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Who says you can’t find true love with a total stranger?

Kayley, that’s who. After our fantastic night together turns into a morning meeting spent vying for the same piece of property, we’re now more enemies than lovers.

While the lawyers sort it out, I have a plan–convince her to be my Valentine anyway because I’ve got it bad for this smart and sexy woman. Real bad.

But not bad enough to back away from the land I need to build a legacy in the mountains, no matter how much I enjoy spending time in Kayley’s… hot tub.

Since she’s not backing down either, this relationship is probably doomed.

Unless this bossy billionaire can learn to compromise when faced with the prospect of a lifetime of lonely Valentine’s Days…and nights.


5 out of 5 stars
The Bossy Billionaire’s Last Valentine is the third novella in the The Billionaires of Jingle Bell Junction by Lili Valentine & Erin McCarthy. I am loving these novella and the Ratcliffe brothers and the women they fall for. If you read The Naughty Billionaire’s Baby Bargain then you know Kayley and Bran’s meet-cute was funny and unique and now you get to see what happens next…
Bran and Kayley have an amazing first night together. Neither of them are looking for a relationship. She is busy with her business and he is just starting a new project in town. As it turns out, they want the same thing. A mountain. One they both were sold! Now, it’s on to figure out who gets to keep it. Can they still have fun while fighting over a mountain they both need?
These two are not messing around. Plans are made. Plans are broken. In just the short amount of time the lawyer needs to figure out who is the rightful buyer, they go through so many emotions and of course sexy times but what will happen when the winner is announced? Will it be over?
“I happen to be a real fan of nice hipsters who are also fabulous kissers.”
“I haven’t kissed you yet,” I say, my face already drifting closer to hers.
“But you’re about to,” she whispers. “And it’s going to be fan-fucking-tastic.”
“The only thing worse than hating your enemy is hating him and wanting to jump his bones at the same time.”
This speedy explosion is all Bran and his triple attack of dirty words, G shot knowledge, and hair tugging.
5 out of 5 stars

The Bossy Billionaire’s Last Valentine is the third and final novella in The Billionaires of Jingle Bell Junction by Lili Valente and Erin McCarthy. I really enjoyed this series of these brothers and their women. This is a fast paced novella full of fun and sexiness. Bran and Kay meet and have one amazing night together. They both want to see each other again, but something big gets in the way. Now they don’t know what to do, but they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Will one of them give up their dream to have love? I loved Bran and Kay! They were fun, entertaining and made me laugh!


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