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The Callahan Family Box Set by Carrie Aarons is live!

A family engulfed in scandal, one small town, and the baseball dynasty that ties them all together. Grab these five small town, sports romances and a brand new Opening Day extended epilogue in this box set from bestselling author Carrie Aarons.

The Callahan Family Box Set includes five standalones:
Warning Track
Stealing Home
Check Swing
Control Artist
Tagging Up

PLUS: A brand new, never-before-released Opening Day extended epilogue featuring a chapter from one half of each couple! 15k of new content from your favorite family dynasty!

More about the books inside:


Colleen Callahan is exactly where she’s always dreamt of being.

Hayes Swindell would prefer hell over the place he ended up.

Fate has other plans, though. If their forbidden chemistry is found out, it could mean the end of both of their careers. Except hurtling so close to the danger zone has never felt more right.

Should they head for disaster together, risking it all, or course-correct and save themselves the ultimate price of heartbreak and scandal?


Walker Callahan has loved from afar for as long as he can remember.

Hannah Giraldi never wants to fall in love again.

Can Walker risk his own future and show her how to trust again? Or will the feelings he’s kept hidden for years throw him out of the game before he can even attempt to play?

Is there a way to heal all of the broken parts, or will Hannah go down swinging while attempting one more shot at a happily ever after?


Sinclair Callahan is a trust fund baby.

Francesca Kade is an independent goal-getter.

Can he shoulder the responsibility he’s always shrugged off? Or will he balk at the real-life complications and strike out completely?

Will she ever be able to trust that he’ll put both her and his responsibilities before his vices? Or will their differences cost them the game?


Dahlia Akana has no idea where she’s going in life.

Garrett Chester has always known exactly what he wants.

When secrets, lies, and a humiliating public scandal rock their world, will she be able to stay with him? Fight for him? Or will her age-old tactic of fleeing erase any shot at a happily ever after?

Can he put the rumors to rest, piece together a career in shambles, and be the hero she needs?


All Anna Callahan wants is her independence.

Clark Nyle swore a long time ago he’d never be committed to anyone.

But, when their secret is finally discovered, it sends the already skittish bad boy running for the hills. And although she claimed to want freedom with no strings, Anna can’t help but feel the sharp pull to be with him forever.

When they’re found out, he’s forced to choose between his demons and the disapproval of his closest friends … or her.


Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Warning Track is the first book in a new series by Carrie Aarons. I love Carrie’s books and when she announced a new series i was beyond excited. A baseball family? Yes, please! That’s all I really knew since I don’t read blurbs. 

Colleen has been training for this her whole life. She never expected it to happen at the age of twenty-eight while her father was carted off to prison but here she is…the new GM of the Packton Pistons. A baseball team that needed to work on its reputation after the family was disgraced by her father. She knew it would be hard being so young and a woman but now it’s all she has time for. Work. To prove she was made for this. To prove she earned her position. To prove she can bring this team to victory. And after meeting their new-star player, she is even more determined to prove that she is not her father. 

Hayes doesn’t want to be there. He was supposed to be in LA with his team. Instead, he was in PA because of crooked Callahan and his illegal trades. He was stuck for one season then he was out. If he didn’t love the sport so much he would just slide by on this team. He hated the Callahans for what he did. They were enemy number one in his book. The problem? Colleen. She was beautiful, smart, professional, and he wanted her bad. 

Off-limits: not to be interfered with, considered or spoke of. Yep! That is exactly these two. They don’t want a scandal or a bad reputation. A GM and a ball player would do just that. Then there is love. They just clicked even when they first met. Is love worth it? What will happen at season’s end? Will she prove to everyone including herself that she deserved her title? Will he go back to LA? 

I ♥️ Hayes and Colleen!! If I didn’t start this book on a crazy day then I would had finished it in one sitting. I loved their banter and flirting. The sexual build-up. Their overall characters. They are just good people. I can’t wait for the rest of the series. I don’t know who is up next but I have an idea and I am for it. Thank you, Carrie for another amazing book and start to a series. 💞


Her body is liquid sin, flowing with its petite curves and exposed skin, that if I reached out and touched, would most likely slide like warm butter under my fingertips.

“You’re fucking beautiful like this. Hair down, wild and uninhibited.”

Right now, I have no idea what my future holds. But there is a ticking clock counting down in the back of my head, like something out of Peter Pan. Eventually, it’s going to catch up to me, like that goddamn crocodile.

Stealing Home is the second book in the Callahan Family series. Each can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend reading Warning Track since it will give you a better look into the family. It is also where I started to fall for Walker, and wanted to hug Hannah and punch her husband in the junk. 

