August 13, 2019

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“Moti on the Water is an absolute gem of a romance–thoroughly entertaining and uniquely charming..”- Frolic

Moti on the Water, an all-new sensational summer must read from New York Times bestselling author Leylah Attar is available now!

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Meet Moti Ferreira—spectacularly jinxed from the day she’s born.

Saddled with an eccentric mother, she stumbles upon the one man who holds the key to her freedom—the best man at her cousin’s upcoming wedding.

All Moti has to do is overcome her fear of water, board a yacht to the Greek Isles, seduce the dreamy Nikos Manolas, and survive two weeks at sea with her oddball family.

The only obstacle Moti doesn’t see coming is Alexandros Veronis, the onboard chef and star witness to her awkward mishaps. He transforms onions into chocolate and aroma into nostalgia. Day by day, his alchemy works its magic on Moti. But she’s not the only one falling under his spell. Everyone has a secret, growing round and ripe at Chef Alex’s table. When the masks fall off, they spill out one by one, and everything blows up in their faces.

Now Moti’s truth is exposed, and worse, she’s hooked on more than Alex’s midnight snacks. But this time, screwing up could be the best thing she’s ever done…


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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Moti on the Water is a totally different side of Leylah Attar’s writing. I love, love, love her novels so I didn’t even read the synopsis so it was so unexpected. Yes. Her main characters are strong women. Strong women who are figuring out their paths but this one is different. It’s hilarious! So fucking hilarious while the other were either dark or more serious. It showed me another side of Leylah and it was brilliant.
Moti loves her mother, she really does but she is a bit crazy too. Her whole family is. Throw a few Greeks in with her Indian family and you have a party. A wedding party aboard a luxury yacht in the Greek Isles for two weeks. Moti was both nervous and excited about his adventure. She had been preparing for months. Ever since she met Nikos, the best man aka her soul mate at the engagement party. She had two weeks to show him that they belonged together. That they were written in the stars. Nothing was going to get in her way. That was until she met the ship’s chef, Alexandros.
Her was always there. Alex was everywhere. At every misstep. At every choking. At every turn. And even in her new living quarters. She couldn’t get away from him but she kind of liked it. He made her laugh. Made her see things others didn’t. He even wanted to teach her how to swim. He was unexpected. She was not supposed to like him. She was there to fall for Nikos. He was the one her mother approved of. She was not supposed to enjoy Alex so much. His food must have put her under a spell.
Will Moti fall for the one who is written in the stars or the one she looks at the stars with?
I absolutely loved this book! It is full of passion, sweetness, angst, food, craziness, and laughter. It was also full of family, love, and the unexpected. I enjoyed every minute of it. The characters felt so real. I was addicted from beginning to end.
My life was chapter after chapter of awkward, embarrassing scenes, but did this jerk have to stand there, witnessing them all?
Despite Ma Anga’s prophecy, I wasn’t afraid of dying. I was afraid of dying without living.
“Fucking Santorini sunsets. How’s a guy supposed to compete?” His grin was playful as he unrolled a towel from his backpack.

About Leylah

Leylah Attar is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Best Selling author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She is the recipient of the 2017 Indie Reader Discovery Award for fiction. Her books, which include Mists of The Serengeti, The Paper Swan, 53 Letters for My Lover (#1) and From His Lips (a 53 Letters novella #1.5), have been published in nine languages.

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