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A swoony, heart-wrenching small-town romance from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller Sarina Bowen!

What I meant to do: quietly divorce my lout of a husband and then have a child all on my own.

What happens instead: my crush comes back to town when I’m at my most vulnerable. After too many cocktails, I ask him to be my baby’s father.

In my defense, it’s been a rough couple of months. Seeing Matteo Rossi again after fourteen years has done a number on my emotions. And my libido.

In the morning, I’m hoping he’s forgotten the whole thing. But no such luck. In fact, Matteo has a few clarifying questions. And a few naughty ideas, too…

What I meant to do: visit Vermont for my brother’s wedding. Make amends to my family, and mourn the loss of a friend.

What happens instead: a hot affair with the one who got away. But it can’t last. My life is two thousand miles away, and Leila deserves everything. She’s as good as gold.

Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Good as Gold is Sarina Bowen’s newest romance set in Vermont! It’s a second chance story of sorts. Ya’ll this is Matteo Rossi’s story! We have loved his siblings, and now we get to know why he left home and why he stayed away so long. Matteo and Leila were friends in high school. There was always an attraction there, but they never acted on it. Now Matteo is home for the summer to see his family and runs into Leila. After Leila gives him hell for staying away so long, they spend some time together. A drunk Leila asks Matteo to be her baby’s father. Matteo can’t stop thinking about what Leila offered. He’s willing to help her out though, I mean, what’s some sexy times between friends. Seems like a win-win. But his feelings become too much to handle when he has to go back to Colorado and his business. Leila didn’t admit how she really felt when Matteo left, but it doesn’t matter. She can have this baby alone. Will Matteo realize he can’t let the only woman he’s ever loved get away again before it’s too late? Oh man! I freaking love Matteo. Wow. From the long hair and the soulful brown eyes to the sweet words and kind gestures. He won my heart from the very beginning. I feel for Leila, she’s been through a lot and never expected to see him again. It’s sweet, swoony, spicey and fun. I loved seeing the Rossis and their loves again! I’m hoping we get Nash’s story soon!

Audio: Jason and Lessa were perfection. I love the emotion they convey with their sweet and sexy voices.


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