September 13, 2017



Title: Lucky Number Eleven
Author: Adriana Locke
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Sports Romance
Release Date: September 7, 2017
People say not to believe the things you read
in magazines, but you know what? Most things you’ve heard about me are probably
I totally banged the reporter in the locker
room after the championship game last year.
Those pictures in Expose from last summer?
Those were not modified.
I’m also not really six-foot tall. (But let’s
keep that between us.)
Now, I know you’re wondering about that last
Expose headline—the one about me and my teammate (and ex-best friend) Finn
Miller’s sister, Layla James. That one is a little more complicated.
Here’s the thing: I’ve played football my
whole life. If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to adjust when the game
changes. And if there’s one thing I always do, it’s find a way to win.
Granted, the stakes are higher. The playbook
has changed. There’s more on the line than (another) MVP title. But guess what
hasn’t changed? Me. I’m still Branch “Lucky” Best and I’m not about to fumble
this one.
Grab a seat and a subscription to Expose. I’m
about to make some headlines. (Again.)
A sexy, swoon-filled standalone novel.



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I’m a huge fan of Adriana Locke and I’ve read all her books. I’ve loved them all for different reasons, but the thing that ties them altogether is the fantastic writing and the real, addicting characters. I know that I will be hooked from the first page and keep wanting more and more until the very end. Adriana can do something very few authors can. She makes you love her secondary characters as much as the main ones. She writes family. Friendships. She knows people and she knows what her fans want. We want sexy football players. Bad ass heroines. Best friends to envy and siblings to wish for. And Adriana delivers time and time again. Lucky Number Eleven is a football romance. One of my favorite kinds. Branch is a wide receiver and he’s famous, rich and a playboy. He doesn’t pretend to be someone he isn’t. He’s honest, direct and tells it like it is. While he’s away for the weekend with his best friend, Finn. He meets Finn’s sister, Layla. He’s instantly attracted to her, but knows he needs to keep his hands to himself or his best friend will kill him. After spending time with Layla, Branch feels more at home than he has in years. She brings out the man he used to be. The one he always thought he’d be. She’s genuine, sweet and hilarious and he just can’t stay away from her. It’s just a weekend fling, but it left him wanting more. More of her smiles. More of her laughter. Just more of her. But that’s not realistic and they both know it. Layla can’t help but want Branch. I mean, he’s sexy, funny, talented and handsome. He’s not exactly how she pictured the sexy playboy. He’s sweeter. Nicer and more fun. When they run into each other weeks later, it’s awkward. They have to talk, but can they be friends? What happens when obstacles block their way? I loved this story! I loved Branch and Layla’s chemistry and their banter. It was top notch! I loved that she didn’t fall all over herself because of who he is. She liked the man, not the player. Branch is a dick, but I still loved him. He was honest and it broke my heart that he didn’t have more faith in himself. Layla is seriously badass! There wasn’t anything about her that I didn’t like! And, please with Finn and Poppy! They are fantastic! I need more of them asafp! Poppy is the greatest best friend. I wanted to be her and have her in my life. Finn is the loving brother who would do anything for his sister. He just gets it. Overall, this is the perfect story filled with sexiness, fun, friendship, family and football! Go Number Eleven!!


P.S. One of my favorite scenes is when Branch and Layla play catch!

P.P.S. I love Poppy’s explanation of the men and the positions they play on the field. Priceless!


I guess I expected . . . more,” I tease, lifting my shoulders just a touch for effect.

“You want more? I have so much more you’d be screaming for less.”


“I’m about to get you nine inches closer if you don’t tell me no,” I growl.

“Let me think about it,” she says, tapping her pursed lips.


“Will it make you happy?”

“Yeah, but I don’t need it.”

“My job isn’t to decide what you need. It’s to make you happy.”



“That face isn’t my favorite on you.”

“Um, I only have one face.”

“That would be incorrect,”


Second,” I insist, shooting her a look, “weren’t you just telling me yesterday to stay away from guys like him?”

“I said nothing about wide receivers. That’s a whole different game.”


