October 7, 2019

A brand-new standalone novel in the New York Times bestselling Briar U series!

What I learned after last year’s distractions cost my hockey team our entire season? No more screwing up. No more screwing, period. As the new team captain, I need a new philosophy: hockey and school now, women later. Which means that I, Hunter Davenport, am officially going celibate…no matter how hard that makes things.

But there’s nothing in the rulebook that says I can’t be friends with a woman. And I won’t lie—my new classmate Demi Davis is one cool chick. Her smart mouth is hot as hell, and so is the rest of her, but the fact that she’s got a boyfriend eliminates the temptation to touch her.

Except three months into our friendship, Demi is single and looking for a rebound.

And she’s making a play for me.

Avoiding her is impossible. We’re paired up on a yearlong school project, but I’m confident I can resist her. We’d never work, anyway. Our backgrounds are too different, our goals aren’t aligned, and her parents hate my guts.

Hooking up is a very bad idea. Now I just have to convince my body—and my heart.


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Kara's Review

The Play is the third book in the Briar U series by the talented and hilarious Elle Kennedy. I don’t even read the synopses for her books, she’s a must have author! Elle is one of the reasons I love hockey romance. It all started with Garrett (swoon) and it continues with this new group of sexy, hilarious players. We’ve known Hunter for a while and man, do we love Hunter. He was a little out of control last year and broken hearted after losing the girl he wanted, and now that he’s the captain of the team, he’s taken a vow of celibacy for the season. He thinks if he focuses on hockey and not girls, he’ll be better. It’s not as easy as he thinks. He’s going insane and I loved watching him. He’s freaking hilarious and so much more than I thought he was! When he’s paired up with Demi for a class project, he’s happy to hear she has a boyfriend. It helps him be not tempted, well, kind of. They start up a friendship and it’s easy and fun and they get along so well. They are just friends and Hunter loves that he can be just friends with a girl, even if she’s hot as hell! Then, she’s single and he’s not prepared for her to want a rebound. With him. What?! He says no way. She’s not going to be deterred so easily. Demi didn’t expect to like Hunter. He’s cocky and inappropriate, but he’s also funny and insightful and hot. Yeah, he’s sexy as sin, but she has a boyfriend, so it’s all good. Then she doesn’t and she’s wildly attracted to Hunter and wants him. Badly. She just has to convince him to unlock his chastity belt. Hunter puts up a good fight, I was proud of how strong he was. Demi is gorgeous, smart, funny, bossy and sexy. A man can only deny himself so much before he snaps. And oh boy was that delicious! Watching Hunter give in. Let go. Fall. He’s perfection. I loved this book! I don’t know how Elle makes me fall in love with every one of these players, but she does. And I don’t even feel guilty. I knew Hunter was sexy and funny, but I didn’t expect him to steal my heart with his intelligence, humor and honesty. Demi is his perfect match with her brains, body, sassiness, bossiness and fun. Overall, I loved every word from the very first to the very last and I didn’t want it to end. Do I love Hunter? Yup yup.

I really, really want to know who’s next and I have my fingers crossed for someone!


“Oh my God, stop. You’re not allowed to look at me like that,” Demi orders. “You’re a monk, remember?”

“I wasn’t look at you like anything,” I lie.

“Bullshit. You were giving me the Penis Eyes.”

“I was not. Trust me, smoldering looks aren’t my go-to-move. If I was making a real move on you, you wouldn’t be telling me to stop.”


“Are you wearing hair gel?”

“Are you wearing enormous hoop earrings?”

“I asked first.”

“Yes, I’m wearing gel.”

“You heard is glistening.”

“Yea, but at least  it’s staying in place. Your turn.”

“My turn what?”

“The hoops, Semi. I could probably fit my entire glistening head through one of those monsters. I guess you can take the girl out of Miami but you can’t take Miami out of the girl?”


“That’s Dean.”

“Oh. Wow. Lord, he’s even beautiful when he’s angry. Guys, how are you not acknowledging this?”

“We lived with him for four years,” Garret says. “We’re well aware of his appeal.”

“Do you think life is different when you’re that attractive.”


“if you’re trying to warm me up, you should be putting more clothes on me.”

“Nah, I should be putting me on you.”


Sandra's Review


The Play is the third book in the Briar U series by the ever-talented, Elle Kennedy. It can be read as standalone but I highly recommend reading the previous books as well. They are amazing!! I was excited to find out that Hunter was getting his own book after what happened in The Risk.
Hunter knew he fucked up last year. And that was why he made a vow. A vow of celibacy. It was his junior year at Briar U and he was the new captain of the hockey team. He wasn’t going to fuck it all up because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. And he was going strong for five months. He even became friends with a sassy, smart, and beautiful woman who he would have jumped at if he had the chance. Working with Demi on a school project had been interesting. Becoming a friend meant the world to him. She didn’t want to have sex with him. She was happily coupled up with her long term boyfriend. She was such a good friend that they can be themselves around each other. Blunt. Totally hilariously blunt. And it was going great until the boyfriend was out of the picture.
He was fucked. She wanted a rebound and she set her sights on him. A friend she could trust. Except he had four more months of celibacy. Four long ass months. But Demi was no quitter. She would find herself a rebound. She needed to move on. With or without Hunter’s sexy ass. Being rejected more than once by him was hard to swallow but she had to give it to him. He was dedicated. Until…
Yep. That’s all you get. I will say that I fucking loved this book. So hard. I can’t believe how fast I devoured it. It’s not a short book but I couldn’t stop once I started. It’s full of emotions. It gave me all the feels. It’s fun, exciting, entertaining, sweet, dirty, and everything in between. I can’t wait for the next book. Whoever it is. I have my hopes but we shall see.
Overall…I love it! The banter. The hockey. The characters. The bluntness. The friendships. Loved. It. All.
P.S. I love Pablo!
“Oh my God, that’s the most conceited thing I ever heard.”
“It’s true.” He waves his hand around. “Look at them, Semi, look at them all! They’re all so fuckable and they all want me. Meanwhile, you’re like this beautiful neutral creature with no desire to bang me. It’s glorious.”
“Yup yup—”
“Don’t say yup yup.”
“Are you trying to picture what I look like underneath the bikini?” I accuse.
“Yes.” I lightly punch his shoulder.
“Hey, I already offered you the rebound. You declined. Therefore you’re not allowed to fantasize about me now.”
A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.

Elle currently writes for various publishers. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!



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