November 16, 2020

“H. Hunting delivers what must be the most beautifully written, and certainly emotional New Adult books of the year.” – LJ Shen, USA Today bestselling author

From New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting writing as H. Hunting, comes a beautifully written and emotional new adult romance, Little Lies, available now!

I don’t want you. You mean nothing to me. I never loved you. I turned my words into swords. And I cut her down. Shoved the blade in and watched her fall. I said I’d never hurt her, and I did. Years later, I’m faced with all the little lies, the untruths, the false realities, the damage I inflicted, when all I wanted was to indulge my obsession. Lavender Waters is the princess in the tower. Even her name is the thing fairy tales are made of. I used to be the one who saved her. Over and over again. But I don’t want to save her anymore. I just want to pretend the lies are still the truth.

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Sandra's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Little Lies is a standalone by Helena Hunting writing as H. Hunting. I have been wanting to read Helena for awhile now but I don’t want to start in the middle of a series. When I saw the cover to this book and the synopsis, I needed it. I crave books that are darker, even gray. I am so hoping this is just the start to a series. I am hooked.


Kodiak and Lavender have known each other their whole lives. He is Lavender’s brother’s best friend and over the years he was hers too. They just get each other. Understand one another. It was love before they even knew the meaning. He protected her. She saw him. They were everything to each other until they couldn’t be and now seven years later, they are in the same town. On the same street even and he is being a total asshole.


Lavender was ready. New college. New house. She was living with two of her older brothers. One who loves to embarrass her. The other who is overprotective. It wasn’t going to be easy but she was ready to work through her anxieties to live the college life. Even if that might seeing him. Kody to others. Kodiak to her. He was once her everything and now he acted like she meant nothing to her. Just an annoyance. Well, if he wanted to be an asshole, then she was going to badass, and not take his shit. She was over it. He thinks she hasn’t changed, just wait till she pushes back.


Their relationship has always been complicated and simple at the same time. Maybe with them being in close range they can finally get their shit together once and for all. Can they forget about their past so they can move on in the present?


Omfg!! I loved this book. It was addicting from the very start. The angst. The tension. The fun. The rawness. It also brings in anxiety and OCD which was well represented in my opinion. I have anxiety. My daughter has Tourette’s, anxiety and OCD so I get it. I truly do. Anyway, I loved all the characters. Well, maybe not all. I wanted to throat punch one. For real, I laughed. I cried. I swooned. My heart raced. I was all over the place and I loved it. I can’t wait to see what is next! I have some ideas so I am excited to see if I am right.




I hate that Kodiak, who used to be the answer to calming my attacks, now incites them. I hate that he affects me at all, and that I don’t affect him.


Lavender has never been particularly coordinated. She could fall over an idea. Drunk Lavender is a damn mess.


“I don’t need to be saved anymore, Kodiak. I slay my own dragons now.”


Kara's Review

Little Lies is the first book by H. Hunting, Helena Hunting’s alter ego. I discovered Helena a bit late, but made it up by going back and listening to the entire Pucked series and then making sure I got my hands on everything from then on. I’m used to the laugh out loud to the point of snorting moments from Helena and although, we do get those moments in Little Lies, I wasn’t prepared for the heart wrenching sadness and longing I also experienced. It’s hard to put into words how elated I felt when I heard we were getting the second generation from the Pucked and All In series’. I have a deep love for many of these characters and over the years have fallen for their small little kids. Now the kids are mostly all grown up and we get to see the bonds they formed with each other. The cousins, the friends, the siblings. I’m not even sure this review will do the book justice. But the one thing I will say is after every chapter I literally said out loud “This book is SO good.” Whether I was laughing or sobbing. I feel like I cried more than I normally do while reading and I think it was the combination of the subject matter, the anxiety, miscommunication and lies, and me knowing and loving their parents so much. I already felt connected to these characters before I even opened the book. The second generation starts with Kodiak (Lainey and Rook’s son), and Lavender(Alex and Violet’s daughter). They formed a strong bond when they were just kids. Both suffering from anxiety where just being with the other person was a balm to their soul. Until it became a crutch for them both and their parents decided it was no longer healthy. She tells us the story with flashbacks to how it all started and what transpired throughout their lives up to this point. Now they are older, Kodiak is twenty-one and Lavender, nineteen, and they are living within walking distance of each other. Lavender worked really hard to get over her anxiety, learned how to deal with it and become a strong, independent young woman. Kodiak has never forgiven himself for the lies he told her a few years ago and he can’t help himself by continuing to push her away. Lavender’s heart was broken, but she never got over Kodiak. After all the hurt, lies and pain, he wants her back in his life. She isn’t going to make it easy. Oh man, she is going to make it oh so hard for him! But once they come together again, their souls can finally breathe again. While they are trying to figure it all out, we get to know Lavender’s brothers, Maverick and River, their cousin BJ (Dude, Randy’s son, Balls Jr.), Miller and Sunny’s twin daughter’s Lacey and Lovey, and Quinn, Lance and Poppy’s son. I went from snorting laughing to sobbing in tears. Lavender and Kodiak’s story was more than I ever hoped for and one that will stay with me for a long, long time. It’s 6 Hearts from me! I hope we don’t have to wait too long to see who’s up next!


“I know. I’m so tired of trying to make you hate me. I just want to love you again, but better this time.”


About Helena Hunting


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of PUCKED, Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She writes contemporary romance ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy.

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