June 11, 2018


They all thought they knew him…

but she knew his heart.

Seth Brothers had it all: the hottest album in the world, more money than he’d ever dreamed of, and Dirty—the band he loved like family. But as Dirty hit the big time, Seth hit bottom.

Now all Seth’s got is the guitar on his back, a heart full of regrets, and one last chance to get it all back… including the one thing he never expected.


Elle Delacroix has it all—talent, money, fame… except the one thing that truly matters.


The only thing Seth has left to give.

There are two sides to every rock ’n’ roll story;

it’s time for Seth to tell his.




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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40042166-dirty-like-seth


Sandra's Review


Dirty Like Seth is the third full-length novel in the Dirty series. You can read it as a standalone but I highly recommend that you read the previous books to get the full story with the band and not just with Elle and Seth. You don’t have to but it will give you more connection with the band. They are like family. A crazy, protective, and kickass family.
Seth wanted his family back. Even though the band kicked him to the curb not once but twice. The last time for six month ago, the same night he was asked to come back. Now, he was back to redeem himself. To prove to them and to himself that he belongs. He could have started his own band or signed up permanently with others but he didn’t want them. He wanted Dirty but after coming back, it was clear they didn’t want him. Then…she showed up. Elle.
Elle couldn’t just let him walk away. She needed to talk to him. She never reached out back then but she was going to now. She didn’t give a fuck what the band thought. This was for her. She didn’t believe what was said about him. Yes. He was a junkie but he looks healthy now. Yes. He had issues with Jessa years ago. But, she didn’t understand it all. She needed to know why he would want to be back in a band that didn’t want him. And deep down she knew, there was more to the story. The band’s. Theirs. It wasn’t over yet…but was it worth it?
Seth and Elle’s time spent together is about soul-searching. Figuring out what is important and what doesn’t matter at all. They have long talks. Music sessions. Sexy times. She doesn’t want him to give up on the band. He doesn’t want her jeopardizing herself for him.
Will Dirty take him back? Will Elle give him her heart? Will Jessa forgive him? Or will he go back to do what he was doing before? Playing for himself.
Overall…this might just be my favorite book in the series! I didn’t see this one coming and I loved that. It’s heartbreaking, funny, sexy, and has some serious issues attached to it.
“Thought you could use a cabana boy,” he said. “You know, get the full tropical vacation experience.”
That hot-cold thing that had always intrigued me, secretly confounded me and made me wonder about her… How she could burn like a thousand suns onstage, and then act so damn cool off of it.
“What’s with the never nudes?”


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