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Title: Fall For You

Author: Felice Stevens

Release Date: October 25,2023

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Carson Ballard isn’t only lactose intolerant—he’s intolerable. No wonder his assistant quit on him without notice.

Okay, okay, he has a right to be angry at me for dumping an armful of sticky breakfast plates on his head. It was an accident, I swear.

But now I’m out of a job—not that I’m any good at waiting tables—and Carson’s mother is offering to hire me.


There’s no way I can work for him. I may be from the sticks, but Davis Turner is nobody’s fool. Not anymore.

I refuse to be Carson’s next victim. Something will turn up. I’ll take anything. As long as I can hide away in the city, where my ex can’t find me.

Except my bank account is at rock bottom and rent is due. I’m running out of food. And time.


I guess I have to work for Carson. He’ll be my boss—nothing more. I can keep things professional.


There’s just one little problem.

Carson may not be as horrible as I thought. He’s trying so hard to right the wrongs of his father and brother, who left him with a mess most people would walk away from.

But Carson Ballard isn’t most people. And he won’t accept defeat.


Damn you, Carson.

Why do you have to be so nice…so generous…so wickedly funny and so, so sexy?

You’re offering me a future…if I can ignore the mistakes of my past.

You’re an impossible man who’s making everything possible.

How can I not fall for you?



Kara's Review

5 out of 5 stars

Fall for You is Felice Stevens’ newest sexy, romantic, fun and emotional romance. I love Felice and her books and just reading them gives me joy! Carson and Davis meet under not so ideal circumstances, but Carson’s mother sees something in Davis and offers him a job as Carson’s personal assistant. Davis does not want to take the job, but he needs to work. He has bills to pay. Carson can’t believe his mother would do that to him. Hire Davis. But he turns out to be a lifesaver for his company and himself. Once they get past the way they met, they work well together. There’s attraction, but Davis refuses to repeat his past. But this isn’t the same situation and Carson is a really nice, sweet, sexy man. Once they share their first kiss they are all in. They learn how to work together, be together and communicate like the adults they are. No secrets and no regrets. I loved this story! Carson and Davis both mature and grow so much in the short time they are together. It made me laugh, get hot and bothered and smile!



Author Bio:


Felice Stevens writes romance because what is better than people falling in love? Her favorite part of a romance novel is that first kiss…sigh. She loves creating stories of hopes and dreams and happily ever afters. Her stories are character-driven, rich with the sights, sounds and flavors of New York City and filled with men who are sometimes deeply flawed but always real.


Felice writes M/M romance because she believes that everyone deserves a happily ever after. Having traveled all over the world, she can safely say that the universal language that unites people is love. Felice has written in a variety of sub-genres, including contemporary, paranormal and has a mystery series as well.


Felice is the Lambda Literary Award winner for Best Gay Romance for her book, The Ghost and Charlie Muir, and the e-Lit gold medal winner in romance for Broken Silence.


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