March 12, 2019

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The Kristen Proby Crossover Collection features a new novel by Kristen Proby and by six of her favorite writers!

Soaring With Fallon by Kristen Proby

Wicked Force by Sawyer Bennett

Crazy Imperfect Love by K. L. Grayson

Worth Fighting For by Laura Kaye

Nothing Without You by Monica Murphy

All Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken

Hold On by Samantha Young

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Sandra's Review

Soaring with Fallon
5 out of 5 stars
Soaring for Fallon is the fourth book in the Big Sky series by one of my all-time favorite authors, Kristen Proby. I have read the first two books in the series and somehow missed the third. Kicking my ass for that. I also read her Love Under the Big Sky series but back to this one. It is also part of her Crossover Collection with six other authors. This is the third of the collection I have read and have loved them all. It’s so much fun!
Fallon is one of the newest residents in Cunningham Falls. She moved to the small town two years ago and is the yoga instructor to many. She has a hard time making friends since she doesn’t plan on staying around for long. She likes move around the country but Cunningham Falls is different. She likes the small town and it’s people. She doesn’t really have close friends but has many acquaintances through her studio.
Noah King was born and raised in Cunningham Falls and plans to stay until his last breath. He runs the Spread Your Wings birds sanctuary and when he got a call about an injured eagle, his life was forever changed. It was his chance to finally see her up close. He has seen Fallon around town but he wasn’t looking for love. His work and his family were enough but now that she came into his life, he can’t imagine it without her. He knew that from the moment they spoke.
But, does she want to stay in one place? Is Cunningham Falls enough for her? Will it make her happy?
I absolutely loved this story. Noah is so damn sweet, flirty, and sexy. Fallon is beautiful inside and out. Together, they are so much fun!! They are comfortable with each other and it’s sweet. He wants to make her feel like this could be her home. Forever. His family and friends do too. And speaking of them, it was awesome to see what couples were up to from the previous series’ and also from this crossover. They way they interconnect is brilliant.
Overall…it was a story full of heat, love, family, friends, yoga, birds, and ice cream. I loved every minute of it! I laughed. I cried. I got hot and bothered.
“You know, one of my favorite things about being an adult is that I can eat ice cream for dinner and no one gets to tell me I can’t.”
“Fallon,” he says quietly. “If you don’t get your fine ass out of my bed right now, I’ll pin you to it and fuck you into the mattress.
I spring from the bed and kiss him as I hurry past him on my way to the guest room. “I’d like to request a rain check for the mattress thing,” I call over my shoulder.
“I’m going to do things to you tonight that you never even knew were possible.”
Nothing without You
5 out of 5 stars
Nothing without You is a novella in the Kristen Proby Crossover Collection. This story crosses Monica Murphy’s Forever Yours series with Kristen’s Big Sky series. I have read and loved each of series’ so I was dying to get my hands on this collection.
Tucker (Forever Yours) is an NFL Star but more importantly he was Maisey’s (Big Sky) first and only love. He broke her heart before he left for college and they haven’t seen each other since. Now, he is back in Cunningham Falls a little over ten years later. And the minute he sees her again, he wants a second chance. He never forgot her. She never forgot him. The sparks are still there. So is the hurt. Can she let go of the past and let him in again?
Awe!! I do love a good second chance romance. I really do and this one is fantastic. She is a strong and independent business woman who doesn’t just give into the hottest guy in Cunningham Falls. Tucker is that for sure, in this book anyway. They grow them beautifully there. Lol. Anyway, he is more than a hot football player. He is sweet, funny, and determined.
Overall…it’s a fast read with lots of heart, sexiness, cake, and family.
Maisey at sixteen had stolen my heart, but this version of Maisey could probably steal my damn soul if I don’t watch it.
No, my body is tingling from Tucker’s kiss. From his touch. A few stolen moments in the lake and my body is aching for more.
“You were beautiful. You still are. And you were so damn smart. You made me laugh. You made me do things I never would’ve done.”
“Like go to a craft fair.”
Wicked Force 

