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Title: Sweet
Author: Adriana Locke
Cover Designer: Kari March
Release Date: February 28, 2022
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TROPES: single dad, workplace romance, grumpy hero, age gap, forced proximity


USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke delivers a “fresh and fun!” romance between a grumpy single dad and his beautiful, spunky employee—the one he can’t have.

Chemistry is not love.

That’s what my boss, the grumpy single dad with brilliant green eyes, says anyway.

I have my V-card. He’s ten years older than me. I work for him.

Nate Hughes has a million reasons why a relationship between us would never work. Honestly? It’s all a farce.

He can’t deny our connection. His soft smiles, brief touches, and protective behaviors come too easily. And when I need a place to stay? He can’t stop himself from offering me a room—though I’d prefer his bed. After all, there are sparks—delicious, sizzling sparks—when we’re together.

Our forced proximity brings things to a head. Our shared experiences and traumas draw us closer. Our undeniable attraction has us toeing the line between friends and lovers—whether Nate likes it or not.

He’s right—chemistry is not love. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t fall in love with him … even if he can’t love me back.



“Do you want me to pay rent or help with groceries? We really didn’t go over any of that,” she says, licking her lips.

My gaze settles on her finger approaching the pudding container again. “You’re a college student with a part-time job. You don’t have any money.”

“That’s true.” She smiles smugly before lifting her eyes to mine. “I’m sure we could come up with something.”

She trails her finger around the walls of the plastic before bringing it to her lips again. With her hand poised in front of her face, she smiles at me.

Nope. Not letting that happen.

I clamp her wrist with my hand and suspend it in midair. Her eyes go wide, her breath halting in her throat as she waits for my reaction.

Her skin is warm in my palm. Her wrist is so small, so delicate, that I ease my grip so I don’t accidentally hurt her.

I’m not sure why I touched her, but it’s either because I’m sleep-deprived and it’s late or I want to teach her a lesson. Or maybe I just want to see her reaction.

I stare at her as deeply as I can. She holds her breath as she considers—hopes? fears?—what I’m going to do.

I twist her wrist and bring her hand to my face. A smirk settles on my lips as her entire body stills.

Then with the most deliberate move I’ve ever made, I bring her finger to my mouth.

My heart thunders in my chest as my self-restraint shatters into a million pieces.

I suck her finger between my lips. She gasps, her body shaking in response. I run my tongue around the pudding before biting lightly against her skin as I remove her digit from my mouth.

Every muscle in my body tightens. My blood heats to a dangerous degree. My hand trembles as I hold her hand in mine and try desperately not to tug her whole body into me.

Her chest heaves. She forces a swallow as she leans back against the counter. Her breath is loud and quick, breaking the silence of the room.

Shit,” she says, a mixture of a plea and a promise.

I just look at her and smile. “Is that what you wanted?”

She swallows again.

I release her wrist from my palm. Then I lean in until we’re only inches apart—until I’m so close that I can smell the sweetness of her breath—and grin.

“That’s the only time my mouth will get anywhere near you.” I turn toward the doorway, ignoring the protest of every cell in my body. “I’ll see you in the morning.”


Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Sweet is the sixth book in the Landry series by Adriana Locke. This is Nate and Paige’s story and I’ve been looking forward to it since I knew they were going to get together. Nate is Dominic’s brother and Paige is Hollis’s sister (Hollis is one of my favorite characters of Adriana’s!!) Paige works for Nate and they have always had chemistry and their flirt game is strong. Nate is running a business, working part-time for Landry security and raising his son. He doesn’t have time for flings. He wants forever. Paige is young, having fun, trying to get her college degree. She wants Nate, but she only wants temporary. They both have pasts that made them who they are and they weren’t easy to overcome. Nate already knows that once he touches Paige, it’s game over for him. Paige isn’t so sure. She’s so used to being in relationships that she knows won’t last long, but Nate is not that guy. She wants to run from her feelings and from him. Nate just has to prove to her that she can’t outrun love and show her that he will always find her and bring her back. Oh, Nate. I love you! You are grumpy and sexy and funny. Loyal, protective, fierce and such a good dad. Paige is stronger than she things for surviving her childhood. She has a loving family now and of course, Hollis, her brother. I just love him so much! Paige’s brothers are getting books so I’m hopeful that means more Hollis. 🙂


Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Sweet is the sixth and I believe final book in the Landry Family series by Adriana Locke. Each book follows a different couple so you can read them as standalones but I highly recommend reading the series since it is fantastic. Even though Nate is not a Landry he is part of the family being Dominic’s brother.

Nate is a single dad to seven-year-old, Ryder. He is also a bar owner and a part-timer at Landry Security. His life is full taking care of his son and his bar. He didn’t think he was missing out on anything until she walked in eight months ago and turned his world upside down with her sass and flirt. He loves their friendship and they way they flirt, at work where things can’t cross the line. But now, with Paige needing a place to stay changes everything…

Paige’s beginnings were not easy. Her life now is a work-in-progress. Hence, her eviction. She needs a place to stay and she has always felt safe with her boss, Nate. They have a fun friendship. Does she want him? Hell yes. Does she want a forever? No, she runs away from it. Nate does want a forever kind of love so they can’t go further than their flirty banter. It would be too heartbreaking in the end for all three involved so it is what it is until it isn’t…

I ♥️ Nate Hughes! I♥️ Paige! I ♥️ Ryder! These three are amazing. Their lives have not been easy. Their childhoods were heartbreaking and I love that they found each other. I adore them. And I can’t wait for the Carmichaels! These men are hilarious form what we get a glimpse of through Paige.


“I think you like it when I fuck with you.” I bite my bottom lip. “Don’t you, Nate?”
His grin isn’t friendly or amused. It’s sinful.

Maddox: Your dumb-as-shit brother was doing God knows what and broke it.
Me: Dude, that’s YOUR brother. You share his DNA. Not me.
Maddox: You know what? I resent you using your adoption status to your advantage in times like these.

“Ugh. It was an accident, Dad.”
Paige stands at the edge of the mess and grins. “Yeah, Dad.”
I smirk. “Doesn’t have the same effect as Daddy.”
“I will never call you that seriously,” she says, laughing.




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