December 10, 2018


Title: Troublemaker
Series: Rascals #5
Author: Katie McCoy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 10, 2018
Five guys. One bar. And a whole heap of sexy
Dante Delgado is arrogant, mysterious… and sexy as hell.
He’s also my brother’s best friend, which makes him seriously off-limits —
until one of our infuriating fights turns into a steamy make-out session. 
Now, all bets are off.
I know he’s trouble, but I can’t stay away. The chemistry
between us is burning out of control, but Dante’s hiding something behind that
bad boy smile, and his secrets could destroy us both. 
Am I heading straight for heartbreak? Or can this
troublemaker open his heart for the right woman? 
Find out in the sizzling conclusion to the Rascals
#1 Rascal
#2 Wingman
#3 Heartbreaker 
#4 Soulmate 
#5 Troublemaker


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Troublemaker is the fifth and final book in the Rascals series by Katie McCoy. I have been with this group since the very beginning and have loved each couple and their stories. I have been waiting for Dante and Hayley’s story since reading about them in the same room. The tension has been there all along and now it’s time to do something about it.
Dante has always been a mystery. Even to his best friends. He has his secrets and doesn’t want to talk about them or his past. So, he stays quiet and that makes him look like an ass at times. His friends are used to his attitude and disappearing acts. Except for Hayley. She wants to know what makes him tick. She also wants to make him smile. A real one. Not the one he puts on to please others. But a genuine one. He might tease her, calling her a princess and all but she also feels the tension coming off him when she is around. She definitely wants the man. Who wouldn’t? But does he want her or is she reading him all wrong?
No. She is right. 100% correct. Dante wants her. Badly. And has since the moment he laid eyes on her. But, then he was cockblocked when he found out who her brother was. A friend. And a friends’s sister was definitely off-limits. And ten years later…she still was. But, can he resist the temptation after a kiss that sets off a train wreck waiting to happen?
Dante and Hayley’s relationship is hot and heavy, sweet and sugary, and dangerous. I loved them. They each have their reasons for secrets and them together is just an added one. What will happen when all the secrets come to light? Will they be forced apart or will it bring them closer than ever?
Overall….I am so sad this series is over. At the same time, this was the perfect conclusion. The Rascals’ family is full of passion, protectiveness, loyalty, and love.
It didn’t matter if he kissed like a depraved angel. As far as I was concerned, Dante was the devil himself.
But when she looked at me . . . Those big brown eyes always got me. Because when she looked at me, I saw the man I wanted to be.
“You’re right,” he finally said.
“Can I get that in writing?” I joked.
“I’ll have my lawyer draw up the paperwork,” my father said with a grin before he sobered.
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Author Bio
Katie McCoy is a self proclaimed sushi addict, Cardinals baseball fanatic, and lover of all things theatrical. A St. Louis native transplanted to Brooklyn, she acts, sings, and shakes her booty when she isn’t writing books about hot men and the girls who love them.
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