5 out of 5 stars
Wicked Force is a novella in the Wicked Horse Vegas series and it’s also part of the Kristen Proby Collection. I have been following Sayer’s Wicked Horse series from the very very beginning. Even before the move to Vegas where I first met Kynan. 
Kynan and Joslyn felt a spark from the very beginning. He knew she was off-limits since she was the woman he was paid to protect. She knew it too but she had never felt this pull towards anyone. And after night after night of talking about everything and anything their relationship turns into a friendship. A friendship that should stay just that. Will they be able to resist their connection or will it be too much? 
That’s all I really can say. The synopsis explains more of the story. I do want to explain a few things though about the order of the books. If you read “A Wicked, Cocky Plan: A Prequel to Wicked Horse” that was in Cocktales then you already know what happens next. Maybe. Maybe Sawyer changed it by now. I don’t know.  Here is the thing. That is not a prequel to this book any longer. If it’s anything then it’s a short prequel to Code Name: Genesis. The spin-off series to Wicked Horse Vegas. A spin-off I am dying to get my hands on and if you read Vegas then you are too. Damn, Kynan is mysterious and delicious in those books. 
Overall…I loved it. It showed me a different side to the Kynan I know and love. 
“I want to play Scrabble.” His chin jerks inward as his eyebrows go up. 
“Pardon me?” 
Pardon me. Oh my God… swooning here over that British accent.
“I wish I had that same confidence in myself that you have for me,” she says wistfully as her gaze darts off to the side.
He’s simply too beautiful for words, and one day I need to sit down and write a song about that type of beauty.
All Stars Fall
5 out of 5 stars

All Stars Fall is the newest addition to the Seaside Pictures family and a crossover with Kristen Proby’s Big Sky series. This is a fun, steamy taste of the Seaside Pictures series. I love these characters and Rachel gave us so much to love in this story! Trevor is just trying to make it through the day by himself and his three kids. He’s tired, always has some kind of food stuck to his clothes and is in desperate need for a new nanny. Enter Penelope. She just moved to town for a fresh start and on her first day she finds herself working for Trevor. Sexy drummer of one of her favorite bands. He’s so handsome and sexy, but he’s a hot mess. Literally. She falls instantly in love with his kids and the attraction between her and Trevor is crazy hot. Will they fight the sparks or give in to the lust? I loved this story! Not going to lie, it left me wanting more and I hope we see more of this couple and these fantastic kids!


Tattoos swirled and peeked out from under the collar running halfway up his neck, and he had both ears pierced.

Yeah, he looked nothing like a dad.

More like his tour bus forgot him in Seaside.


Wicked Force

5 out of 5 stars

Wicked Force is a novella in the Wicked Horse Vegas series that crosses over with Kristen Proby’s Big Sky series. I fell in love with Kynan in the Wicked Horse books and I love him even more now! He is broody and mysterious and sexy as sin. Now we get to see the younger, sensitive side to him. Wicked Force is the prequel to Code Name: Genesis which comes out this May! (I’m dying to get my hands on it even more now.) Kynan is new to the Jameson Group. He and Jerico have been friends for a while and he’s hired as a bodyguard to Joselyn, a young singer performing in Vegas. They have an instant connection and their attraction just gets hotter the more they get to know each other. She’s off limits because she’s his job. He knows if he gets involved with her, he can’t objectively protect her. But he wants her too much and she’s too much of a temptation. Joselyn is on the brink of a big career move. Maybe. She is young and talented and has so much going for her. But she and Kynan are real and it’s an amazing feeling. What happens when she gets an offer she can’t refuse? Will they be able to survive? I loved this story! I knew Kynan was soft and gooey on the inside even though he is tough on the outside! I can’t wait to get my hands on Code Name: Genesis!


“Joslyn… if I kiss you like I really want to kiss you, it’s not going to end with anything less than me fucking your brains out.”

Check out the Kristen Proby Crossover Collection Spotify Playlist!

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The Playlist includes:
Soaring With Fallon by Kristen Proby:
“Glitter in the Air” Pink
“Girls Like You” Maroon 5
“I Need You” Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
“The Fighter” Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood

Worth Fighting For by Laura Kaye:
“Chances” Backstreet Boys
“Locked Out Of Heaven” Bruno Mars
“As Time Goes By” Dooley Wilson/Casablanca soundtrack

Monica Murphy:
“I Like Me Better” Lauv
“comethru” Jeremy Zucker

All Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken:
“Little Did You Know” Alex and Sierra
“Wow” Post Malone
“Lie to Me” 5 Seconds of Summer
“Let Me Down” Slowly Alec Benjamin
“In My Head” Peter Manos

Hold On by Samantha Young:
“Hold On “ Chord Overstreet
“A Closeness” Dermot Kennedy
“Grace” Lewis Capaldi
“Next To Me” Emeli Sande
“Feel Alive” Katie Herzog
“I’ll Be These” Jess Glynne
“The Story” Brandi Carlile
“My Silver Lining” First Aid Kit
“Flames” David Guetta and Sia
“Renegades” X Ambassadors
“You’re the Storm” The Cardigans
“Halo” Beyonce
“The Power of Love” Gabrielle Aplin

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