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I’m head over heels in love with my best friend.

All of Me: The Complete Series, an angst-filled and heart-wrenching new-adult romance collection featuring Say I’m the One, Let Me Love You & Hold Me Close from USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Siobhan Davis is available now!

I’m head over heels in love with my best friend. Although, I can’t pinpoint exactly when Reeve Lancaster became my entire world.

Was it when we were little kids, practically brought up together, after Reeve’s mom died during childbirth and his dad subsequently fell apart? Or when I doodled his name in my school journal at age ten? Maybe it was when we became boyfriend and girlfriend at fourteen or when we shed our virginity at sixteen, pledging our forever?

I was there as his star ascended—like I’d always known it would—and there wasn’t a prouder person on the planet. As the only child of Hollywood’s golden couple, I’ve lived my life in the spotlight enough to know it wasn’t what I wanted for my future. But I sacrificed my own desires, because Reeve’s happiness meant everything to me.

Until he crushed my heart into itty-bitty pieces, forcing me to fly halfway around the world just to escape the gut-wrenching pain.

The opportunity to study at Trinity College Dublin came at the perfect moment, and I jumped at the chance without hesitation. If I’d known fate was meddling in my life, perhaps I would have chosen differently, but my future was cemented the instant I laid eyes on him.

Dillon O’Donoghue was Reeve’s polar opposite in every way, and perhaps, that’s why I felt drawn to him. He was the dark to my light. The thorn in my side, irritating me with his cold disdain, wild recklessness, and a burning rage hidden deep inside him that spoke to a silent part within me. Yet Dillon showed me what it was like to truly live, opening my eyes to endless possibilities.

What happened next was inevitable, and I only have myself to blame. He warned me, and I knew my reprieve was temporary, because there is only so far I can run.

Especially when fate hasn’t finished messing with me yet.

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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars
Say I’m the One is the first book in the All of Me duet by the addictive Siobhan Davis. I have been an addict of hers since Finding Kyler in 2016. I know when I start one of her books I will not want to put the book down. I didn’t read the synopsis until I sat down to write this review. That’s how I usually roll. I can’t get into the story without spoilers so I suggest reading the synopsis if you want to know more about the story.
I will say it again. Holy. F*ck. Two men. Two continents. Two different types of love. I am seriously invested in Vivien’s love life. Wow. If you love Siobhan Davis books then you know this is a rollercoaster of emotions, twists, turns, and loopy-loops. The writing is fantastic. The characters are engaging. The story is never boring. Angst. Heat. Laughter. Passion.  I am so glad that we don’t have to wait for the next book for too long. I need it like now.
“I will never tire of hearing those words leave your gorgeous lips,” he says, waggling his brows in his usual flirtatious manner.
“I keep forgetting how precious you are.”
“Kiss me like you’ll die if you can’t taste my lips.”
Let Me Love You is the second book in the All of Me duet by the Queen of Twists, Siobhan Davis. You can not read this book without reading Say I’m the One first. So if you haven’t done that yet…do it now!! Go…enjoy!! I really can not say much about the story without spoiling anything. I can say that this duet is epic! I have been on some crazy emotional rides but this one is wild, heartbreaking, swoon-worthy, and poetic. It hit on every last emotion. It’s full of love, laughter, passion, twists, turns, loopy-loops, family, friendship, and angst. I couldn’t put it down!
I usually add quotes but I couldn’t even do that afraid of giving anything away. Holy. Fuck. Seriously, read this duet. The writing is addictive. The storyline is epic. The characters are so well-developed and fantastic. It’s one of my favorite reads of the year! 💞
Hold Me Close is the third book in the All of Me series by Siobhan Davis. You can not read this novella till you have read Say I’m the One and Let Me Love You. The duet was one f*cking wild roller coaster ride of emotions and this one is too in a different way. I can’t really get into the story without spoiling anything. I can say that Vivien and Dillon’s family has to face their pasts and it’s not easy. The boys are both sixteen and struggling in their own ways after getting the full story of what happened when they were children. I wanted to get into the book and give them big hugs! This is a heartbreaking, raw, and emotional story. I don’t usually cry in novellas but I was a hot mess.
P.S. Please Siobhan, give us more in this world. I am hooked!
Yes!! Loved the bonus scenes. All of these characters have my heart.
*I am voluntarily reviewing an advance complimentary copy of this book. The opinions expressed are my own and I have not been compensated for this review.

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