Six years ago Walker watched the woman he loved walk down the aisle and towards his teammate, Shane. She was always Shane’s but he felt something for Hannah from the moment he met her. That connection only got stronger and stronger through the years from afar. They chatted at parties but never in a flirty way. He knew she didn’t belong to him but to an asshole. He didn’t get it but they had a family together. What he didn’t expect was what happened that night outside of the stadium. The night that changed everything…

Six years ago Hannah married a man she loved. Five years ago he started to show his true colors. He was an abuser. She stayed for her kids. She stayed because she thought she was weak. Now, she was done. She had to be strong for herself and for her kids. She couldn’t go back. It was time to start over but first she had to go through more hell. And by her side was Colleen the owner of the baseball team Shane used to play for. She also found safety with Walker. A man who was so sweet and was there for her one of her worst days. She saw and felt something between them but it was too fast to give her heat to another man. Could she even trust another man after what Shane had put her through? She also didn’t want a knight in shiny armor. She had to do this on her own. 

Wow. I think Carrie did an amazing job at writing such a hard subject. I knew this one wasn’t going to be all hearts and rainbows. It made it more raw. Hannah is a badass woman and mother. Walker is a hot sweetheart. I loved them along with the littles. They are adorable and deserve happiness. All of them. I am excited for the next Callahan to find his! 


Hannah doesn’t lean in, but she doesn’t back away. Coaxing, ever so slowly, I kiss her with the tenderness of a thousand feathers.

“Walker … you don’t want to date me.” She leans her head back against the seat, sighing as she looks at me. 
“You have no idea how false that statement is. I’ve been waiting six years for a date with you.” My voice is quiet, but deadly serious.

“I know I’m not just seeing you, Hannah. Your girls are your world. I want to be a part of that, too. I’m not shy in telling you that I want every part of you, especially the part where you’re this fantastic, strong mother.”

Check Swing is the third book in the Callahan Family series by Carrie Aarons. You can read as standalone but I highly recommend the series since they are all unique, beautiful, and amazing. I have been waiting for Sin’s story. The bad boy in the family. Just his name is swoon worthy and trouble. 

Sinclair is the black sheep of the family. The party boy who can’t keep a job even when they are handed to him. His family ownsthe Packton Pistons, each member works for the team in some capacity. He hit rock bottom a little over a year ago and now it was his time to get in the game of life. One year sober and his father sends him to spring training to be an assistant video production manager. A job he didn’t earn but one he hopes to enjoy and stick with. What he wasn’t planning for was her. A woman who intrigues him from the moment he sees her. And, the perk was that she had no idea who he was. He hated not telling her, it let him be himself though. To not just be a Callahan but Sin. A man who made her laugh, hot and bothered, and have a spring training fling with. 

That was what it was only supposed to be. Three months. No strings attached. Frankie didn’t want anything more than that but when he left, she was heartbroken. Now, she was in Packton with a promotion. She was excited about her new job. What she didn’t expect was to see him. And gets the shock of a lifetime when he is a Callahan. He might want to start fresh but can she trust him after lying about who he was? Was it all a lie? His feelings? His troubles? What else was he hiding? 

I loved these two! Sin is more than anyone expected. I knew he was something but damn. And Frankie is a badass. She knows what she wants and doesn’t play around. They are both determined and motivated. Together, they are full of passion, love, and laughter. I am so hoping there are more stories in this series! I can see the next book…


Sinclair is trouble, that’s for sure. Just the kind of trouble I want to try several times before I know better.

“I wasn’t aware you were emotionally off-limits. Now my plan to get you to fall in love with me is thwarted.” She snaps her fingers as if to say aw shucks.

Like she said, trying harder is worth a lot. In this instance, it’s worth everything.

Control Artist is the fourth book in the Callahan Family series by Carrie Aarons. Each can be read as standalone since they are different couples but I highly recommend reading the series since they are tied together. If you have then you have met Dahlia (Hannah’s sister) and Garrett (the rookie).

Dahlia moved to Packton two years to support her sister and nanny her nieces. It was supposed to be temporary but she hasn’t had the pull to move on. Yet. Which is surprising to her since she was a nomad and loved to travel and not settle in one place. Her family doesn’t get it. They just want her to be happy and Hannah doesn’t see that. Dahlia doesn’t see her future tied to one man! Children, and a white picket fence. She doesn’t want that. She wants to be free. Garrett would be perfect for just that. A roll in the hay with the rookie with a Texas drawl except he was just too young and too cocky for her. But he was persistent, and someone who is that cocky about his bedroom skills usually can back them up. Would giving up her resolve be worth it?

