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Title: The Assignment
Author: Penelope Ward
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2022



From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new standalone novel.


Reasons why I should not be drawn to Troy Serrano.
Number one: He’s obnoxious.
Number two: He and I were enemies over a decade ago in high school.
Number three: He’s my friend’s ex-boyfriend.
I could go on and on, really.
When my boss gives me an unwanted assignment and tells me it involves spending time with the grandson of one of our residents—the grandson turns out to be Troy. He’s now as successful as he is undeniably handsome.
Lucky me. Four hours a week of having to deal with his insufferable personality and unsolicited advice.
The only consolation is getting to stare at his annoyingly gorgeous face in between our many arguments.
Eventually, though, we slowly warm to each other and our outings become something I actually look forward to.


What’s happening to me?


Apparently, I misunderstood the assignment, because it certainly didn’t include thinking about Troy when I close my eyes at night, imagining what it would be like with him—just once. All the while hating myself for fantasizing about a guy who’s all wrong for me. A guy whose car I keyed back in the day. (Long story, but he deserved it.)
That’s all this is—a fantasy.
Well, until that one night at the bar.
The night Troy and I run into each other, and all of our pent-up frustration comes barreling out.
Still, I refuse to accept that it means anything.
There’s no way the guy I’m supposed to hate is also the one I can’t live without.






Limited time release price $3.99!
5 out of 5 stars

The Assignment by Penelope Ward is a fun, sexy, emotional ride and I loved every second of it. Aspyn and Troy hated each other in high school. He cheated on her friend and she took joy in getting back at him. Now, years later they are forced to spend time together. Aspyn works at the retirement home where Troy’s grandfather lives and she needs to make sure Troy plays by the rules. She didn’t expect to actually start to like him. Troy isn’t happy about Aspyn having to follow him around, but he loves teasing her. And then he starts to like her and can’t stop thinking about her. She still hates him and it becomes important to him that he changes her mind. They both have a past that keeps getting in the way of their future. Could they actually be falling for each other? Can they recognize their fears before their love story has a changes to really start? Oh boy! I couldn’t love Troy more! Yes, he’s a tad cocky, but he’s so funny and really genuine and doesn’t lie to Aspyn. He’s also stupid hot, thoughtful and endearing. Aspyn is living with her own guilt and demons, but she’s strong, independent and fun when she starts to loosen up. This story is one of my favorites from Penelope! Overall, I laughed out loud, swooned and even cried!

5 out of 5 stars

The Assignment is Penelope Ward’s newest addictive standalone. I always know when I open one of her books, I won’t want to put it down. That was one-hundred percent true with Aspyn and Troy’s love story. I was hooked from beginning to end.

Aspyn loved her job as the activities director at Horizons, a care home for seniors. She enjoyed fields trips, singalongs, and art classes. What wasn’t in her job description was babysitting the visitors while they took their family out but that was exactly what she was assigned to do in a rare case. She enjoyed her time with Mr. Serrano, she really did but apparently his grandson had an issue with bringing his grandfather back on time or even signing him out. She should had known this assignment was going to be trouble and when she saw him, she knew she in deep. Troy Serrano. Her nemesis from high school. A boy too handsome for his own good. A boy who broke her best friend’s heart. A boy she tried to poison with a donut their senior year. She was so screwed… because now, he was a man who was too hot for his own good, and too cocky as well.

Troy didn’t expect to see her. The girl who hated him in high school. The girl who keyed his car. She was certainly not a girl anymore. She was a woman who wore Goofy scrubs who made his heart beat faster. She was hot and cold with him during their outings but he lived for her laugh. He wanted to prove to her he wasn’t the same guy from high school. He could be trusted. He wanted her sure but that was more important. She was different. He was only in town for a few months so why not become friends then move on? Nothing to lose, right?

Damn, this book is so fucking good! I do love a good enemies-to-lovers story and this one was more than I expected. I, not only fell in love with Aspyn and Troy but also the supporting characters. They are not just in the background. They are important to the story and made it even better. I laughed so hard, teared up a few times, and definitely swooned and got hot and bothered.

P.S. I feel for Aspyn. We are the same eating lifestyle. Blah…lol.


“I’m old, but I’m not blind, kid. You like staring at her ass more than I like McDonald’s ice cream and Sinatra.”

“I can take whatever you’ve got, Serrano,” she said, her eyes glinting.

“Will you ride me? I ain’t too proud to beg.”


Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling
author of contemporary romance.
She grew up
in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a
television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son,
and beautiful daughter with autism.
With over two
million books sold, she is a 21-time New York Times bestseller and the author
of over twenty novels. Her books have been translated into over a dozen
languages and can be found in bookstores around the world.







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