September 28, 2018

Title: A Chosen Man
Series: The Men of Halfway House Series
Author: Jaime Reese
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
(can be read as standalone)
Release Date: September 26, 2018
Photographer: Eric McKinney of 6:12 Photography
For Wall McCormack, actions speak louder than words. He’s giving and protective, loyal to his friends, and devoted to his job. While confident and powerful enough to conquer any challenge, his greatest strength lies in his calm nature. Until an unexpected assignment sends his world into a loud and colorful chaos he never could have anticipated.
Rejection. It’s something Dylan Vaughn has known his entire life. But he’s a tough nut to crack and refuses to break. Armed with a sharp tongue and brutal honesty, he pushes through life and at anyone who attempts to take him on. Except for the quiet guardian who piques his interest and dares him to want…more.
When Dylan’s past comes back with a vengeance and jeopardizes their growing connection, Wall will stop at nothing to protect the younger man and remain by his side. But convincing Dylan that someone accepts the real man behind the cocky facade might prove to be Wall’s greatest challenge yet.
With his freedom on the line, Dylan must trust the strength of their bond and confront the forces threatening their future. Only then will he realize the dream of acceptance is real and finally have a place to call home.

5 out of 5 stars

A Chosen Man is the sixth book in The Men of Halfway House series by the fabulous Jaime Reese. I have read this entire series and I believe this is my favorite! It can be read as a standalone, but I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to read the entire series and meet all these fabulous men. I’m not sure what it is about Dylan and Wall that I love so much. I know I love this cover and couldn’t stop looking at it. Jaime is one of those talented authors who designs her covers to look exactly like the character inside. I love that! Dylan is young, but brilliant. He’s used to rejection and no one caring about him so he’s a little thrown back at the men in Halfway House actually caring about him. He’s also drawn to Wall, a seriously sexy, huge man who Dylan can’t stop thinking about. Dylan’s brain constantly works overtime and he can’t help but be a brat sometimes. He’s also really honest, but that doesn’t seem to stop these new people in his life from liking him. When his past comes back to find him, Wall needs to protect Dylan. The attraction between Wall and Dylan sizzles off the pages. The stoic silence of Wall and the chatty wordiness of Dylan is the perfect mix. I laughed every time Wall said “Why” and I love Dylan’s reaction to that question. Every. Time! There was just something about Dylan that called to me. He was so broken and vulnerable, but so fun and wanted to be noticed. He is mouthy, but really just wanted to be loved. Wall is quiet but smart. He watches and listens and he’s looking for more than a night of pleasure. He’s older and realizes he knows what’s missing in his life. Both Wall and Dylan have been heartbroken and hurt, but together they can find the answers they are looking for. I loved this story. So. Much. Dylan’s individualism and his crazy smart brain. Wall and his sexiness and watching eyes. I’m a huge fan of Jaime’s and I’ve read all of her books and with every one she grows as a writer. I think this is her best writing yet! Overall, I laughed a lot, cried, swooned, got hot and bothered and already want more Dylan and Wall!

“You want to spank the smartass right out of me. Don’t you?”

“Get your smartass in the truck.”

“You’re the only wall I’ve ever wanted to climb.”

“You curse a lot.”

“Literary embellishments. Now you know to  never put me on speaker.”

“It’s a little scary how you know what goes on in my head and know what to say. You’re so wise. You’re like a beefcake prophet.”


“My goodness, does the big man loves his small word.”

Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

A Chosen Man is the sixth book in the Men of Halfway House series. I have read the entire series but you can read it as a complete standalone. I do recommend adding the series to your TBR though because it is one of my favorites.
Dylan knows what rejection feel like. He has felt it since the minute he was born. His parents didn’t want him. His foster families didn’t want him saying he was too difficult when in reality he was just misunderstood. Men didn’t want him for more than one night. The only time he felt wanted landed him in prison for two years. He was now out and it looks like his past is catching up to him. And the only man standing between him and his past is a man who could break him. Wall McCormack.
Wall wanted the snarky, and colorful Dylan from the moment he saw him. He hadn’t felt that way for a long time but this man was brutally honest and that was exactly what he needed. A man who wasn’t afraid to tell it how it was. He was brutally honest but he was also a criminal so he had to be careful. With his heart. His head. He didn’t want to be blindsided yet again. He was here to protect Dylan not fall for him.
A challenge. That was what this was. Who would break first. They both felt the heat between them. It was also more. Wall didn’t talk much. It was more like grunts, frowns, and one word answers. What Wall didn’t realize was that Dylan read his frowns. He knew what the big guy was thinking and it wasn’t always about where they were getting their next meal. His thoughts were above all protective but dirty as well. But, was getting involved worth the risk? To their safety. To their hearts. Dylan wanted to be part of a family. To be loved. Can Wall be the man to give it to him?
Overall…I loved this story! It was suspenseful, hot, emotional, and funny. The characters pulled at my heartstrings. The story was full of laughter, action, and love. I loved the teasing banter between the men. I hope this isn’t the last of the series. I will always want more.
“Did you massacre a rainbow in the tub?”
“I licked you. So you’re mine.”
“You can tell me anything. Just don’t tell me unicorns aren’t real. I’ll be devastated.”
“You have other skills.”
“I doubt being bratty and having a smart mouth are next on the list of desired skills.”
“Why do you consider those two of your most glowing qualities?”
Dylan looked up. “Huh?”
“You mention them after your computer skills. So they are the traits you associate with yourself the most. Why is that?”
“Um…” Is that a trick question? “Because I have a smart mouth and most people say I’m bratty.” He should add snark and sarcasm as additional languages. Maybe that would beef up his resume.
“I’m not arguing that point,” Matt said with a ghost of a smile. “But it’s obvious you do it with a bit of…spite. So I’m wondering if it’s truly part of your nature or if you do it only because people expect you to.”
Dylan shrugged, not really liking the serious shift in the conversation. He didn’t know how to do this emotional chitchat crap, and Matt was in a sensitive state of mind after everything that had happened. He returned his attention to the book and flicked the edge of the pages against his fingertip, trying to busy himself.
“You’re not alone, Dylan.”
Dylan slammed his book shut. “Try telling that to all the nonexistent people standing around me.” He bit back his usual defensiveness. He saw something flash in Matt’s expression, but couldn’t peg exactly what it was. But he guessed Matt wanted to be his savior. Maybe it was his nature, and Dylan was probably wrong considering his track record with people, but he couldn’t help the feeling tugging at the back of his mind that this determination stemmed from what had happened to the other guys. “You didn’t fail, Matt.”
“With the guys. The knife in the room. That wasn’t your failure. It was their choice.”
Matt frowned and ducked his head. He set his glass of lemonade on the ground beside the bench and clasped his hands together, taking a deep breath. “I could have guided them better.” Matt winced, probably realizing he had voiced that thought. “Robbie was at his father’s house for the weekend. Neil told the police that Robbie had mentioned his father would hit him when drunk. The knife was for protection. I should have—”
“Stop it,” Dylan said, with a little more force than he had intended. “How were you supposed to know something Neil told the police after the fact? Robbie didn’t share it with you, he shared it with Neil, and unless you’re a psychic, how the hell were you supposed to know that was happening?” Dylan shook his head. His people-meter might suck, but his logic-detector was fully functional. “You’re just like Sam. Not everyone wants to be saved. That’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s part of life.”
Matt cocked his head. “Is that your story?”
“I don’t need saving.”
“No, you don’t. You’re obviously resilient as hell.” Matt turned on the bench seat to face him. “But don’t plan your future because of things in your past. Learn from them and consider them life lessons.”
“You should listen to your own wisdom. Don’t beat yourself up because the guys screwed up. That’s on them, not you. Consider it…a life lesson,” Dylan finished with a flourish of his hand and a raised eyebrow. “You offer more help than most, and if people don’t want to take it, then it’s on them.”
“Touché,” Matt said with a shake of his head and a hint of a smile.


“See? Told ya. I’m bratty with a smart mouth. Top of the list of my marketable skills. Tons of companies are going to beat down your door to hire me.”
Jaime Reese is the alter ego of an artist who loves the creative process of writing, just not about herself. Fiction is far more interesting. She has a weakness for broken, misunderstood heroes and feels everyone deserves a chance at love and life. An avid fan of a happy ending, she believes those endings acquired with a little difficulty are more cherished.


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