January 30, 2019


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“I’m not the same pathetic girl you left behind,” she says and I’m shaking my head again.

“You were never pathetic.”

She was sweet and honest and brave.

So much braver than I’ve ever been.

Now her mouth twists into a rueful grin. “Hmm. Maybe not, but I was immature. Then I grew up. And realized that sex doesn’t have to be some romantic fantasy between soulmates. I learned what I enjoy the most—sexually speaking—what I’m not crazy about and what I’d be willing to at least consider. I learned that I really, really like sex and that I’m really, really good at it. I also learned that it’s okay to have an itch and to decide if you want to scratch it yourself, or find someone who might be willing to do it for you.”

I’m breathing fast, my gut churning. Because this isn’t right, Everly saying these things. Sweet Everly who’d wanted her first time to be perfect.

Who’d wanted it to be with me.

“Did you think I’d wait forever?” she asks and while it should be taunting, punishing, it’s soft and curious. “Did you think I’d never learn the things I wanted you to teach me?”


About the Author

Bebe Marks writes smart, sexy romances filled with heat, humor and heart. She drinks way too much coffee, eats a few too many desserts and has high hopes that this year she’ll finally attend more spin classes than she skips. She lives in the wilds of Pennsylvania with her husband where she spends most of her time writing, reading and cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Visit Bebe’s website at www.bebe-marks.com


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