Garrett was new to this lifestyle. Money, women, parties, and everything he could ever ask for. He grew up poor and was living it up. He finally made it to the Big Show and after his rookie year, he was living high. Too high. No, not drugs. The lifestyle. He was arrogant, cocky, and stubborn. He knew his game was on top but now his personal life was hitting the tabloids. Baseball was his life. He wouldn’t go back to the trailer park. But what was wrong with having a little fun? And he knew he would have fun with the feisty Dahlia. He wanted her and he wasn’t going to just walk away from a challenge. But once he had a taste, he wanted more and more. To know her. To enjoy her. He might have been the playboy but she was the nomad. Would should take the risk with him to become more than sex buddies? Would the tabloids ruin everything before they could really get started?

This series just keeps getting better and better. I am not sure if there is more to come but I sure hope so! Garrett is cocky yes but he is also sweet, misunderstood, and a hot mess. I loved seeing all of his sides. The shameless flirt. And he met his match with Dahlia. She is a badass who feels a little lost but knows she will find her way. I love them both. Together, they are explosive and a little out of control, and sweet and it’s them. They made me laugh, cry, and get hot and bothered. ♥️


“I just met you, you’re my boss, and you’re complimenting my boobs? I think I found my new best friend.” I laugh.
She winks at me and takes on a valley girl accent. “That’s because I’m like, a cool boss, not a regular boss.”
“And a Mean Girls reference? Marry me.” I wink back at her.

“You feel like dancing, darlin’?” That deep voice is much too close to the sensitive slope of my ear. I don’t move though, and stop my body from swaying, not wanting to give him the upper hand.
“I hate country music.”
“Aw, sweetheart, that’s not what your hips were saying a moment ago.” That tone is pure sex.

His mouth is vicious, searing hot, and skilled beyond his years. He wasn’t lying when he said he could make me come so many times I’d lose my voice, because with the way his tongue is filthily commanding mine, I can feel an orgasm building. From just a kiss. 

Tagging Up is the fifth book in the Callahan Family series by Carrie Aarons. I do believe this is the last book in the series but there is potential for more so here’s hoping! Each book can be read as standalone but I recommend reading the series since they are all unique in their own ways. 

Clark was there drowning his sorrows. Anna was there after losing a patient. Two single friends. A little bit too much drinking. Some pent up lust. This book starts out with a bang and I am here for it. 

Clark knew it shouldn’t have happened. Anna is his best friend’s little sister. She was off-limits and he was so not a relationship guy. He never went back twice. And he has known Anna since she was only sixteen. She was too young for him even if she was twenty-three now and he was thirty. She deserves someone who could give her more than one night. She was beautiful, sweet, witty, and didn’t let anyone especially him bullshit her. She told it how it was. And now, Anna was telling him that she is a woman who knows what she wants and it’s more sex with him. Without strings. Without telling her cousin, Walker. It’s none of anyone else’s business.

Anna was tired of everyone treating her like a child. A fragile child who can’t make her own decisions. She was a nurse for f*ck’s sake. She might be the baby of the family but she wasn’t some kind of princess. She was a badass who has wanted Clark since she was seventeen years old and if sex was all he was willing to give, she will take it. In the bathroom. In bed. In a plane. Up against the wall. You get my point. But she also wants to show him that he is good enough. He deserves more. But what will happen when feelings latch on? 

I have been slowly falling for Clark throughout the series and his story was so worth the wait! This man has layers. He isn’t just the team playboy and fun guy. He is so much more. And Anna, I love her too. Together, they are fire and complications. It’s one hell of a ride! 


I will never, not until the day I die, forget the look on his face when he stepped into me and grabbed the back of my neck. It was possessive, so fucking hot, and like he knew exactly how I wanted to be kissed.

My soul must be floating somewhere up above my body, because I swear I just died. Fucking died and went to lust heaven, because holy Christ, Clark Nyle is dirty talking to me.

“You have no idea how good you can be.”

It’s eight years later and Opening Day for the Callahans! I absolutely love this family and their loves and children. It was so awesome catching up with all of them. It’s fun when we get to see them in the future with each getting their own POVs. It also makes me want more! Come on, Carrie…second generation? Pretty please. If not, I will forgive you since you wrote this extra epilogue. ♥️⚾️ 

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Meet Carrie Aarons

Author of romance novels such as Fool Me Twice and Love at First Fight, Carrie Aarons writes books that are just as swoon-worthy as they are sarcastic. A former journalist, she prefers the love stories of her imagination, and the athleisure dress code, much better.

When she isn’t writing, Carrie is busy binging reality TV, having a love/hate relationship with cardio, and trying not to burn dinner. She lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with her husband, two children and ninety-pound rescue pup.
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