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Winning and losing are subject to sexy interpretation…

Navy chief Calder Euler loves to win big. His latest score? A remote mountain cabin. Checking it out is supposed to be a quick trip, but Calder’s luck abruptly turns when a freak injury and a freakier snowstorm leave him stranded.

Oh, and the cabin isn’t empty. A silver fox caring for two young girls claims that the property is his, but Calder’s paperwork says otherwise.

Felix Sigurd is on a losing streak, and his ex-husband risking the cabin in a reckless bet is only the latest in a series of misfortunes. He’ll tolerate the handsome stranger for a couple nights–even care for his injuries—but that’s it.

Calder doesn’t know a damn thing about kids, but making pancakes for Felix’s girls is a surprising delight. Trapped in the cabin, the four of them slip easily into the rhythms of a family. But when the ice melts, they’ll have to decide if a future together is in the cards.


Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Sink or Swim is the second book in the Shore Leave series by Annabeth Albert. I am really enjoying this series and I was thrilled when I found out Calder was next! Calder and Felix meet in the funniest way. A cabin in the woods where Calder plans to spend time and Felix and his nieces decide to visit for the weekend. Strangers stranded in a snow storm. Calder and Felix don’t get off on the right foot, but as the weekend goes on, they actually start to have fun. Then when it’s over they realize they want to see each other again. Calder is on shore on base and wants to get back on a sub. Felix has to work and take care of the girls. But they seem to find the time. The more Calder talks to Felix, the more his thoughts about his future change. He wants what his brother and best friend have. Can he convince Felix to take a chance on him? I loved these two! They are sexy and sweet and I love the way Calder is with the girls. Swoon! Hoping there’s more in the series!


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