December 3, 2018

Once upon a time there was a very good girl, who followed all the rules.
That girl is dead.

I am no longer Wren Frame, the bird with the broken wing. I am Wren Wander, a rare shapeshifter determined to take back everything the cult stole from me-my health, my hope, and most importantly, my family.

My sister is still out there somewhere. Alive.

And with the help of the four brave, formidable, sexy-as-hell alphas destined to be my mates, I intend to keep her that way.

All I have to do is gain control of my unpredictable new powers, learn hand-to-hand combat, avoid capture by a mad scientist out to rid the world of shifters, and stay ten steps ahead of a Big Bad Evil hungry for my blood.

And that’s not the worst of it.

In order to fully control my powers, I have to form bonds with all four of my mates. But for a woman who’s been betrayed by every person she’s ever loved, trust doesn’t come easy, no matter how much I’m coming to adore, and desire, these men.

Can I win this battle of the heart in time? Or will our enemies end our fight for the future before it gets started?

UNTAMED is part two of the Dark Moon Shifters series, a red-hot reverse harem paranormal and urban fantasy romance. It should be read after book one for maximum enjoyment. Expect pulse-pounding action, swoon-worthy romance, and four sexy shifter men who will make you wish you had a bear, wolf, lynx, and griffin of your own.

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Kara's Review

Untamed is the second book in the Dark Moon Shifters series by the talented Bella Jacobs. I never knew paranormal could be this good. Bella has opened up a new world for me where I’m so immersed I can’t hear people calling my name. Wren and her mates are in for the fight of their lives and the danger is coming at them from all sides. Who can they trust? Will they make it out? Wren has to form bonds with all four of her men in order for them to be strong enough to defeat the biggest enemy there is. They are training, learning, fighting, loving and even laughing. They have to keep living so they can remember what they are fighting for. Bella hooked me from the first sentence and I didn’t want to stop reading. That ending?! Oh my! I am not so patiently waiting to see what’s going to happen next!


Trouble. Luke is a trouble enchilada smothered in trouble sauce with a side of frustration salsa.


You can’t run away from your heart or your dick. Both of them come along for the ride, and both of mine are in way too deep with this girl.


So damned sexy… I mean, the man is basically a walking, talking, scowling, brooding testimony to why girls love bad boys.

Sandra's Review

Untamed is the second book in the Dark Moon Shifters series by Bella Jacobs. I highly recommend that you read the first book, Unleashed so you are caught up with Wren and her alpha mates. They synopsis explains it perfectly so I will make this quick.


Wren and the shifters she was destined to love are on the run. They need to prepare for the fight of their lives. Against Atlas. Enemy to all. Wren needs to know her powers. Her shifting abilities. How to fight. How to win. Her mates are there to build her strength. Her heart. Her hope. To form their bonds. She is new to it all. Do the five of them have what it takes to get her ready to kick ass and rid the world of Atlas?


I don’t usually read urban fantasy but I was sucked in from the beginning of Unleashed. It does help that there are four sexy alphas wanting a taste of an up and coming badass Wren. It is certainly action packed and I am not only talking about the sex either. Wren has to train for this fight. They are on the run at the same time. It’s never boring with this group.


Overall…it’s a sexy, action-packed, and fun book. I can’t wait for the next book! And yes, I still have my favorite and it hasn’t changed. Lol.




I want to drown in him, to get lost and found in the primal escape he offers with every possessive sweep of his tongue against mine.


“You can do anything you set your mind to, Snow,” I say, believing it with all my heart.


First, I’m going to put a happy smile on that pretty face. Then I’m going to show her why, once you go lynx, you never go back.

Bella Jacobs loves pulse-pounding action, fantasy, and supernaturally high stakes, mixed with swoon-worthy romance and unforgettable heroes. She’s been a full time writer for over a decade and hit the USA Today Bestseller list multiple times in contemporary romance under her other pen name. She writes as Bella for her trips to the dark side and can’t wait to take you on her next adventure. xo!


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