October 8, 2019

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Getting Played, a magnificent new romance by New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase is LIVE!

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Dean Walker is all about keeping life simple. He’s effortlessly talented and intelligent—spending his summers playing drums in the local band and the rest of the year teaching high school in the same Jersey town where he grew up. He likes his love-life simple too, enjoying the commitment-free hook-ups his good looks and sexy charm have always made oh-so easy.

Then he meets Lainey Burrows. And his simple, easy life gets turned upside down.


One wild one-night stand was all it was ever supposed to be, so Lainey is shocked when she discovers that her sizzling summer fling is also her son’s new math teacher. But that’s nothing compared to the most unexpected twist of all—their hot hook-up left Lainey knocked-up, and now they’re about to become parents. Together.

What ensues is an addictive, insatiable, sweet and tender romance that won’t be simple, but it will be more than worth the fight.

A stand-alone, contemporary romance.

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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Getting Played is the second book in the Getting Some series by Emma Chase. It can be read as standalone but I do recommend reading Getting Schooled since it was so good! And that’s where we first met Dean, the sexy drummer by Summer and hot Math Teacher and Coach by September. The synopsis kicks ass so I will make this fast.
Dean saw her from across the bar while he was drumming. Lainey couldn’t take her eyes off him. One night of talking about everything and anything also turned into a night of passion. And in the morning…she walks away. No numbers. No last names. What she does walk away with is a piece of him. Except she didn’t know that until eight weeks later…
Lainey didn’t think she would see him again. She looked for him and nothing. That was until she saw him in her son’s classroom. At parent conferences. She was shocked and excited all at the same time. And that’s when he noticed the bump. Dean wasn’t a relationship kind of guy. He also wasn’t a manwhore. Anymore. Especially after his summer hookup. He thought he was broken until he saw her again. He wanted her then and he wanted her even more now. But, what about his simple life? The life he had before her. Was he ready to be a dad? A co-parent? Got forbid, a boyfriend?
That’s it. I will say that I was addicted from the start. I love these two! He is so nerdy hot with his black-rimmed glasses and his drummer charm. And Lainey is amazing with her creativity and beauty. I can’t forget about Jason. He is one kickass fourteen year old. Together, the banter is fun, flirty, and sweet with a side of dirty. I also loved the relationship with Jason. He is such a good kid and an easy one to talk to.
Overall…it was even more than I thought it would be! I can’t wait for the next book.
It’s all surprising—every moment. Life can be a bitch . . . but she’s never boring.
Those glasses—holy hell—goodbye wild-boy drummer, hello sexy professor. The fantasies are instant and numerous. I want to lick every inch of him while he’s wearing those glasses.
“Don’t be nervous, Lainey. I’ve got you.”
5 out of 5 stars

Getting Played is the second book in the Getting Some series by the fabulous and talented Emma Chase. It releases in audio first and I had to pleasure of listening to it before it releases! I absolutely loved Getting Schooled and I have been looking forward to Dean’s story since I finished listening to Garrett’s. Oh my, Dean. The sexy, drummer who sings in a band during the summer and the smart, sexy, nerdy, glasses wearing high school teacher and football coach for the rest of the year. My heart and body could barely take it! I loved being back in New Jersey with these characters who feel like long lost family. Dean meets a woman during one of his shows. She’s gorgeous, sexy, and fun. They spend an amazing night together and then she’s gone. Only to show up in his hometown as the mom of one of his new students. What are the odds. Dean is not a relationship guy. Not even close. Every woman, man and child in town knows his reputation and they don’t all have nice things to say about him. Lainey never thought she’d see Dean again and now he’s her son’s teacher. And he looks even better than he did last time she saw him. That night, Dean left her with a souvenir and she’s been trying to find him. Now that she sees him again, she lets him know she’s pregnant. She’s had time to get used to the idea and she’s so great about letting Dean have time. He has no idea what to do. He’s not sure he’ll be a good father. Never saw himself even having kids. And he’s not the dating type. Then he realizes that he wants Lainey and their child in his life. He wants to try. He’s never wanted to try before. He’s never felt this way about a woman and now he has a baby on the way. And he already cares deeply for her son Jason. Can Dean prove to himself and the town that he’s not the player they all think he is? Will Lainey trust in Dean and his feelings for her and her son? Oh man, do I love me some Dean! But I also love Lainey! She’s independent, smart and isn’t afraid to have another child even if it’s by herself. She’s done it before, she’ll do it again. She’s mature, level headed and talented. Together, Dean and Lainey have great chemistry! Their banter is sexy and fun. Overall, I loved every minute of it!


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About Emma:


New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase writes contemporary romance novels known for their clever banter, emotional, and sexy, swoonworthy moments. Her books have been translated into over twenty languages around the world.

Emma lives in New Jersey with her amazing husband, two spirited children, and two adorable, but badly behaved, dogs. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.

Connect with Emma:

You can find Emma at https://authoremmachase.com

Facebook: http://bit.ly/AuthorEmmaChaseFB

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/AuthorEmmaChaseGR

Instagram: http://bit.ly/AuthorEmmaChaseIG

Twitter: http://bit.ly/AuthorEmmaChaseTw

Amazon: http://bit.ly/AuthorEmmaChaseAmz

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