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The kitchen: it’s my domain, where I create the best burgers in the Midwest. I’m the man behind the grill at Burgers and Brew, the restaurant and bar I co-own with my best friends. Every night, we’re packed, the demand has never been this high. It’s the only way I want it, thriving and pushing myself to be the very best.

Then she started her new business across the street from mine.

The one woman who always got under my skin, who pushed me to be better. Lyndee was my biggest rival in school and my biggest regret.

Now, she’s in town, and as much as I try, I just can’t stay away.

I want her.


A new start: that’s what Stewart Grove means for me and my brother. He’s the one who pushed me to take the chance on opening my own bakery. I am ready for the long hours, the grueling schedule, and the hard work it will take to be successful.

I wasn’t at all prepared to come face-to-face with the man across the street.

An almost kiss in college with the world’s most infuriating man has haunted me for the last decade. Now Jasper’s here, and I don’t think I can resist him.

Things are about to heat up in and out of the kitchen.

I just pray I don’t get burned.



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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Don’t Go Away Mad is the second book in the Burgers and Brew Crüe series by Lacey Black. You can read each book as standalone but I highly recommend reading Kickstart my Heart. It’s where it all started with this Brew Crüe of four friends turned business partners.

Jasper is a culinary genius in the kitchen. He didn’t think he would be flipping burgers when he opened his first restaurant but he loves it. They are not just cheeseburgers but masterpieces with dirty names. He was the best and he knew it. His town knew it. His friends knew it. And now it looks like the one woman who best him in college was about to know. She was right across the street opening her own bakery and he was not happy about it. Why was she here in his town? Did she do it on purpose to get under his skin? He wasn’t just going to sit around and let her get away with it. The problem? He wants her. Madly.

Lyndee was starting over. She wasn’t running away from anything awful but she and her brother wanted something new. So, why not open a bakery in a small town, it was her dream. And her brother was right beside her. She was excited and nervous and what she didn’t expect was to see him. Jasper Kohlmann. She hasn’t seen him in ten years and now he was right across the street! He was a man she never forgot. He was her rival in the kitchen. He pushed her every day to do better. He was an ass but he also had an amazing one. She also saw more to him but nothing ever happened. Close but no cigar. It will never happen.

Never say never.

Omg! I love these two! Jasper is soooo good with words. Sometimes. In the best times. But really, he is a mood bastard in the kitchen but he wants perfection. He is also sweet, loyal, and has a soft spot for a few girls in his life. Of course, one of those girls is Lizzie! That girl is stinkin’ adorable!! Lyndee is a sweetheart with a little badass mixed in. She definitely doesn’t take Jasper’s shit especially in the kitchen. These two are fire! 🔥


“Is Jasper Kohlmann a closet romantic?” I tease, picking up a tablet and taking a bite. The flavor exploding on my tongue.

Jasper snorts. “Uhh, no You don’t get romance with me, sweets.”

“No?” I ask, slowly chewing the delicious food.

“Nope. No or Roses here. But if you want mind-blowing orgasms, and lots of them, I’m your man.”

“Fuck, why is it I feel so completely reckless and helpless at the exact same time when I’m around you?” He whispers, sliding his lips across my skin, the roughness of his stubble causing goosebumps on my entire body.

“Pwease, Uncle Jasper? I’ve been weally dood all day!” Little hands wrap around my neck as she brushes a kiss to my cheek.

My heart literally turns to mush-in a very manly way, of course.


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