February 13, 2018


Grace Between Mercy, an all-new dark and gritty romance from S. Ferguson is LIVE!


Once upon a time, killer recognized killer.

Kella is a hunter. It was the only way to survive on the streets—and it feels good. She’s never met a threat she couldn’t handle. Never stalked prey she couldn’t destroy.

And then she met the big, bad Ron Wolfe.

He rules all the darkest corners of this city. And he doesn’t have any soft spots left for little girls. Any pain in his past became armor long ago.

In a town where everyone is hiding something, the only magic is survival.

Fairytales are for children, and happy endings are lies. Some have to learn to make do with glimmers of hope, shining between grace and mercy.


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Grace Between Mercy is the third book in S. Ferguson’s debut series. Each book can be read as standalone but I recommend reading them all since they are pretty awesome. If you did read the first two books in the series then you know exactly who Aron Wolfe is. If you didn’t read them then just know that he isn’t a man to fuck with…
Kella knows who Ron is even though she hasn’t met him. Everyone in this town does. She might be slightly terrified of the man but she will never show it. She doesn’t owe him shit. But for some reason he wants her to go with him. To his hide-out. To meet his crew. She refused. She doesn’t need anyone. Never has and never will. She is a killer. She works alone. That is until Ron doesn’t take no for an answer. She hates him for that.
Ron shouldn’t be doing this. He knows this but he sees potential in this young woman. She is hard. She is stubborn. A bit crazy. She is innocent. She doesn’t want him to know that but he sees it. He also sees that she needs help but will never admit it. He also knows that he shouldn’t feel things for her. Thoughts that could make her a target if it becomes a reality.
Ron and Kella are two killers who fight. Fight for what is right. Fight for their lives. Fight for what they believe it. They are two stubborn souls who cross each other. Can they work together or will they fight to the end?
If you are looking for a hearts and flowers romance, this isn’t it. If you are looking for a book with danger, heat, and some crazy then you found it. Kella is a badass but she needs direction. Ron can give her that if she allows it.
Overall…once I started, I didn’t want to stop and for the most part I didn’t. It’s a fast read full of violence, heat, family, and twists.
“You have an interesting story, Kella.”
She’s a walking contradiction of innocence and filth.
“Horrible ideas are my specialty,” I quip, already marching toward Ron’s office.


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Something There In Between

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About the S. Ferguson:

S. Ferguson

S. Ferguson is a military wife and mother of three. She loves to find beauty in the flawed and broken.

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