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A new small town universe from author Annabeth Albert starring first responders in a small mountain town. Full House meets 911 Lonestar for emotional, uplifting happily ever afters for a tightknit friend group with each book featuring a fresh, stand-alone story. Book one, Up All Night, features a sunshine/grump pairing with a forty-something firefighter on a path of self-discovery.



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Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Up All Night is the first book in a new series by Annabeth Albert. It’s a small town romance series with first responders. I’m a huge fan of Annabeth’s, her writing and her heroes. This is Sean and Denver’s story. Sean is back home after his divorce staying with a friend who lost his partner. He’s filling in for a firefighter and enjoying being with his family and oldest friends. Then he meets the cook at the diner and is instantly intrigued by him. The first man he’s ever been attracted to. Denver doesn’t do relationships or roots. He’s a nomad and just works and stays somewhere for a while and then moves on. And then he meets Sean. He can’t seem to stay away from him or stop thinking about him, but he doesn’t want to be an experiment for the newly out firefighter. Sean wants more with Denver but knows he’s skittish. He has to figure out how to prove to him that he’s worthy of love, family and loyalty. I really enjoyed this story! Sean is so open about his feelings and doesn’t freak out about being attracted to Denver. Denver has a rough past so he just never learned how to trust anyone. I loved the secondary characters at the firehouse, Sean’s friends and his family. There was a weird interaction with Sean’s son at the end that didn’t sit well with me, but hopefully that will resolve itself. I’m looking forward to the next in the series!


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