July 28, 2020


The Girl Next Door by Emma Hart is LIVE!

One accidental pregnancy. One fake husband. What can go wrong?
There’s nothing like starting your Monday morning with a positive pregnancy test.
Trust me, I know. Because I’m looking at one right now.
All I can think is: Oh, hell. My grandmother is going to kill me.
This might just send her to an early grave, so there’s only one option—pretending the father is my new husband.
If only he’d agree to fake it.
Kai Connors was supposed to be nothing more than a one-night stand. A long, dirty, one-night stand fueled by one too many tequila shots, where the only promise was to never speak of it again.
But if my unfairly sexy next-door neighbor gets his way, this fake marriage could turn out to be very, very real…


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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

The Girl Next Door is Emma Hart’s newest rom-com. I highly recommend reading the free prequel, The One-Night Stand Next Door. It’s a fun and hot novella and it’s the night the baby-making happens!

It was supposed to be a one-night stand between neighbors who didn’t want anything more. And now, six weeks later those neighbors were going to be parents! Ivy was freaking out. She was not ready to be a mom. She wasn’t ready for Kai’s reaction. And she definitely wasn’t ready for her Grandma’s disappointment. She was going to have a stroke. That’s exactly why she tells Gram that she was secretly engaged then married Kai. Good thing Kai’s reaction to all the news was surprisingly calm. She needed calm after all of this. What she didn’t expect…Kai wanting to date her. For real.

Yes. For real. What the f*ck? Ivy didn’t want him to only date her out of obligation. Yes, they have fun together. Yes, their one night together was hot AF. But, could they really do this?

Aw! I know when I start an Emma book, I will be laughing so hard and once again I was right. Ivy is so much fun, sassy, and witty. Kai is a sweetheart with a side of alpha in him. He is truly adorable and swoon worthy. Together, their banter is flirty, hilarious, and overall fantastic. I am so excited about the next books!

P.S. I really want some ice cream!


“Ivy, if you need to move, then move,” Kai muttered, not opening his eyes. “But stop staring at me like I’m a jar of pickles.”

“I can’t sleep with anyone else. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m unfaithful.”

“Really. Is that so?”

“No. I’d just really rather have sex with you again.” He flashed me a grin. “Is that really that bad?”

“I don’t know. You told me I’d feel your cock inside me for a week, and you lied.”

“Technically, I did leave something inside you, so it wasn’t a total lie.”

“A Fred Flintstone moment?” Kinsley questioned.

Holley shook her head. “Please do—”

“I made her bed rock,” Kai replied with a grin, like he did every single time I brought up the Flintstone thing.


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