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Raise your hand if you’ve ever done this. Written a racy message and sent it to—oops—the wrong person.Yeah, me too. Except, I sent my latest Tales of a Naughty Virgin column detailing my fantasies about my hot, charming, thoroughly bangable next-door-neighbor to…MY ENTIRE COMPANY.
Did I mention I’m a children’s book editor?
Well, I was.
At least the column goes viral, but I’m still the gal who gets fired for her not-safe-for-work thoughts about the so-called “Mister Sexy Pants.”
Now I need a job stat, so I jump on the first opportunity. And I come face to face with my new boss.
Mr. Sexy Pants himself.
Item number one on my to-do list? Make sure my boss never finds out his alter ego…since all of New York knows I want Mister Sexy Pants to punch my virgin club card.


5 out of 5 stars
The Virgin Next Door is the first book in Lauren Blakely’s all new series, The Dating Games. I have read all of Lauren’s books and she is absolutely my favorite author so I always get super excited when she starts a new series! New characters mixed with some previous one of course, that’s the Lauren way! 
Veronica is a twenty-six year old children’s book editor by day and a sex columnist by night. She is your friendly neighborhood virgin who knows exactly what she wants in and out of bed. She admits she is picky but she wants her first time to be with someone who is worthy of her V-card. Someone who can give her exactly what she wants and when she meets a stranger in a cake shop, she feels all the tingles and sees all the check marks. Too bad she doesn’t even know his name but to her and her fans, he is Mister Sexy Pants. The man she wants to punch her V-card and her fans know it but will her new boss… The man himself. 
Milo is on a dating hiatus after the hot mess of a breakup with his ex. He needs to focus on his business, Bikes and Blooms and the only girl in his life needs to be Trudy, his pup. It’s been easy until she walks into the cake shop where he is helping a friend out.  She is beautiful but more importantly she is smart, witty and makes him laugh. He didn’t think he would see her again but it turns out they are not only building neighbors but his new employee. Off-limits times two. She intrigues him like nobody ever has. He wants her something bad. On the desk. On the balcony. Anywhere he can have her. He wants to kiss, touch, please her in every way she desires but does she want the same thing? 
Hell yes. 
Holy sexiness, Batman!! Not gonna lie, I have a lady crush on Veronica. Her style is amazing, her brain is powerful and sexy, her love of animals is on point. And of course, I love Milo, he is delicious in every way. He is so sweet with a filthy side and loves his animals too. Together, they are not only hot but just so much fun! Very supportive and passionate. I loved their connection in and out of the bedroom. It was the perfect mix of sweetness, sexiness, and swoon. I am so excited about the rest of the series!! Let the dating games continue…
P.S. I ♥️ StudMuffin, Hot Stuff, and Trudy! 
Angel, stand down. Devil, you’re up. 
As I kiss Milo, I eagerly take mental notes, learning what he likes right as he learns more about what I crave. 
“I’ll spank you for that.” 
“That’s on my list somewhere. Among other things,” she says, then leans in the close to whisper in my ear. 
5 out of 5 stars

The Virgin Next Door is the first book in The Dating Games series by Lauren Blakely. I’m absolutely giddy over a new series from Lauren. New characters to love, new places to visit, new Blakely men to fall in love with. Yes, please! This is Milo and Veronica’s story. She’s a virgin who writes a racy column, The Virgin Club. Her neighbor, Mister Sexy Pants has a starring role in her column and in her life. All of a sudden he’s her new boss. Gasp! Milo can’t believe his luck when his sexy neighbor comes in for an interview. How can this sexy, confident woman he wants to get to know in and out of the bedroom be off-limits now. Just bad luck. Or is it? The more he gets to know her, the more he likes. Her job is just temporary so it’s ok to cross the line. What happens when he finds out all of New York knows about his sexy pants? Oh my Lord! Veronica and Milo are so much fun! The witty banter, the sexy innuendos, the dirty talk. The dogs! I loved every minute of it. Oh, I see you Drew and Axel and I can’t wait to get my hands on you!

Audio: I love Teddy and Vanessa together! They were the perfect Milo and Veronica!


About Lauren Blakely: 

A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible

Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s

sexy, sweet, and witty. She also writes USA Today bestselling LGBTQ romance.


With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York

Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 100 times, with

more than 60 titles on the USA Today Bestsellers list alone. She’s sold more than 4.5 million books. A Brown University graduate, Lauren likes dogs, cake and show tunes and is the vegetarian at your dinner party.


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