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The hottest player on the Moo U hockey team hangs a flyer on the bulletin board, and I am spellbound:

Rent a boyfriend for the holiday. For $25, I will be your Thanksgiving date. I will talk hockey with your dad. I will bring your mother flowers. I will be polite, and wear a nicely ironed shirt…

Now everyone knows it’s a bad idea to introduce your long-time crush to your messed-up family. But I really do need a date for Thanksgiving, even if I’m not willing to say why. So I tear his phone number off of that flyer… and accidentally entangle our star defenseman in a ruse that neither of us can easily unwind.

Because Weston’s family is even nuttier than mine. He needs a date, too, for the most uncomfortable holiday engagement party ever thrown.

There will be hors d’oeuvre. There will be faked PDA. And there will be pro-level awkwardness…

Boyfriend is a full-length stand-alone romance for Weston and Abbi!


All in one link page: https://shor.by/Boyfriend

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3jrBZAA


Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Boyfriend is a story in the Moo U world by the fabulous Sarina Bowen. I read this novella in the Tis the Season anthology last year and I was so happy that it became a full length novel. I fell hard and fast for Abbi and Weston. Abbi waits tables where Weston and his hockey team likes to come and eat and drink. She has always thought he was sexy and nice, and when she finds out he’s renting himself out as a Boyfriend for Hire for Thanksgiving, she jumps at the chance to hire him. She doesn’t want to go home alone and this is perfect. Weston can’t believe his luck when his fake date is Abbi from the Biscuit. It’s so much easier to fake it when you are really attracted to the person. They actually become friends and it’s glorious! I loved their banter and their nicknames. They both have family issues and with each other’s help they learn, grow and actually make decisions about their futures. Together. I loved every word of this story. The writing is fantastic, the characters real and full of depth. I smiled, laughed, got hot and bothered and as always with a Sarina book, didn’t want it to end!

Audio: Jason Clarke and Emma Wilder were great! I loved them together. They really brought their A game to Weston and Abbi. You can’t go wrong with Jason, Emma and Sarina!


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