Lucky Number Eleven is a complete standalone novel by one badass author, Adriana Locke. I have read and loved all of her books. I just know that I will be addicted to the story and the characters instantly and once again, I was. If adulting didn’t get in the way this weekend, I would of read it in one sitting.
Branch Best was warned to stay away from his best friend Finn’s sister. Layla knew she should have stayed away from him. But the moment she walked out of the car at the cabin, they felt something. It turned into a weekend of something. A weekend of shameless flirting, sexy secrets, and candied apples. It was a good time but they both knew that was all they could give. She wasn’t ready for someone like him. Not again. Maybe not ever. And he knew she was too good for him and his life. They knew the score. He didn’t do commitments. Hell, sometimes he didn’t even do names. He was straight forward about it. But he knew there was something different about Layla. She wasn’t a groupie. She wasn’t a one-off. She was smart, sexy, strong, sweet and beautiful in every sense of the word. He didn’t want to ruin that. Ruin her. But what if it was too late?
Their one weekend changes everything. Finn finds out about Branch’s betrayal. He is livid that Branch could easily go behind his back. After that weekend, both Branch and Layla can’t stop thinking about each other but know it’s for the best to be apart even though they developed feelings. Branch felt at ease with her. Felt like himself. Layla loved the way Branch made he feel beautiful and wanted. Together they laughed, relaxed, and felt right but wrong at the same time. But, when they see each other again, it’s not pretty. It’s confusing. Can they get back to how they felt before in that cabin?
Sorry. I can’t really say much. I will say that I ❤️ Branch even when I didn’t like him. I love him for many reasons but the big one is that he doesn’t lie even if it’s hurts. He is also hilarious, sexy, and oh so swoon worthy. I also love Layla. She is seriously kick ass. She is everything Branch sees and more. Smart, strong, sexy, and beautiful. Together, their banter is on point. Their chemistry is off the charts. And their story is messy complicated and beautiful at the same time. Oh…I can’t forget about Finn and Poppy. They are some of my favorite secondary characters! Omg. I want more!! Of all of them.
Overall…I didn’t want it to end! The laughs, heat, and heart was everything!
P.S I want coffee cake! Now.
The reporter, whose name I didn’t catch, clutches her notes to her chest. “Maybe we can all three do something together one day.”
“That’s called a threesome and I’m in,” Finn deadpans.
Her mouth drops open. “I meant an interview!”
“I want your blood right now and your cock later. Keep your heart.”
“I think I just fell in love.”
She rolls her eyes and counts us down and we begin the most epic game of Skee Ball Linton has ever seen.
Anyway, enough of the bromance chronicles.
“One question,” Poppy interjects, looking at Branch. “What position are you?”
“I typically like the bottom so I can watch—oomph,” he says, getting another elbow from Finn. “Wide receiver. Why?”
Looking at Poppy, I can’t help but laugh as her eyes light up.
“You got a problem with wide receivers?” Branch asks.
“You do,” Finn interjects, giving me a narrowed glare. “They aren’t any better than quarterbacks.”
Branch looks from me, to Finn, and back to me. “Why do we not like quarterbacks?”
“My sister was dating Callum Worthington.”
“No shit?” His face puckers like he just bit into a lemon. “How in the hell did that cocksucker end up with you?”
“He didn’t. We’re not together anymore.”
Branch’s eyes heat, the look causing my pulse to quicken. “I’m not a bit sorry to hear that.”
“You better forget you heard any of that,” Finn warns. “This is my sister, Branch. Not a cheerleader or reporter or some chick from a dating app. Got it?”
“Finn, relax,” I say, shoving a swallow past the lump in my throat. “I appreciate the big brother spiel, but I can handle myself.”
“I know you can,” he says, pulling his gaze away from Branch. “But you can’t handle him.”

Author Bio

USA Today
and Amazon Top 10 Bestselling author Adriana Locke lives and breathes books.
After years of slightly obsessive relationships with the flawed bad boys
created by other authors, Adriana has created her own.
She resides
in the Midwest with her husband, sons, and two dogs. She spends a large amount
of time playing with her kids, drinking coffee, and cooking. You can find her
outside if the weather’s nice and there’s always a piece of candy in her
contact Adriana at
She loves to hear from readers.


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