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Title: The Rebound

Series: Looking to Score

By Kendall Ryan

Release Day: September 14, 2021


About the Book

A smokin’ hot new standalone romance from New York Times bestseller, Kendall Ryan.


Price St. James, hockey’s favorite bad boy needs to clean up his image—or face suspension. 


What could be more wholesome than helping his new neighbor Kinley? She’s beautiful, funny and newly single. (Score!)


There’s just one problem. She’s also the team captain’s sister.


There are rules about this kind of thing.


But rules were made to be broken…


Contents include: A dreamy AF hero, a bad boy trying to be good, a good girl who likes him naughty, oh, and a bun in the oven.


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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

The Rebound is the fourth book in the Looking to Score series by Kendall Ryan. You can read each book as standalone but I recommend you read the series since they are all so much fun. Saint has been no saint during the series and that is probably why I like him so much!
Saint needs to get his s*it together off the ice or he wouldn’t be on it much longer. The tabloids love him and it affects the team. It’s now the off-season and he needs to stay low. He thought he would be miserable but then he saw her. His hot new single and very pregnant neighbor. At first, he just wanted to help her. She was new to town and moving into his building. From the moment they spoke he knew they would be friends. She had a quick wit and just got him. One day turned into a few weeks of hanging out. Then he walks in…
Kinley didn’t expect Saint to end up being her only friend in Boston. He was hot and single and could be going out every night and bringing women back to his place. Instead, he wanted to hang out with her. She was enjoying their time together until her brother,  Reeves walks in and makes everything awkward. Now, she had to make a choice for her and her baby boy. Apparently, Reeves and Saint are not friends. At all. Does she friend-zone Saint or tell her brother to mind his business after all the help he has given?
This story might just be my favorite in the series. Saint is so unexpected. Yes, flirty but so much more. I just loved them together and felt so invested in their relationship. It’s a fun, sexy, and sweet ride.
“You coming?” Goddamn. This woman knows exactly what she’s doing. I slide a couple of dollars onto the stand and follow her lead. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do with a cucumber.
“We had dinner plans.” Kinley gives me an unimpressed look.
“I don’t remember making plans.”
I feign confusion. “I distinctly remember you saying that I could eat you out any night of the week.” Kinley flushes a bright shade of pink, holding the door open wider.
“Oh my God, Saint. Shut up and get in here before he hears something.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“When I’m ready, you’ll be the first to know.”
“You know where to find me.”

About Kendall Ryan


A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than three dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold millions of books and they have been translated into several languages in countries around the world.

Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than 100 times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.


She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.

She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.


Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras.


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