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Title: Honestly Yours
Author: Jaime Reese
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance Standalone
Release Date: May 12, 2022
Cover Design: Reese Dante


“This was a beautiful story of love and found family.”



The truth hurts. But in the end, honesty wins. Or does it?
Warren Prescott loves a challenge. He knows how to play the game and adapts when necessary to succeed in his cutthroat world. Tired of pining for a man he’s wanted for months, Warren intends to seal the deal. Until that man throws him an endearing curveball…
Be honest.
Gian Benedetti doesn’t play games. Success has cost him the personal connections he craves, and he doubts he’ll take another chance on a relationship. Until the attractive, younger man with the brazen personality and confidence stirs his interest.
Except…someone else is playing games.
And threatening everything Gian has worked hard to achieve.
Warren won’t rest until he uncovers the new player and gets his forever with Gian.
But they’ll soon face a hard truth—
Honesty may be what brings them together…
Or it could be the one thing that tears them apart.
Honestly Yours is an age-gap standalone romance. It features a snarky younger man with a giant crush on a good-hearted, affectionate, bisexual older man. Expect some banter, a little mystery, a few twists, a dash of angst, curious parents, animal trivia, and a whole lot of love…and hugs (so many hugs).


5 out of 5 stars
Honestly Yours is Jaime Reese’s newest MM standalone romance. I have read every word Jaime has written and have loved each story. I know when I start one that it is going to be unique, emotional, sexy, and sweet with protective and swoon worthy characters. This one is no different and I loved it.
Warren has been watching Gian for months through surveillance at the exclusive club that he owns. It was finally the night he was going to take his shot at the man of his fantasies. He didn’t really know how to woo a man so he went with cheesy pickup lines and straight honesty. Who knew that was Gian’s kink. Honesty not cheesy pickup lines, but hey, they got his attention. Gian didn’t see Warren coming, he was so unexpected and felt right but he was in the middle of multiple projects. What he didn’t know was that someone was going after him and that person was trying to go through Gian to get it…
And Gian was not about to be used. He was also not going to fuck up a good thing even before their first date. Warren and Gian grew up very differently. Warren grew up knowing what hatred felt like while Gian felt loved from both of his parents. Gian wanted to show Warren that he deserved to be loved and family wasn’t always about blood. But can Gian break down Warren’s walls? Gian wants honesty but in the end will it ruin or grow their relationship when one major truth comes to light?
I loved, loved, loved their story! From beginning to end, their banter, connection, humor, and even cheesy pickup lines made me fall in love with them. I want to hug Warren so hard right now. It’s well-written, funny, emotional, and sexy AF. I also loved the cameos. ♥️
“Thanks for dinner.”
“If I’m going to seduce you, I need to feed you first.” Warren finally met his gaze. “That’s the protocol. Right?”
Gian chuckled. “We’re back to that again?”
“I never left.”
“I’m going to tell this story many, many times.”
“Leave out the part where I’m wearing your apron.” He looked down at the flowery and frilly small slip of material. “I still can’t believe you’re making me wear this.”
“It’s step one on the list. Very important.”
“You can thank me later when you blow me.”
“You’re so romantic.”
“I’ll blow you too. See? I can be romantic.”
5 out of 5 stars

Honestly Yours is Jaime Reese’s new standalone romance. I’m a big fan of Jaime’s and have read all her books. It’s been a while since her last one so I was very excited to hear we were getting something new! New characters (although, we do see one of our faves), new story and a whole lot of sexiness and fun. I think I swooned and laughed equally. Warren has been waiting a long time to make his move on Gian. He’s been watching him and when he finally approaches him, he’s nervous. Gian is very intrigued by the handsome stranger and quickly realizes he likes him. More than just a one-night thing. Gian doesn’t ask for much, just honesty. Warren is in control in the boardroom, he knows exactly what he’s doing. But with Gian he’s unsure, he’s nervous and it takes him a while to realize Gian is just a nice guy who likes to hug. The serious man and his hopeless hugger. They both have a lot going on in their lives. Work, projects, obstacles. But Gian wants Warren and he’s willing to be patient. Warren quickly becomes comfortable and let’s his guard down. Realizes life is easier when you have someone by your side. Someone who cares about you. Loves you. Warren didn’t have a loving father and a perfect childhood. Gian has the best parents (I love seeing awesome Italian parents!) even though they like to meddle, they want their son to be happy and Warren makes him happy. Makes him smile. When Warren’s past comes back and threatens his life with Gian, he needs to fight back. Fight for his new life. Wow. This story was so freaking good! I laughed, cried, smiled, swooned and laughed some more. I loved their banter, the hugging jokes, all of it! I loved Warren’s vulnerability and when he gave up control. I love Gian’s sweetness and loyalty and patience. They balance each other out and make each other better men. This fun and sexy romance was totally worth the wait. Thank you, Jaime!


“How are you still single?”

“Cause I’m a hugger. Apparently that scares the shit out of people.”

“It sure does.”


“Vanni! Your boyfriend is so handsome.” Warren leaned into Gian. “Okay, I like her.”

His father appeared from the driver’s side of the SUV. “He’s so young!” Warren snickered.

“Great, Pop. Make me feel old. He’s thirty.”




Jaime Reese is the alter ego of an artist who loves the creative process of writing, just not about herself. Fiction is far more interesting. She has a weakness for broken, misunderstood heroes and feels everyone deserves a chance at love and life. An avid fan of a happy ending, she believes those endings acquired with a little difficulty are more cherished.




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