March 20, 2017

ROCK BOTTOM (a Buried Secrets Novella)
by Silla Webb is available on #KindleUnlimited.
Manipulation—the act that stripped me of my innocence.
Corruption—the deed that molded the monster I’ve become.
Persecution—the awakening of the fractured man who was only a pawn in a sick and twisted game.
When I lost my family after taking the fall for Drew Varney and his myriad of scandals, I frickin’ hit rock bottom. Without a shadow of hope within these desolate prison walls, the demons begin to gnaw their way out of my tainted soul.
My story is dark and heinous, a daunting tale of no redemption.
Or is there?
**This book is intended for those 18+ or older.


I read this book when it was part of the Love, Lies, and Crimes Anthology. It was an awesome surprise and one I didn’t see coming. Josh isn’t exactly a lovable character but he has a story to tell…

Josh has his secrets and tries his best to keep his demons locked away. It’s hard when all he has is time to think while he is in jail for twenty-five years to life. That is really one of the only reasons why he goes to these therapy sessions that he hates. He has nothing else better to do. If this therapist could help reduce his sentence then he will sit and listen to her bullshit. The other reason is for his children. He might have shattered his marriage but he doesn’t want to do the same with his relationship with his kids. He actually does love them, and being around them is the only time he can keep is temper in check. But, is it too late to repair the damage he has caused to his family? 

Josh has a chance to get his revenge on the ones that deserted him when he needed them most. He doesn’t trust the ones that want him to cooperate in doing just that. He also doesn’t want to let his demons out. But is it the only way to get what he wants? He has his secrets. Will he keep them buried or will he dig them up? 

I loved this. It was a glimpse into Josh’s life before the evilness. I can’t wait to find out what happens next in Depths of Darkness. 


This is fuckin’ sick as hell, yet I’m too weak, too scared to put an end to it all.

“Dr. Hampton, there is a food chain of command in this world, and I just happen to be at the top.”

“You said it yourself, Doc. I‘d rather express myself through actions, and I’m fuckin’ careless.”



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Covered in Coal (Buried Secrets Book 1)
Lies Beneath the Surface (Buried Secrets Book 2)
Mend the Seams (Buried Secrets Book 3)
Rock Bottom (a Buried Secrets Novella)
Silla Webb is a Kentucky native, raised in the heart of the coal fields. A coal truck driver’s daughter and a railroader’s wife, the coal fields own a special place in her heart.
She is a work-at-home, Super Momma to three rowdy boys, who keep her on her feet from daylight to sunset.
Silla is an avid reader, editor, and author.
When she isn’t conquering the world as a wife, momma, and Super Woman, Silla loves to lay on the front porch swing and read while sipping sweet tea, just passin’ the day away.
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