a pact the summer before senior year at coding camp that if they were virgins at twenty-four, they would be each other’s firsts. Six years after disappearing after graduation Sam walks back into Jess’s life on her twenty-fourth birthday. It was very unexpected and confusing. She didn’t think she would ever see him again. Was he there just to have sex with her? Was he really a virgin when he looked that good? He was not the lanky, nerdy teenager of her past. He had muscles, wore leather, and overall delicious-looking. And his flirt game was panty-melting…
Sam had to see her. For more reasons than their pact. He had two weeks in NYC to prove to her that he can be trusted with her heart and her lady-parts. He knows he fucked up all those years ago but he was here now to set the record straight. Will he be able to break down the walls Jess has setup around her?
These two are so much fun! I have been waiting for Jess’s story and it was so worth the wait. She is a badass game designer who doesn’t let many people into her world. Sam is nerdy-hot. Together, they made me laugh, tear up, swoon, and laugh some more. I am excited about what is coming up next and hope to see all these characters again.
“I have an appreciation for odd. And the way your butt looks in tight pants.”
“I’m a fan of your butt in tight pants, too,” I murmur, dropping my head closer to hers. “Another reason we should burn these khakis.”
“You’ve been glowing, honey.”
“Sparkling like you fell into Evie’s glitter stash,” Harlow agrees.
“You’re my dark ring of power, Sam. I’m helpless against your vibes, and it scares me.”

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