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Everything was perfect. Until it wasn’t.

The Perfects by Rachel Van Dyken is now live!

Find out what happens when their perfect image breaks in #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken’s steamy new adult romance.

Everything was perfect. Until it wasn’t. Until my family took on a foster girl and placed her across the hall from me. A charity case to look good and a person who should have never existed in my world. I kissed her to get her to stop talking, and then I kissed her again because I liked the taste of her words–I liked her. It was our secret until we got caught–that night changed everything. We became strangers living in the same house, seeing the same ghosts of our past mistakes, but I can’t stop thinking about us, about those forbidden moments. I pretend to hate her, I tell her I’ll never forgive her, and then Quinn, my ex-best friend, steps into the picture. I can’t tell if he actually likes her or if he has a death wish and just likes pissing me off, but what do I say? Stay away from my foster sister? She’s mine? I’ve already had her? Saying that to him would expose what we were and ruin everything. We’re all three of us living multiple lies, and eventually, I know our ivory tower of perfection is going to come crashing down. He knows my secrets. I know his. And now she knows both. She wants. He wants. But I always—always get what I want. And what I want is the girl, no matter what it may cost me.

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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

The Perfects is Rachel Van Dyken’s newest standalone and it’s different than anything I have read by her and I am here for it. It’s an addictive, raw, beautiful, and heartbreaking story.  It was senior year and everything was perfect. That’s what the outside world thought anyway. The inside world was full of secrets, nightmares, and chaos. Everyone wanted what Ambrose had and all he wanted was to be free of it all. To be free like the birds. He had never felt that until she showed up. A girl with a black garbage bag in her hand. A girl who would be staying across the hall from him. A girl who set his world on fire. A girl who was forbidden. A girl he wanted and hated at the same time… Mary-Belle was new to this perfect life. It was everything people would want. Two parents. A mansion. Food. Oh, the food. She knew she was only there as a charity case and it wouldn’t last long but Ambrose made her feel safe and that was hard to come by in the foster system. She thought it was love until one night changed everything. He hated her. She was alone once again until Quinn walked in her life. A boy who knew how it was to be hated by someone so perfect. Will him being in her life be a safe haven or a mistake?  I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed this book. From start to finish I was invested. Their relationships are complicated, beautiful, and I felt their connections on every page. Rachel killed it… Quotes:  “How can you be both such an asshole and such a gentleman? I don’t get it.”  “The world’s a confusing place, princess.” Well, apparently, Cinderella came out to play. “I’m gonna make you my bitch.”  “Fuck yes.”    

Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

The Perfects is a new standalone from the fabulous Rachel Van Dyken. I will read anything and everything Rachel writes. The Perfects is different from anything she’s written, but it still has all the things we love about a Rachel romance. Fun, sexiness, heat, loyalty, pain and friendship. Ambrose is perfect. Rich, handsome, adored by all. Mary-Belle is a foster kid who ends up at his house with all her belongings in a trash bag. She’s lived a very different life up until now. They click from the very start. They just see something in each other and it feels different. Ambrose doesn’t feel so alone and Mary-Belle feels safe. But one night changes everything. Now they are roommates who hate each other. Belle just wants to finish school and move on with her life. Quinn comes out of nowhere and wants to be friends. But he’s not just another guy at school. He’s Ambrose’s ex-best friend. There’s a lot of history and heartache there. And no she’s in the middle. But not really. The more things change the more Ambrose, Belle and Quinn realize they are all they have. They are family and they can get through anything the world throws at them. This story! Wow. I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen next. At first I was happy and going with the flow and then bam! Then I was crying and shivering and wanting to cheat to the end to see what happens! But I know Rachel and she loves us and never does us dirty (ok, maybe that one time, but I forgave her). This was a story about love and friendship. Family and appearances. Expectations and deciding your own future. Overcoming the worst thing in your life and surviving. Trusting in the family you choose and letting go of the anger. Another “perfect” romance from Rachel Van Dyken!


Meet Rachel

Rachel Van Dyken is the #1 New York Times Bestselling, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of over 90 books ranging from contemporary romance to paranormal. With over four million copies sold, she’s been featured in Forbes, US Weekly, and USA Today. Her books have been translated in more than 15 countries. She was one of the first romance authors to have a Kindle in Motion book through Amazon publishing and continues to strive to be on the cutting edge of the reader experience. She keeps her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, adorable sons, naked cat, and two dogs. For more information about her books and upcoming events, visit www.RachelVanDykenauthor.com

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